October 31, 2009

Music, music, music...

Tonight’s agenda is pretty simple. Read some mails. Download some music and listen to it. Post whatever is worth our (that’s you and me) time. No words. Just music!

Some seriously bad stuff so far...

+ PJ Bond - You, Too

Not at all loyal to my own formula. Peter just mailed a link for this video of Kent performing new track Svarta Linjer. New album Röd will be out November 6.

Back on track...

+ Pants Yell! - Cold Hands
+ Ravens & Chimes - Hearts of Palm

Things are improving dramatically now! Nice!

+ White Rabbits - Percussion Gun
+ ArpLine - Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper

Must have deleted a hundred emails (at least) by now! And that will probably be all for tonight!

Oh well - that was one big lie. Here's one final one...

+ Lullwater - One More Time

October 30, 2009

A secret beer...

This one sounds familiar. Wife’s out, the kids are sleeping, the mailbox is bursting (or just about to) and I’ve found a beer in the fridge. And no; the post title certainly isn’t meant to be a joke, as all information on the beer label (enlarge the photo and perhaps you'll be able to see that yourself) has been printed using the Braille system. The beer has therefore been given the name "blindeøl", so calling it a “secret beer” can't be completely wrong? But as funny and interesting this might be, I'm afraid that it also means that my only option is to learn the system, if I want to know exactly what it is I’m drinking. Lazy as I am, I’m probably not going to bother, so I'll just drink and (hopefully) enjoy it. Definitely worth mentioning is that for every sold beer the brewery will donate 2 DKK to Dansk Blindesamfund....

SuperTroels, who hasn’t been using that alias for quite some time and instead preferred his real name Troels Abrahamsen, offersa near final version” of new track Swaat as a free download. The final version will be included on his forthcoming album BLCK.
+ Swaat

Speaking of Troels, I was wondering if there was any news on VETO? Last year’s album Crushing Digits was monster, so any sign of a follow-up being in the making would be classified as "great news". But there was no information to be found or at least I couldn't find it. Instead this oldie, which always is worth sharing…
+ You Are A Knife

Did you download your copy of the Bodebrixen album? If you need to be convinced why you should even bother, I strongly recommend you check out this lovely pop gem. Unless of course you're not at all prepared to be charmed off your feet!
+ Shone

Here's a real nice one from the inbox. It has already been featured by a number of blogs, so I'm taking the easy path here and letting the music speak for itself!
+ Loch Lomond - Wax and Wire

I don’t know how many times I’ve written this before, but I’ll never be a fan of remixes. More often than not the only thing a remix does is ruining the original track and I’ve never fully understood the purpose of this! The few remixes adding something to the original or at least being “listenable alternatives” are few and far between, but whenever I stumble upon one of those, I guess it’s somehow my “duty” to post it. And this recent remix of the Phoenix track Fences by Son Green definitely falls under the “listenable” category!
+ Fences (Son Green Remix)

October 28, 2009


I've promised myself that I will not start whining or complaining about small insignificant things in today's post. Though I do suspect that blogging will be less interesting that way, as words just seem to come more easily to you, when you're pissed off. Luckily my computer is a reliable ally and does it's best to prevent me from keeping my promise, as it is unusual slow today. I mean it normally operates at a pace which wouldn't even impress a snail, but somehow it has found a way to be even slower today. This actually impresses me quite a lot, as something this slow would normally accept its destiny and simply roll over and die! But from time to time it does show signs of life and allow me to type a few words, so maybe (or maybe not) I'll be able to add to this...

J.A. just mailed a reminder that the new Bodebrixen album is free to download from the band's webpage. Thank you and shame on me for forgetting! The bitrate is a measly 128, but should be plenty to convince you whether or not the album is worth buying! So far it has been downloading for half an hour, so things really are slow around here today!
+ Keychain

And whenever things get back to normal, I'm definitely going to download the rest of the Hold It Close album by Canadian electro pop artist Digits. Just to find out if the rest can possibly be as fine as these two promo tracks!
+ Monster
+ Nonstop

October 27, 2009


Fuck this has become predictably boring! Once again I’m a grumpy old man and feel the need of complaining about something! Perhaps my age has finally caught up with me and begun to show its ugly face? Because, believing that the world has united in a collective attempt to piss me off is simply too paranoiac, so it has to have something to do with my age! I suppose! I hope! Anyhow; this morning I learned that my file host boxstr.com had transformed itself into OpenDrive, but of course not before deleting all my previously uploaded files. I did read somewhere that true reason is that boxstr.com has been hacked, but I can find no verification of this anywhere. And no matter the reason, this meant that I had to spend quite some time re-uploading a string of songs to prevent people from bumping into far too many broken links. Well at least on the front-page. And tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised if things are back to normal, thus making today’s work a complete waste of time...fuck modern technology and bring back the glorious days of vinyl and cassettes...told you I was grumpy!

