April 30, 2006

80's Soundtrack Volume 2

The 80's soundtrack I posted earlier this week was quite a success, so it was rather tempting making another one. Once again I have to admit that I actually used to listen to these songs! Didn't you?

+ Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning
Once spent an entire weekend listening to this song.
+ Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round
Have to admit that I still like it.
+ Laid Back - White Horse
One of the first Danish bands experiencing success abroad. Wonder why?
+ Alphaville - Forever Young
Unlike everyone else I always preferred the up-tempo 12" version.
+ Bananarama - Robert De Niro's Waiting
Everyone listened to them, though no one would admit they did.
+ Belle Stars - Iko Iko
Rain Man anyone?
+ Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
If you grew up in the 80's some of your memories "must" include this song.
+ Talk Talk - It's My Life / Life's What You Make It
So many memories connected to It's My Life and what a fantastic song it still is. No Doubt nearly managed to ruin it though!
+ New Order - Ceremony / True Faith
One of the best bands ever!
+ Modern Talking - Brother Louie
So bad that it's almost unbelievable.
+ Human League - Don't You Want Me
Probably one of the most classic songs of that period.

Catching Up

Finally listened to two of the favorite bands of other bloggers.

Don't have much time to post any comments except that both of the songs below are very good!

+ Built To Spill - Liar
+ Sky Larkin - Traits And Traitors

April 29, 2006

Saturday's All Right For....

....listening to music!

UK indie band The Upper Room will release their debut album Other People's Problem in August this year. Hopefully the rest of the album will be as great as these two songs (not sure if Combination is going to be an album track).
+ Kill Kill Kill
+ Combination

Danish band Sidste Ambulance sounds absolutely fabulous and the band describes the music as "a mix between Röyksopp, Air, Eels and Flaming Lips". Don't be scared by the fact that they sing in Danish, because these guys are really cool!

+ Naar Jeg Doer
+ Delt I To

More or less every blogger out there has mentioned Danish duo Munck//Johnson, but for some odd reason had I decided to ignore the band. But tonight I finally gave the duo a closer listen and I'm glad I did, because the songs are acoustic, quiet and really beautiful!
+ Ease Me
+ Please

April 28, 2006

The Magnetic Fields at Myspace

If you make a search for The Magnetic Fields (with and without the "the") at Myspace you get at least 15 hits. It's highly questionable if any of the profiles is an official one, but here are links to some of the songs you can find there.
+ I Don't Want To Get Over You
+ Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long
+ The Book Of Love
+ Long-Forgotten Fairytale
+ You And Me And The Moon
+ I Thought You Were My Boyfriend

April 27, 2006

Juno Bell

Earlier today I received a ”friend” request at Myspace from Danish rock quartet Juno Bell. Even though the band plays a kind of rock music I haven’t paid much attention to in recent years (influences include Pearl Jam, Incubus etc.), I’ve nonetheless decided to give the band a little exposure. Maybe because I have a soft spot for little known Danish artists, but also because I have to admit that their music isn’t bad at all (quite an understatement). So if you’re into American inspired rock I'm pretty certain that you'll like the music of Juno Bell as well!
+ A Heart Eclipse Of Stone
+ Run
+ Gamma Flash

Two band members have recorded a few other songs under the name Madrigal. The music is a little more pop/acoustic and very, very good!
+ Entitled To This one is absolutely wonderful!
+ Headlong

My Bloody Valentine

4 songs by this classic shoegaze band are available as free downloads at Myspace.
+ Don't Ask Why
+ Slow
+ Feed Me With Your Kiss
+ Sometimes

April 26, 2006

Midweek musings

I was really surprised by the number of people interested in the 80's songs yesterday, because the blog received nearly 600 hits, making it the most successful day by far. I thought most people owned several 80's compilation CD containing most of those songs anyway! But apparently that's not the case or people simply wanted to listen to the songs at work? Another 80's soundtrack is in the making. However it was quite a disappointment that hardly anyone had the "courage" to check out some of the lesser known bands mentioned here.

Soundvenue reviews debut Everything All The Time by Band Of Horses and gives it 5 (out of 6) stars.

