December 28, 2010

A West End Pet Shop...

While on the treadmill last night I heard this one and suddenly my brain started wandering and took me back to late 1985 remembering school, dates, friends and those great times we had back then. At the same time (still on the treadmill and soaked in sweat) I couldn’t help imagining how fantastic it would be if I indeed was back in 1985 and my body was 16 once again!

December 26, 2010

Offer of the day...

Just read this Facebook wall post by the brilliant Mariage Blanc: "Happy Holidays! Snag our new record for whatever price you feel like (including free)." If you're tired of Christmas tunes and in need of a healthy dose of catchy pop songs, I can only recommend that you go download a copy!
+ Whatever You Say I Am
+ Rag To A Bull

December 23, 2010


Today is only a half working day, so I better do this short, as I have a sinister suspicion that they expect some work from me today!

Emerald Park frontman Tobias Borelius shares a track from his upcoming solo album album name Du känner mig för väl, farväl. It’s in Swedish and it’s good!
+ Hiro

Me like the new Iron & Wine track Tree By The River. It can be yours for the price of an (not just any, but yours) e-mail address.

Last night I tried to grab the free to download Walls Hold Me Remix of recent White Lies single Bigger Than Us, but only available for UK residents. Fuck!

Danish electro-pop trio Tiger Baby shares the Xmas 2010 edit of new track You, which will be included on their forthcoming album. It's business as usual when it comes to Tiger Baby, as the song is dreamy, catchy and totally brilliant!
+ You (Xmas 2010 edit)

The “kickstart The Blueflowers new album” project is progressing well. With 46 days to go $847 of the $1,000 goal has been pledged.

Check this really fine RAC remix for the new Psychic Powers single Dreamboat.
 Dreamboat (RAC Remix) by psychic powers

That's it...

December 22, 2010

This and that...

Chances are good that the computer back home will (finally, finally) be up and running later today. Try having two kids at home who are suffering from severe computer abstinences, and you’ll realize the seriousness of the situation and fully understand that it will be no less than fantastic having the damn thing fixed before things turn traumatic.

Following the mandatory whining, it’s time to move on to the more important stuff…actually the above IS rather important, but so is music, so…it’s a tie!

Coast is Clear has news on Mark Greaney (ex-JJ72 frontman) and direct us to the webpage of Mr. Greaney for more updates and the chance to stream some new tracks (as well as a few older ones). Including a couple that would have been included on the third JJ72 album had it ever been released (I know time is supposed to heal all wounds, but I'm still heartbroken). I honestly hope that whoever it was at the record label that made life miserable for the band has been axed! If not, it's my sincere wish that your dismissal(s) will be your Christmas present(s) this year...!

Watch A Classic Education give an inspired live performance of Toi (Gilbert Bécaud cover). My original thoughts on the cover version can be found here.

+ Toi (Gilbert Bécaud cover)

December 21, 2010

On the radio this morning

So, so beautiful...

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

December 20, 2010

Think about it...

Anyone remember the colorful psychedelic video for the wonderful The Nana Song by Jonka? If you don’t (shame, shame on you) check it here. Now a video for a second track off their debut album Slow and Steady Wins the Race has been published and though Think About It isn’t quite as lovely as The Nana Song (how could it possibly be), the video is equally arty and fun to watch. Been told that a sophomore release is due next year!

December 19, 2010

Never follow suit...

Since I'm quite a fan of The Radio Dept. I thought I would try to draw people's attention towards the new video for Never Follow Suit; even though I have very little (or rather no idea at all) of what the video is about.

+ Never Follow Suit

December 18, 2010

Shine on you crazy diamond...

No words will do justice, but last night's concert was fantastic...

Zimmerman remix...

Entakt shares this Dub Tractor remix of their recent single Zimmerman. Pretty cool although really, really different from the original (watch the video below). More remixes are in the making (according to the band's blog).
+ Zimmerman (Dub Tractor Remix)

December 17, 2010

ho ho ho...