Guess it’s time to put focus back on music and leave all my whining behind!

Danish youngsters Avisitor has three new tracks streaming at Myspace. While you're there, why not give the new track Easy Come Sit by the lovely Majorian a listen? And Lastbandalive has a couple of new ones streaming as well! Too much streaming for my liking, but still great to learn that things are brewing!

Chris is excited about the news that Shout Out Louds are in the studio recording their third album! And give me one good reason why he shouldn't be?

Konrad has mailed me his never-released remix of the Track a Tiger track (try repeating that: “Track a Tiger track”) Don’t Make a Weapon. Since I really like this band and the remix certainly isn’t “killing” the song, I have no problems posting it. The original version of the song can be found on the band’s second album We Moved Like Ghosts.
+ Don't Make a Weapon (Konrad remix)

October 26, 2009

Oh sweet bitterness...

Okay then. I did pull my act together. I asked and had not problems at all getting a “going out” permit for Saturday evening. I even managed to get my name (and a friend as well) on the guest list for the Grand Avenue + Sorgenfrei/Villumsen concert, so things were all set for a great evening. However Saturday afternoon a second friend called and asked if could join us, and prescient as he was, he even asked if I was sure that he could get a ticket. Still recalling a concert some years ago, where less than 70 people showed up for a Grand Avenue concert and at the same time feeling certain that the brilliance of Sorgenfrei/Villumsen has yet to reach a larger audience, I confidently replied that of course he could. Today I’m everything but proud of my confidence (which actually is very unlike me, as I normally double-check everything), because the concert turned out to be completely and totally sold out, which obviously left us with quite a dilemma. Three guys, two names on the guest list and a 40 minute drive away from home. With some friendly assistance, we did try to get an extra name added to the guest list, but with no luck, as the venue wasn’t exactly cooperative on this matter. So in the end the only acceptable solution was to drive back home, find a bar and have a few pints instead. Nice of course, but not exactly the way I hoped and expected to spend my Saturday evening. The Sorgenfrei/Villumsen part of the concert went pretty well (at least so I’ve been told), though it did hurt and still does, when I learned that the duo had included a rendition of my favorite Entakt song Kunsten at slippe taget in their set! Bummer...naaah...MEGA bummer!
+ Kunsten at slippe taget

October 23, 2009

Thoughts and such...

In a whining mood, as I’m once again contemplating whether or not I should continue blogging. Well I’ve been through this a number of times before and the outcome is pretty much given, as I will of course carry on. But today is just one of those days, where things seem to make no sense. Spend far too much time on this. Both writing posts and constantly searching for new (and interesting) stuff. Still it happens way too often that I never get around to write about or even listen to things I ought to check out (generously sent to me by artists I like and respect – some of it I even asked them to mail me), and therefore end up having a bad conscience. And isn’t blogging supposed to be fun? And not about feeling guilty? I mean! I know I’ll never make a living out of this, so this will forever remain a hobby. A hobby is definitely a good thing. At least so I’ve been told! But what’s the point if it’s puts you under constant pressure or makes you feel that you’re letting someone down? Oh well fuck the whining. I’ll post whenever I have the time and I’ll post whatever I feel like posting and if the music you sent me is never featured, I swear it’s not ill will.

U2 inspired Danes Grand Avenue will be playing at Templet (located in Lyngby just outside Copenhagen) tomorrow night and I’m seriously thinking of going. I’ve seen the band twice before and they are surprisingly much better live than on recordings. However the true reason for my considerations is the supporting act Sorgenfrei/Villumsen; a fairly new constellation consisting of Andreas Sorgenfrei (of Didium & The Black Bonnie Picture) and Jonas Villumsen (of Entakt). Now all I need is the guts to call the chief and ask for a “going out permit”. Read more about the track below here or here.
+ Bygdebarn (En Sang For J)

Experience has taught me not to be too blue-eyed optimistic, when it comes to Matinée Recordings and release days, but November looks as if it could turn out to be rather noteworthy, as the label will (finally) release the Northern Portrait debut as well as the sophomore album by The Electric Pop Group. As everyone should be aware of by now, I’ve eagerly been awaiting both releases for, if not ages then at least, a long, long time! Another intriguing release by the label could be The Matinée Grand Prix compilation, which will include (new?) tracks by 11 absolutely amazing artists!!