Waiting for Peter to mention this song by Bombs Over Berlin, since he's the one who introduced me to the band in the first place. Sorry Peter, but I couldn't wait any longer, because I simply had to recommend this superb and very, very catchy new wave, pop song!
+ Love Asylum

2 unreleased songs by The Field Mice are available at Myspace.
+ I Wish I Meant More To You
+ A Winter's Dawn (The Yesterday Sky)

The brilliant In The Woods by Levy is available for free as well.
+ In The Woods

I've mentioned Venice Is Sinking before, but this one is still highly recommendable.
+ Pulaski Heights

A quartet of nice ones found at Myspace:
+ Budapest - Lost
+ Colder - To The Music
+ The Consultants - Contents Of My Head
+ The Notwist - Pick Up The Phone

Evening music:
+ The Raveonettes - Love In A Trashcan
+ South - Paint The Silence Old but nice!
+ Audio Bullys - I'm In Love
+ Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want - Best I've Ever Had - I'm Still Here
+ The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony - The Drugs Don't Work - Sonnet

April 25, 2006

From the mailbox

Melodic indie rock by Brooklyn quartet Hello Nurse. Brand new EP entitled Chorusaurus was released April 7.
+ Last To Know
+ Animalympics

What's happening in Bloggerland?

Peter has two fine posts on Bauer and IAMX.

Chris has been busy scanning Myspace.

It's A Trap reader's companion volume two has "landed".

Pretending Life Is Like A Song has (also) posted an 80's compilation!

3hive mentions Penny Century. All of a sudden this band is everywhere.

80's Soundtrack

Getting lots of hits because of this post. Would be really cool if some of you checked out a few of the songs from my Current Favorites list on the right, because those songs are just as good as (or maybe even better than) the ones below!!!!

Yesterday I found the following songs at Myspace and I couldn't help thinking that they (don't laugh) would create a perfect soundtrack to "my" 80's and teenage years. Don't hold it against me, because I actually used to listen to these songs!

+ OMD - Enola Gay
Still an all-time favorite (song+artist).
+ Ultravox - The Voice
Used to listen to these guys a lot back then.
+ A Flock Of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song
A new remix, but still very, very good.
+ Tears For Fears - Working Hour
Those saxophones are (still) great.
+ Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better
That dude used to be my hero. I was a member of his fan club and I wanted my hair cut like his! Doh!
+ Bronski Beat - Hit That Perfect Beat
Sounded a lot better 20 years ago!
+ Yazoo - Situation
Wish they had released more than just two albums.
+ Erasure - A Little Respect
I'm impressed that these guys are still around, but they have never been close to matching The Innocents.
+ Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time
I'm serious! We used to dance to it at parties and I even bought the 7"!!!!
+ Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Bizarre! How can you listen to Eddie Murphy when this is one of your favorite songs of all-time?
+ Thompson Twins - Doctor Doctor
See Bronski Beat though it's 22 years ago with this one.
+ Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
Thought the song was so cool. I bought every 12" version I could get my hands on.
MARTIN - Found this one in the attic tonight:
1986 DE (ZYX; 5154) [2nd issue, orange title box on sleeve]
5:00 West End Girls (extended mix) [original extended edit]
5:10 Pet Shop Boys [extended version]

April 24, 2006

From the mailbox

Received two really nice mails tonight.

First Daniel of The Book Of Daniel wrote and informed me that it's possible to download his new 6 tracks EP Footnotes to the spell of daylight-saving time for free from his webpage. So I did and here I am completely amazed, because this is a collection of truly wonderful and beautiful songs, which are absolutely perfect for a quiet evening like this. The only thing missing is probably a glass of red wine. I'm not sure how to describe the music (maybe as indie pop with a twist of jazz or jazz inspired pop?), but nonetheless I highly recommend this EP!!
+ 3rd Of December
+ Dream On, Wildhead
+ Hokus Pokus
+ Alice's Last Song

The second mail was from Tom Filepp, who sent a little info on his electronic project called Cars & Trains. So far I've only listened to the songs once, but the music is a nice cocktail of electronic playfulness.
+ Broken Streetlamp Serenade
+ The Official Cars And Trains Theme Song