Yawn! So here's yet another Christmas themed post in the blogger universe compiling endless of useless Christmas tunes. Dull I know, but since I promised to post one a while ago, I definitely intend to keep my word. So today (it's the 8th), tomorrow, the day after and so on, I'm going to scan my mailbox, computer, the www etc. for nice Christmas tunes to share (and will do my utmost only to post the real good ones, meaning that I'm probably going to include several from years before). Will also try to share only what's already available for free (or freebies from previous years) since this holiday season is all about giving and not about stealing bread from people's mouths. Please note that whenever new songs are added this post will be bumped to the top!

+ Liam and Me - Winter Paradise (I Miss You This Christmas)
In my adult life I’ve never really been a fan of Christmas, but in recent years I’ve eagerly been awaiting the arrival of December, just to be able to listen to this song!

+ One Weekly Gun - One Xmas Song
In a perfect world this would be a seasonal classic and included in every Christmas compilation.

+ Strawberry Whiplash - Santa Needs A Holiday
Wonderful track found on the highly recommended The Matinée Holiday Soirée EP.

+ Viola - Wayne Coyne, Be Our Santa Claus
This has to be one of the best titled songs ever!

+ I Like Trains - Last Christmas
Finally this classic sounds miserable; exactly as it should!

+ TIAC - It's Christmas But Not For You
Another reminder that Christmas can indeed be a miserable time for some...


Run like hell...

Check out the video of what I'm going to see tonight. In general I'm not a fan of cover bands (99% are shit or worse), but I saw this band earlier this year (in February) and my are (the Scandinavian) Pink Floyd Project great! So if you happen to be in the neighbourhood tonight...

December 16, 2010

A day off...

Having the day off work today, so thought it would be appropriate to post this one! Sadly Danish indie/new wave act El Video split-up ages ago, but a handful of tracks are still free to download via BandBase.
+ A Day Off

December 15, 2010

Music and life...

Not sure for how long those Roskilde “excursions” will continue. Yesterday was my fourth and last one of the year, but probably will have to go there once a week in January as well as in February (at least). What I’m doing there you ask? As written before it (unfortunately) has nothing to do with a well-known festival. Instead it's a tad more serious, as I’m the "stand-in" for a colleague, who underwent a rather complicated operation earlier this month. He’s doing fine now, but his recovery is going to take a while or longer (whatever that means exactly).

Enough about the challenges of real life and let’s shift our focus back to some music...

Two tracks by Crushed Stars are currently listed among my current favorite tracks (check the right column, if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and if I could I would add the entire Convalescing In Braille album to the list. But a) I’m not allowed to share more tracks than the two already shared and b) it would look pretty stupid; wouldn’t it? The album is dark, moody, melancholic and stunningly beautiful!
+ Eyeliner
+ Crushed Stars
+ 99 Red Ballons (Nena cover) (non-album track)

It’s been a long time coming (release party was held more than a year ago), but the debut album Australia by Tellus about the Moon is finally available for purchasing. Released by new indie label Dalahäst (Dalecarlian horse) Records, which I assume (but obviously don’t know) is the band’s own?
+ Golden Rule

December 14, 2010

Out of office...

In Roskilde again, so I'm afraid this is all I have to offer today. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow!

December 13, 2010

On the radio this morning...

I know I've posted it once before, but as I wrote way back when; the video is simply wonderful and be sure you watch it till the very end!

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

December 12, 2010

Some Velvet Coast Compilation...

My favorite German blog Coast Is Clear has teamed up with Some Velvet Morning and put together the Some Velvet Coast Compilation. 31 free tracks for you to check out on (what I assume is) a lazy Sunday in December.

December 11, 2010

There you go...

Ivan and the rest of those friendly people in The Boombox Hearts share this nice new demo. And quite “demoish” it is, as “there’ll be drums, bass, acoustic guitar, some cello and backing vocals” when it’s recorded “4 real”. Looking forward to hearing the "4 real" version!

There you go demo by The Boombox Hearts

December 10, 2010

Kickstart The Blueflowers New Album...!