Danish shoegazers Dorias Baracca writes that they are on the verge of being signed by glorious label Club AC30. Accordingly this should be followed by the release of the band’s debut EP Handsome Meltingpoint!
+ The Only Touch

October 21, 2009


Working my way through mails, updates etc.

Northern Portrait (sort of) verifies that they have finished the recordings of the debut album Criminal Art Lovers.
+ I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me

Quite frustrating to learn that the Ruined by Martin concert at Rust (Copenhagen) November 14 has been cancelled. Especially annoying since the problem "finding a babysitter" had been solved. Instead I'll attend the first (of hopefully many) The Banana Hold-Up club nights.
+ Defy The Odds

Glorious acts like Play People, Celestial and The Legends are among the artists included on the forthcoming Rough Trade Indiepop 09 compilation. Check the tracklist and start drooling!
+ Play People - Goes Out

Two brand new tracks by excellent Danish band Lastbandalive are streaming at Myspace.

Slumberland Records has just put out a smorgasbord of 7” singles; each accompanied by a free download promo track. Currently trying to figure out which track I like the most!

Swedish synth pop duo This Vision has just released their self-titled debut album on their own label Devotion Records. I'll write more once I've listened to the entire album, though I do recommend that you give the four streamable tracks a listen. Unless of course you don't like catchy pop music!

Former Decorate Decorate band member Mikkel Holtoug shares his remix of the Turboweekend track Trouble Is.
+ Trouble Is (Holtoug ReMix)

October 20, 2009

The bodega of dreams...

A second band rising from the ashes of Oliver North Choir has now seen the light of day (the first being The Boombox Hearts), as new combo Mikkel Max og Drømmenes Bodega has decided to publish (and share) a brand new recording named De sidste glade dage af Romerriget. Oh boy! Lots of Danish words there, but the band name roughly translates into something like Mikkel Max and the bodega of dreams and the song title The last happy days of the Roman Empire. So as you’ve already figured out by now, the song is obviously sung in Danish, which I’m afraid could scare quite a few non-Danish speaking listeners away. But you really shouldn’t be, because as always it’s the quality of the music that matters the most (at least to me it is), although in this case the heartbreaking and no doubt personal lyrics about lost love, cannot and shouldn’t be totally ignored. Musically this has been called “folkpop with hint of indie and country” and this is probably as good as any description I could come up with, so I’ll stick to that one. The vocal might be a bit challenging and for my part took some getting used to, as it a number of times sounds like it’s on the edge of bursting. Neither should that scare anyone, as the song itself is just brilliant and the production pretty fine too (I really like those drums!). The band is still so brand new that no webpage, Facebook group or even a Myspace profile exists (and no pictures either), but Ivan (who takes care of the bass "in the bodega" as well as fronting The Boombox Hearts) has posted some further information on the band in his blog.
+ De sidste glade dage af Romerriget

UPDATE: suddenly doubting if "bodega" has the same meaning in English as in Danish. According to wikipedia "bodega is "Danish term for a small local bar", so if the above translations didn't make much sense, this little piece of extra information might help?

October 19, 2009

Low profile...

Didn’t post anything last week and though Chris mailed and suggested otherwise, the hiatus had absolutely nothing to do with me recovering from Denmark qualifying for The World Cup. Instead week 42 means autumn holiday (is it really called that?) in Denmark, so to spend some time with the kids, I took the week off from work, which ended up being time off from blogging as well. But as usual the flow didn’t stop, and news and mails are piling up, so I've got plenty of catching up to do. Now I just need to get my brain going and then posting should (hopefully) resume tomorrow.

October 10, 2009

Celebration time...

Denmark just qualified for next year's soccer World Cup by beating Sweden 1-0 tonight. South Africa beware! A horde of vikings will invade your country next summer! And right now I can't think of a better way to celebrate it than having (yet another) Russian beer, thus keeping yesterday's thread alive. I've been told that this one's called "Old Mill", but Anders do please correct me if I'm wrong. It's actually my daughter's 4 years birthday today as well, but I'm not quite sure if it's really possible to get the rest of Denmark to be equally excited about this. So let's stick to celebrating the soccer win instead!