Neutral Milk Hotel at Myspace

If you make a search for Neutral Milk Hotel at Myspace you get 10 hits. This one is probably the "official" profile, but this one is by far the most interesting, because it's possible to download three songs of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea there.
+ Oh Comely
+ In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
+ Communist Daughter

Indie MP3

Great music blog Indie MP3 - Keeping C86 Alive! has started to create a list of C86 and C81 bands with Myspace profiles. Lots of good music to (re-)discover there!
+ Aztec Camera - Oblivious
+ Aztec Camera - Walk Out To Winter
+ Orange Juice - Rip It Up
+ Television Personalities - Silly Girl

April 23, 2006

Still quiet around here.....

Irish band Lotus Lullaby writes some really catchy indie electronica songs. When it feels so good is no exception and is a haunting danceable track.
+ When It Feels So Good

And if you want to make your Sunday just a little more interesting, I suggest you check out Portland band At Dusk. I received a mail earlier today in which the band describes the music as "a bit progressive, a bit spazzy, a bit loud. Much world music influence, much rhythmic weirdness, group vocals, minimal bass". Pretty accurate, quite interesting and somewhat better than decent! Oh and I almost forgot to add that all songs of the recent album You Can Know Danger can be downloaded for free here.
+ Wish I Was Younger
+ We Saw Them Leave You There
+ In The Background

Quiet Sunday

Two brilliant and classic tracks by The Jesus And Mary Chain.
+ Just Like Honey
+ Happy When It Rains the link is dead.....

April 22, 2006


If you are interested in listening to a band inspired by Joy Division and several other artists from the early 80's, then I strongly recommend that you check out cool Seattle band Infomatik. The band definitely isn't going to win any prize for being the most innovative band around, but the music sure sounds great!
+ The Mechanical Bride
Inside A Moment Really good one.
Sleeping Pill vv Remix
+ Kill Your Idols
+ Ghosting

April 21, 2006


If you like the music of Idlewild, I suggest you check out this one by Californian band Republic of Letters.
+ Saving Grace

Danish band A Kid Hereafter now has a Myspace profile. The song below could probably be described as indie pop, though the band's music in general is rather difficult to label.
+ Secret Service

Not quite sure if this song is old or new, but it's new to me and once again I'm convinced that Canadian band The Airfields has a lot of potential.
+ Nowhere Left To Go


Got to bed very late last night (was in the theater with my colleagues and saw this) and when I finally fell asleep I slept really terrible. Happy that it's Friday!

I mentioned Breakfast In NYC by Oppenheimer a while back and I still think it's a perfect pop song!
+ Breakfast In NYC

A couple of demos by Bordeaux (the new band of Andy of Autumn Thieves) have been uploaded to Myspace for streaming. Incomplete but very promising. Will be interesting to see/hear what the future will bring!

I'm getting a little exposure on the Myspace profile of Kind Of Girl.
+ Poetry Boy No longer on my Current Favorites list, but still a damn fine song!

Danish band Amstrong released their 3rd album called Lack Of You in August last year. I haven't listened to it, but the 2 songs available as free downloads are pretty good!
+ Take Me Out Tonight
+ To Be Kind

Two great posts:
Coast Is Clear on Monster Movie and Absolut Noise on I'm From Barcelona.

Last week I downloaded these 4 songs by nice US indie pop band Benko. Indie and vibraphone? Apparently it is possible!
+ '84 Gran Fury
+ East Side
+ Moo Shoo
+ B-Movie Prod.

April 20, 2006

I am not the only boxer....

....that hasn't words to write
And I am not the only poet who's much too scared to fight.

+ Josh Joplin Group - I Am Not The Only Cowboy

The Knight In Plaster

I normally expect my “friends” at Myspace to post bulletins when they have updated their profiles, because checking out more than 600 profiles regularly is quite a task. However I’ve realized that this is not always the case, so once in a while I check the "quiet ones" to see if anything has happened.

So last night I cruised by the profile of The Knight In Plaster (a Scottish indie pop band/one-man project I “befriended” some months back) and was quite happy to see that 3 new songs are available.