Still cannot help being somewhat sad that Ether Aura decided to split up a few years ago. As I wrote back then it probably was a direct result of the band abandoning their shoegaze inspired sound and thus needing a new band name. The new constellation was named The Blueflowers and despite all changes the debut album Watercolor Ghost Town turned out to be quite brilliant. Now the band is ready to record a second album, but finances are sparse, so in an attempt to finance the new album they've set up a Kickstart account. As it would be thrilling to hear a second album, I've obviously decided to pledge a small amount!
+ Ether Aura - Twist
+ The Blueflowers - Watercolor Ghost Town

December 9, 2010

Open season...

Great video for one of this year's best songs...

+ Open Season

On the radio this morning...

Dance pop is not something I normally feature around here, because as catchy as those songs might be, they often get real tedious after a few listens. However this is one of the few exceptions (to me at least) and even though you've been bound to hear it at least once every day (radio, TV, shopping mall etc.) the past couple of months, I thoroughly enjoy it every time!
I'm not chaste or anything, but they need to make a new video for the song!

Clara Sofie & Rune RK - Når Tiden Går Baglæns

Every morning when the girls and I are having breakfast the radio is on, and from time to time it does happen that some really fine stuff is aired, thus helping to make the start of the day a good one. The “On the radio this morning” posts are my humble attempt to make your start a good one as well!

December 7, 2010


Fallulah remixes/interprets Vagn Holmboe for this month’s edition of (mix two worlds). The result is quite a beauty!
+ Thunder

December 6, 2010

Out of office...

In Roskilde today. Not going to write anything about what I'm doing here, because you really don't want to know, since it has absolutely nothing to do with a certain Festival. Unless of course you're so truly bored that my working life could be of some interest, though I seriously doubt (and hope) that anyone can be that bored? Instead I suggest you enjoy this video clip for a truly underrated song that popped up on the iPod on my train ride this morning...

December 4, 2010

Staten Island Tugboat Graveyard...

The new video by Leland Sundries for their track Elegy is both spooky and fascinating at the same time. Probably no secret that trespassing was involved, but the Staten Island Tugboat Graveyard really ought to evolve into a new, interesting, though admittedly rather odd NYC tourist attraction! And the song itself is pretty nice too...

December 3, 2010

Champagne news...

I know I’ve mentioned Champagne Riot quite a few times recently. But for a real good reason as things are happening. Good things!

First of all the duo will be supporting The Drums on their European Tour in December. They’ll be at a sold out Lille Vega on the 9th. Bring it to the masses boys!

The first or (as the band prefers to call it) debut EP as a duo will be out on Matinée Recordings sometime in January and will be named Confessions of a Poker Pro. To be a 5-track affair featuring the tracks Confessions of a Poker Pro, Heart Stab, A Friend of a Friend, The Champagne Anthem and Ingrid Bergman. Especially the decision to include the last (and my definite favorite) track made me all smiles!

On a side note. Paris and I, which was the actual debut EP of Champagne Riot, is still available from Shelflife Records.
+ Scandinavian Warfare

Finally the band offers new track Moonstruck as a free download. Plans are to include on some later release (most likely as a stand-alone single), but for now it’s a freebie.
+ Moonstruck

December 1, 2010

Back on the horse...

OK! No more whining about the computer at home not working. If I stop turning the blind eye to the truth, fact is that 95% of the blogging I do is done from work, so what’s the big deal really? Nothing I admit, but it just feels good whining every once in a while and as you’ve probably noticed I never waste an opportunity to do just that. But I give you my word that this will be it for now.

Yes I know it is December and yes I know I (sort of) promised to I would post my annual Christmas post, but I’m afraid it won’t happen today. But do check back tomorrow and maybe then...?

Horse Shoes remixes the Champagne Riot the A Friend Of A Friend. It’s surprisingly interesting (Knut says it’s amazing) despite being really, really different from the original. Stream both versions below!
A Friend Of A Friend (Horse Shoes Remix)

A Friend Of A Friend

Emerald Park frontman Tobias Borelius will release his debut solo album early next year (January 14 to be exact) on Smaragd Records, which I suspect must be his own label? The album will contain 9 tracks “with an acoustic/electronica touch” all sung in Swedish. Stream the track Hiro below and another 4 on Facebook.