Sticking to the theme (sort of), so here's some Russian dance music. I expect it to be rather easily forgotten, but should nonetheless get a few feet moving. The track was mailed to me last night and the mail appropriately included verification that yesterday's beer is indeed called "White Bear".
+ Xuman - Panic

October 9, 2009

Russian beer and some music...

Thought it smarter to start a new post rather than continuing today's previous post. Not sure what tonight will bring, but the kids are sleeping, the wife's out and I've just opened this Russian beer (you tell me what it's called), so a good bet should be that I will spend the evening at the computer checking mails, reading blogs, listening to some music etc.

I mentioned UltraChorus earlier today and a few hours later the band mailed a download link for the Ultra-Def album. Other bands please read and learn!
+ Scarlet Eyes

Blaa Vinyl has a nice post up on Bodebrixen including an interview with Andreas Brixen of the band.

It's time to check a few mails. There are more than +500 unread ones in the inbox. Actually the number is closer to 600!

I somehow doubt that major supermarket chains are willing to stock the debut album Blew It Again by Electric Tickle Machine. It's a nice album cover, though perhaps a tad bit...well you know! The music is some kind of psychedelic garage rock of decent quality, which is quite surprising taking the album wrapping into consideration.
+ Blew It Again

Just stumbled upon a US five-piece with the gorgeous name The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe, who has just put out their debut full length album named The Moonlight's Fair Tonight. The 11-track album is a free download via Datawaslost (which is not a label, but more like a "close-knit group of musicians ... making records") and this is something I absolutely have to explore further really soon. Appealingly sounding like some mysterious blend of everything from Pink Floyd to shoegaze.
+ The Last of the Incas

I won't mention any names, but some of the stuff found in promo mails is really bad. Seriously bad. Really, seriously bad in an utter crap kind of way....Who's actually paying for this?

Hey cool! Just found the self-titled debut album by nice electro pop duo (?) Letting Up Despite Great Falls in the mailbox. This is good stuff and certainly should be mentioned in the same breath, as the many garbage bands I just complained about. But don't tell anyone that the mail was sent September 2 and I didn't read it until now! In due time, as the album will be out on Tuesday...
+ In Steps

Proud Simon will release a 5-track EP named Anchors Aweigh on November 10. I'm new to this americana inspired duo, but the promo track really makes me want to hear more! Awesomely it seems like the EP is free to download at Bandcamp?
+ Rock Unturned

Indeed it helped complaining! Everything I've checked out since has been pretty good...

Rounding out today's post is brilliant new track Don't Let The Nightlight Dance by Track a Tiger. Taken from new album I Felt The Bullet Hit My Heart.
+ Don't Let The Nightlight Dance

Assembly line...

Spleen United has re-launched their webpage. I cannot really figure out if there's supposed to be a deeper meaning to it, except showing a few short and rather fuzzy video clips and providing us with some external links. Reload the page (press VIII) and a new clip will pop up (I believe there’s a total of 5 different ones). I know complaining has sort of become my trademark, but I’d much rather have a less fancy and more informative site instead (obviously) including a few free downloads (remixes, covers or something like that)! The band will soon be playing a few dates in the US (check their Myspace for exact dates), and just like the previous time the band spent some time “over there”, I strongly recommend that you go see them.
+ Running Up That Hill (Kath Bush cover with The William Blakes)

I've heard some rather trustworthy rumors that Northern Portrait has finished the recordings of their debut album Criminal Art Lovers. But still, these are just rumors; nothing more!
+ Crazy

Obscure Sound has posted a lengthy review, probably containing more words than I’d write in a month, of the soon to be released UltraChorus debut album Ultra-Def. First promo track of the album Words Kept Talking was an instant favorite way back in March, so nice to learn that the rest should be equally great. If Mike’s review is to be trusted of course!
+ Words Kept Talking

BandBase.dk track of the day
is Robin Parts by As In RebekkaMaria. The song is based upon Symphony No. 2 by Danish composer Carl Nielsen and is this month's featured remix at mixtoverdener.dk.
+ Robin Parts

Chris is doing a great job getting his blog Music Of The Moment back up and running. Today's post on Scottish trio AirSpiel is well worth reading.