I know I often use the term “charming”, when describing the music of indie pop bands, but rarely has it been more appropriate to use than in the case of The Knight In Plaster. Maybe "tongue-in-cheek" need to be added as well.

The 4 songs are obviously in great debt to Belle & Sebastian (which definitely isn't a bad thing), so I won't hesitate to recommend all of them as catchy little gems.

+ My Girlfriend Tried To Run Me
+ Treat Me Gently
+ A Nasty Piece Of Work
+ Charlie's Been Cutting Her Arm

April 19, 2006

No words - just music

+ Slowlands - Eisenstein
+ Skytone - Just A Little Attention
+ The Stores - Miss Me So
+ Eploding Boy - Show You Me
+ Like Honey - Sad Song
+ Bauer - Speeding Thanks Chris ;-)


I know I have mentioned it once or twice before, but I still should have written in my post yesterday that Mogens Møller of tWAMi plays keyboards in talented Danish band Anamia. The band is one of my favorite newcomers of the year so far and hopefully you have already given these boys a listen? If not I strongly recommend that you do, because this is a really great sounding band with a huge potential.
+ Butterfly In Paris
+ Towards The Wind
+ The Mouse Is The Great Man

April 18, 2006

Maybe she's just tired of listening to daddy's CD's?

Hopefully the great new latino-electronica track by tWAMi will cheer her up or at least get her going, because it sure is difficult NOT to start tapping your feet along to the rhythms of this very, very cool and irresistible charmer!
+ My Spanish Romance

Charlie, Don't Surf

The music is described by the band as "Happy-Lo-Fi-Party-Indierock!" and it certainly is catchy and instantly likeable. I've bumped into the band a few times at Myspace, but for some reason I haven't bothered listening to them until today. Stupid mistake!

+ Rightwrong

April 17, 2006

Grand Avenue

Two songs by Danish rock band Grand Avenue are now available as free downloads at Myspace. Both tracks are from the somewhat disappointing second album She, which was released last year. The albums was disappointing, because the great songwriting the band showed on the debut, somehow got lost (was forgotten) and instead the focus seemed to be on the (fine) production.

+ On Your Side
Good choice, because this is definitely the stand out track on the recent album.
+ After The Rain

April 16, 2006

Hockey Night

Multi-tasking (I know lots of women believe that men are incapable of doing that). Watching hockey on TV and listening to music (plus writing this post).

Swedish bands Existensminimum and Black Belt seem to be all over bloggerland these days (so this is really old news if you're a regular reader of music blogs). This morning I found links for a couple of songs by the bands in my mailbox, so I thought it would be OK to mention both bands, because these two songs are pretty good.
+ Existensminimum - Changing Lines
+ Black Belt - Hold On

A couple of months ago I recommended Danish indie pop band 1234. Now it's time again, because two new (and really good) songs are available as free downloads.
+ Judo Tommorow's A Long Time
+ Coltrane
and the "oldie"
+ Saddest

Before heading to bed....a couple of songs by shoegaze/alternative/experimental NY rock band Unlove.
+ If I Could
+ Flying To You

April 15, 2006

One Proud Dad

Today I put on Sirenesangen by Gasolin' and started dancing to it with my nearly 4 year old daughter. Daddy was quite surprised (and unbelievable proud) when she began singing along! Surely she's not wasting her time learning some stupid children songs. Cool!

Yesterday I mentioned charming Swedish indie pop band Penny Century. This is definitely a highly recommendable band, so download the two songs posted yesterday and add these two as well:
+ To Bitter To Be Charming
+ Season Of Mists

Can you handle any more indie pop from Sweden? If yes; just read on! 6-piece Ironville is a bit more difficult to figure out/label and the songs aren't all that immediate. Still this band sounds both interesting and very promising, so give the band a try
+ Night Out
+ Don't You Wish The best of the four.
+ Waltz For Em
+ Räven

April 14, 2006

Untitled (once again).....

We had guests for lunch today, which meant lots of Snaps and Baileys. Hmmm slowly starting to think that I'm turning into an alcoholic.....

A new "friend" request at Myspace from (what turned out to be) really good Irish band Shadowplay. The music is grand, moody and beautiful with some (rather clear) references to bands like Sigur Ros, Mercury Rev, The Cure etc.
+ The Submarine Song Recommended!
+ Boxing
+ Untitled

It's late and time to go to bed, but before shutting down the computer I simply have to recommend this fine Swedish indie band called Penny Century. If you're into female voices and guitars this is definitely something for you to check out!
+ This Is Not My Song
+ Tangled Up In My Sheets

April 13, 2006


Today is holiday in Denmark, so no work for me today. Instead I've spent the majority of the day cleaning up the attic. I found loads of vinyl’s up there (not a big surprise really), but also (what seems like) hundreds of issues of Q Magazine and The Record Mirror (surprised by the number). Anyone interested in those old magazines?

New "friend" request (at Myspace of course) from indie pop/rock band Dan Wallace. Pretty nice stuff.
+ Fell
+ Jacques
+ Too Soon

April 12, 2006

Have A Beer

The girls are sleeping and the wife has deserted home for the cinema, so I checked the fridge and found myself a nice bottle of Young's Double Chocolate Stout.

Pet Grief by The Radio Dept. was in the mail today and is currently spinning, so everything's set for a nice evening! First impression; This album is good, VERY good. Second listen doesn't change my first impression. Still very good. The band seems to be moving in a new/different direction (guitars->keyboards), which makes it difficult to compare the album to Lesser Matters (but why would you want to do that?). The album runs for 37 minutes, which leaves you craving for more.

I finally listened to Ringleader Of The Tormentors earlier today and I have to say that although I've never been a fan of Morrissey it's still somewhat of a disappointment. I liked You Are The Quarry quite a lot, so I was probably hoping for the new one to be equally good (and it's not).

Found (stumbled upon) a really great indie/alternative band today from Manchester called kni9hts. The music is said to be influenced by multiple other bands and according to the band's listeners kni9hts sounds like everything from Simon & Garfunkel to Radiohead. I always find it hard to label or categorize bands and their music, but it's not at all difficult for me to admit that this is one very good band.
+ Coastal
+ The Dig
+ Jolan District

Visit Torr if you want a copy of the new song by Keane.

Morning Coffee

Mars Needs Guitars has a really great post on Seattle band The Turn-Ons.
+ Strange As Snow
+ Eastern Hollows

Apparently NY indie rock band Slowlands is making quite a splash in bloggerland and for once I have no problem understanding why. Both songs below are catchy and really good.
+ Listeners Dilemma
+ One More Fire

I did a little browsing a found a couple of really nice ambient tracks by San Diego based Via Satellite.
+ Close As I Can
+ Almost In Love

A pretty uncomplicated, but still rather cool rock track by NY band The GoStation.
+ Wandering Away

April 11, 2006


An anonymous source has been so kind to send me a MP3 of the forthcoming single by Keane called Is It Any Wonder?. It's quite nice, but several songs on the debut were more immediate and catchy than this one. Hopefully it will grow over time! I'm a bit surprised that no music blog is offering a MP3 for download or maybe it's a little too early?

Mew is now a trio........

Scroll down and add yourself to my Frappr map.

Lost In The Desert

Damn; it's a fast moving world. I've been away from the computer for 3 days and I feel like tons of things have happened. Would be very nice if bloggers stopped blogging and bands stopped writing music while I'm not online.

Peter and Chris are high on the new song by The Monday Photo called Fall. Chris calls it "One of the best songs that New Order never wrote", which isn't completely untrue. Stream it here.

The song by The Monday Photo was produced by Omar 7 of Francis 7. I Can't Feel My Heart Anymore by this band is now available as free download. The song is quite nice, though I think the shoegazer Splitting In Two is their best one so far.
+ I Can't Feel My Heart Anymore
+ Splitting In Two

New (and eagerly awaited) album Pet Grief by The Radio Dept. gets 4 out of 6 stars by Danish magazine Soundvenue. Hopefully the album will be in my mailbox today!

Motel De Moka has a nice/funny/nostalgic post called 80's songtracks. Suddenly I felt very old, because these songs are more than 20 years old....