The new album Whatsinsideswhatsoutside by Bodebrixen will be released on Monday. According to this newspaper article, the album will be free to download from the band's webpage in an attempt to attract more listeners.


October 8, 2009

The everlasting...

I cannot say that I’ve cared much about my once favorite band Manic Street Preachers the past decade, and though I stubbornly continued buying their albums, I never gave any release more than perhaps a few spins. This year’s release Journal for Plague Lovers I brutally ignored as I decided that it was time to store the band in the box “dinosaurs of the past”. You know; that archived box you only open, when melancholy smacks you in the face and you simply need to get verified that “everything was so much better back then”. Thus filed and (almost) forgotten, but suddenly this weekend Frank started sharing his excitement about the band’s recent concert in Toronto and once I glanced through the setlist, I got the most irritating nostalgic itch. Annoying to such an extent that I began wondering if my decision of “parting ways” with The Manics had been a tad premature! So as much as I hate admitting “I was wrong”, I have a strong feeling that time has come to re-open the files and have another go with the band! Attic! Here I fucking come!

Since I’m already in the “confessing I was wrong” mood, I might as well add that the new single by Kent is a whole lot better than I gave it credit for. I will continue my silent prayers for a return to Hagnesta Hill form and never stop rooting for them to trash their love for electronic pop, but Töntarna is still a pretty good song in its own right!

The assembly line has stopped running...no point in checking back later...

October 6, 2009


Despite my initial disappointment with the new Kent single, I’m still planning to buy tickets for the band’s concert on March 13 next year at Copenhagen’s new venue Tap1. Tickets go on sale on Monday.

Four new tracks by The Electric Pop Group are now streaming at Myspace. Seems like the band’s second album Seconds will be out come November, but as usual the Matinée Recordings webpage hasn’t been updated for a while.

The soon to be released Whatsinsidewhatsoutside album by Danish indie-popsters Bodebrixen can be streamed in its entirety at Bandbase.dk.
+ Keychain

Now that the Turboweekend album Ghost of a Chance is being released abroad, the promo mails suddenly start arriving. I hate the way music is promoted in Denmark, because why didn’t I hear anything in March, when the album was released here?
+ After Hours
+ Something or Nothing

7" single How To Look Imploring by Horowitz will be out some time late November on Cloudberry Records.
+ How To Look Imploring

From the Labrador Records twitter account: "Sambassadeur just finished their upcoming single "Days". It definitely different from their previous work, but I'm sure you'll love it.". This is awesome news!

October 5, 2009

The jerks...

New single Töntarna by my favorite band Kent is released digitally today (visit the homepage to find a link for purchasing the track) and though it’s not bad at all (of course it isn't), it’s not exactly overwhelming either. Especially since it gives you the impression that the band hasn’t moved an inch (musically) since their (fine, but easily forgotten) previous album Tillbaka Till Samtiden, which perhaps has something to do with Joshua once again being the producer? I know I'm spoiled and I know I shouldn't be disappointed, but unfortunately I cannot help being just that, as I was (once again) hoping that they’d return to the sound of their masterpiece Hagnesta Hill. Tönterna is the first single off forthcoming album Röd, which will be out November 6.

October 2, 2009

Played like a record...

The Camera Obscura concert Wednesday evening was lovely. Of course it was. How could it not be, even though one reviewer thought it was yawningly boring? But I (and since this is my blog and my life, my opinion is what matters the most around here) did enjoy the evening thoroughly, which, some great music aside, also included the chance to finally say hello to a few people as well as spending some hard-earned cash on a t-shirt plus the Underachievers Please Try Harder album. I even took a few pictures, but the quality of the snapshots is the lowest of low, so I doubt very much that one or more will end up here.

Anyone remember Le Chevre, which I featured a few years back? The electro pop one-man project of Crispin Glover look-a-like Michael Barksdale? Probably not! But to refresh your (and my) memory, an 8 track self-titled EP/album was released (apparently as far back as) in 2004, which included some rather infectious stuff. So today’s good news (to me at least) out of Myspace is that Le Chevre is still alive and that a new EP is being recorded (a few new tracks can be streamed). If your memory needs to be refreshed further, do check out the three Last.fm freebies below.
+ Everything Reminds Me
+ The Woods Never Ended
+ Played Like A Record