London band The Basics is one more band in the (endless??) line of quite good, but sadly ignored indie/alternative/pop/rock bands.
+ Good Enough
+ Alone
+ Daydreamer

You can easily add Swedish band Logh to the line of good bands mentioned above. I've done a little search and apparently this band is not at all as unknown as I wanted it to be.....
+ The Smoke Will Lead You Home
+ Yellow Lights Mean Slow Down, Not Speed Up
+ Destinymanifesto

Gaffa writes that no more than 25 Danish bands/artists can make a living by playing/releasing music in Denmark. Not a lot taking the large number of (really good) bands into consideration. Wonder what this number is in Sweden?

April 7, 2006

Friday Evening

Cocoon have posted 3 new (and very nice) songs.
+ Between Me And The Sun New Version
+ I Don't Give A Shit
+ Another End

A new (and as always, very catchy) one by Tiger Baby.
+ Girlfriend

I'm afraid that's all......

Almost Weekend!

Staring out the window and the sun is shining. Unfortunately the weather forecast promises rain for the weekend :-(

Thank you Peter for reminding me that I should check out the excellent post on The Exploding Boy by Absolut Noise. Good stuff indeed!
+ Cold Things Start To Burn
+ It's Over

Everything All The Time by Band Of Horses is my favorite album of 2006 (at least so far). Lots of people compare this band to My Morning Jacket, but I'm constantly thinking of Doves when I listen to the album. Neiles Life has posted 5 songs from the album.

Maaan I'm fast. Kind Of Girl mistakenly uploaded a new song to Myspace and before it was removed I secured myself a copy :-) The song is called The More (final title? - probably The More I Love You) and is actually quite good. Hopefully the final version will be available very soon!
+ Poetry Boy Still their best effort!

New "friend" request at Myspace from Brookville. Solo project of Ivy member Andy Chase. Sweet pop music and some bossa nova rhythms!
+ Nothing's Meant To Last From the forthcoming album Life In The Shade.
+ Summer Parade From the 2003 album Wonderfully Nothing.
+ Sweet Sensation One more from the album Wonderfully Nothing.

April 6, 2006

Blah, blah, blah

First single/video You're All I Have from the forthcoming album Eyes Open by Snow Patrol is just brilliant. German blog It's Too Long offers a download.

Chris is back :-)

Torr recommended a change of background color from black to white. Looks better this way - doesn't it?

I posted Blue by Kicker a long time ago (3 months to be exact), but since it's such a brilliant indie pop song, I thought I was OK to post it one more time!
+ Blue

My list of Current Favorites has been updated and songs by Airiel, The Handles, Band Of Horses, Soundpool, The Tamborines, The Holiday Show, Pete White and Vega4 were added.

I mentioned Danish band Girls! in my post last night, but now that I've listened to a few more songs by this Neil Young/Prefab Sprout inspired band, I think they should be given a little more exposure than just a one-liner. So here are few more songs by Girls! for your listening pleasure:
+ No More Fooling Around
+ There's Something On My Mind
+ Traveling Money

A quick search at Myspace led me to Girl Alliance; a tweepop/sarah records inspired band from Sweden (here we go again). This is charming and catchy indie pop and I cannot help being puzzled how a fine little band like this can pop out of nowhere.

+ Best Of Seasons
+ Jaded
+ What Can I Do

Last song of the day is a nice one by The New York Fund (formerly known as Cherryfalls).
+ Wild Birds & Paper Floats

April 5, 2006

Wednesday Evening Challenge

I have exactly the length of an episode of Desperate Housewives to find at least three good songs.....

+ All That And A Bag Of Chips - Television Breakdown
+ No Torso - Fight The Blue Horizon
+ Farrago - I Want It Out
+ Halph - No Fear
+ Girls! - I'm In Love With A Girl

How did I do?

Pete White

Pete White is definitely among my favorite artists of the year so far and I'm still regularly listening to the 4-CD box set I bought a few months back. Today I discovered that new (and really great) versions of two older tracks are available as free downloads from his webpage. I quickly downloaded the songs and you really should hurry up and do the same!

+ Friction Makes Fyr Less acoustic and even better than the original!
+ Just In Time


Somhow it’s inevitable. No matter how I roam in cyberspace, I always end up in Sweden. Javelins from Gothenburg play an interesting mix of indie pop/punk and claim to sound like “everything falling apart”. The songs are short (none of them runs more than 2½ minutes), energetic and noisy exactly the way they are supposed to be. I've linked to 6 songs below and a few more can be found at the band's webpage.

when i was 7 [mp3]
i was raised as a polar bear [mp3]
Dexter's got a sinister heart [mp3]
nosebleeders on the track [mp3]
my best friend [mp3]
nothing will ever happen [mp3]

April 4, 2006

The Holiday Show

Danish Synthpop-quartet The Holiday Show is getting some (not a lot) media attention in Denmark, because the band won "MyMusic-legatet 2006" this Saturday. I assume the jury must have had a difficult job picking a winner with the current boom the Danish music scene is experiencing? That said I think they did a fine job, because, despite being unknown to me, it only takes a few listens to realize that The Holiday Show is a band with a lot of potential. The 3 songs below are very catchy and hopefully we'll hear much more from these 4 talented guys!

Snookerstar [mp3] Great one!
Put me on a TV-show [mp3]
Island of lonely people [mp3]

Tired Tuesday (once again)

Download new song At Least I'm Honest [mp3] by Tiger Baby. Found via It's A Trap ("at least I'm honest!").

The album hca by Swedish electronic/instrumental act Fujasaki is released today on Sudd. This is really not my type of music at all, but the two tracks below are pretty cool and very catchy!
Boston Revisited [mp3]
You Never Left An Airport Happy pt. 2 [mp3]

The debut album by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah received lots of positive reviews at the time of its release. Now that I've (finally) listened to it, it's not difficult to understand why. It really is very good!
Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood [mp3]
Over and Over Again (Lost & Found) [mp3]

My Current Favorites list needs to be updated. Hopefully I'll do that tomorrow.....

April 3, 2006

Groovyjim and more

Who is Groovyjim you might ask? Well he is one of my "friends" at Myspace, but more importantly he runs an online radio station called Vertigo. The radio station plays shoegaze, dreampop etc. and the monthly top 25 listener-rated tracks list is always an interesting read. Here are some really nice/cool songs I found, when checking out some of the bands on the recent list.

The Lionheart Brothers - I Burn Myself On You [mp3]
Ether Aura - Hardly Know You [mp3] + About You [mp3]
Jets Overhead - This Way [mp3] Coast Is Clear has more about this band.
Guitaro - Ace Faced On The Scene [mp3]
Thee Heavenly Music Association - Angelic Disorder [mp3]
Heroes Of Switzerland - Waiting [mp3]


Ether Aura has posted a cover version of Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me [mp3]. It probably won't be available for long, so hurry up and download it.

Ehlers/Thejsen has posted a new (at least I think it's new) song called We Fixed Your World [mp3].

In The Meantime

I've found quite a few songs that I'll post later. Meanwhile check out these excellent blogs:

Absolut Noise
Coast Is Clear
It's A Trap
Mars Needs Guitars

April 1, 2006

April Fools Day

I think it's a quite stupid tradition, so you won't find any of that here.

Instead here's a trio of songs I'm looking forward to checking out. If you're quick you might beat me to it!

Convoj - Cultural Legacy [mp3] + Liberty City [mp3]
Firefox AK - Madame, Madame! [mp3]

Unfortunately none of the 3 songs blew me away as I had hoped they would. All of them are pretty nice, but not more than that.

Bought albums by Ambulance Ltd. and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah today.

Danish band Tosibb has been chosen as demo of the month by Gaffa. I've downloaded 3 songs by the band and all of them are quiet and very beautiful. It's difficult to describe the music, but the band itself uses the expression "soft midnight indie pop". So let's stick to that!
Appal [mp3]
Paralyse [mp3]
Green Dreams [mp3]

Check out brilliant French blog Absolut Noise dedicated to the Swedish music scene.

4 songs by UK band The Tamborines will end today's post. This is great and catchy indie pop/rock and each one of the songs is definitely worth a listen.
The Great Division [mp3]
Sally O'Gannon [mp3]
What Took You So Long [mp3] This one is fantastic!
Looking Glass House [mp3]