October 28, 2011


Check out new track Hænder by Danish sensation Ulige Numre...the big question...will they match the hype?

 Hænder by Ulige Numre

The beautiful life...

Check out the new single by Sweden's Det Vackra Livet...
+ Juni Berättar

A boiling kettle...

Not sure what to make of the new Korallreven single Sa Sa Samoa. It will probably works fine as part of the band's soon to be released debut album, but as a standalone track it just doesn’t. Or what does anyone think?
+ Sa Sa Samoa

Thank you Mr. Villumsen for introducing me to Blind Pilot. How on earth did I miss out on this band?
We Are The Tide by Blind Pilot Music

Have listened to the forthcoming Balloon Magic debut EP a couple of times this morning. Do I need to say that it sounds absolutely fantastic?
+ I’d like to build a house

New interesting Danish band on my radar is Den Fjerde Væg. Singing in Danish and describing their music as mix of Animal Collective and XTC. The three track debut EP Glittertårer is available for free via bandcamp.
 Selvportraet by Den Fjerde Væg

Ordered this cool t-shirt the other day. My old Cause & Effect t-shirt has been in the washing machine a few too many times, so it was definitely time to buy a new one!
Happiness Is Alien by CauseAndEffectMusic

October 27, 2011

In the line of fire...

Check out the new single by Danish (of course) artist Hannah Schneider...

In The Line Of Fire- Single by Hannahschneider

Spil Dansk Dagen...

Today is the annual Spil Dansk Dagen (translates to "play Danish (music) day"). Meaning that radio stations are only playing music by Danish artists and there'll be concerts in schools, churches, hospitals, on public transportation etc. (check the complete list). My small contribution is to post what I (for the past 24 years at least) have believed is the best song ever by a Danish artist singing in Danish.

October 26, 2011

Checking mails...day II...

Kind of depressing. Deleted numerous (which I believe is a nicer term than "shitload of") mails yesterday only to find 52 new ones when logging in this morning...a vicious circle if there ever was one...but here we go again...
+ Sea Weeds - Fall Boi
+ Dempsey - Late Night

not quite from the mailbox, but Matinée Recordings shares the title track from the forthcoming Strawberry Whiplash 7" Stop, Look and Listen.
+ Stop, Look and Listen

The label also shares the thrilling news that a new Northern Portrait release seems to be in the works as well as they are going to release the Azure Blue debut album in December...
+ Azure Blue - The Catcher In The Rye
+ Northern Portrait - Criminal Art Lovers

Back on track, so here's one more from the mailbox...
+ Silver Swans - He Doesn't Know Why (Fleet Fox cover)

...time to take a break...more later (perhaps)...

October 25, 2011


Check out the new video for the track Caroline by The Blessed Isles. Just brilliant!

Checking mails...

Been a while since the last post of this kind, but really have to reduce the number of mails in the inbox (9,024)...so no words today...just music...will add stuff if/when something interesting (and listenable) pops up...

+ The Migrant - 2811 California Street
+ B U I L_D I N G S - Eyes On Sunrise (via SoundCloud)
+ The Finger - Die! Die Superhero! (via SoundCloud)

...real life work is demanding my attention...but will (hopefully) be back later...

...back again...

+ Black Light White Light - The Militia (via SoundCloud)
+ Wowser Bowser - Water Story (via SoundCloud)

...the number of mails is down to 8,902...btw...isn't Wowser Bowser a horrible band name?

+ Fuck Art, Let's Dance - The Conqueror (via SoundCloud)
+ Kramies - Coal Miners Executive Club

...that'll be it for today...planning to do a similar post tomorrow...

October 24, 2011

Friday night...

Went to Copenhagen Friday evening and left wife and kids (plus car) at my mother-in-law's (this piece of info gets sort of relevant later). First stop (after the required shawarma) was meeting Tempomatador underneath Copenhagen soil in the band’s rehearsal room (an old either cold war or Second World War bunker). The band was rehearsing for an upcoming semi-acoustic concert and I believe I caught the second half of the set; and it sounded pretty good (though I was later told that he sound in the bunker is far from perfect; fuck that – what do I know and no matter what you say, I enjoyed it…). Following a short break the band had apparently had enough of the acoustic softness and tuned things up (the only time that night I needed my earplugs). But before kicking off the band tried to encourage me to grab an instrument (any instrument) and join the party, so for the first time in 30 years I honestly cursed that in my youthful ignorance I decided to skip piano lessons and bet on a soccer career instead (which needless to say led absolutely nowhere). Sadly meaning no special guest star appearance by yours truly on bongo drums or triangle, though I did relentless tap my feet during the whole thing. Sitting there I realized it was the first time ever I witnessed a band rehearsing, so quite funny hearing their comments, though a few internal jokes probably went over my head (what’s the problem with them Rolling Stones drums?).

Next stop Stengade and during the walk with Mr. Boombox to the venue, my wife suddenly called telling me that she had forgotten her own car keys, so they had to spend the night at her mom’s…and it would be much appreciated if I could come and pick them up in the morning at around 8.30 (am and sadly not pm). So with the prospect of only a few hours’ sleep, it unfortunately meant that I had to reduce the beer consumption as hangovers and little sleep is probably the worst combination imaginable.

First band on stage at Stengade was recently founded duo The Golden Ratio (one half being Jonas of old blog favorites, but now sadly split-up Entakt). The band’s laid back folk pop sounded absolutely wonderful, as one would expect after watching the two live videos I’ve previously posted; though perhaps not the perfect choice to get a party started (assuming that my assumption is correct that people going out on a Friday night wants to party)? Talked briefly to Jonas afterwards and he agreed that the band needs a few more “rock tracks”, which they are in fact working on. But people (myself included) seemed to be enjoying themselves, so everything was just swell.

Second band on stage was the much hyped From Sarah. When posting the video for Demons I wrote that it reminded me quite a lot of Kashmir. Now that I’ve seen the band live I’m going to say exactly the same again. No that it should matter, because the trio is a brilliant live band (at least I thought so) and the quality of the songs was surprisingly high. But in some ways it was just frustrating that I couldn’t listen to the music on its own premises without constantly thinking of another band! The hype is understandable though!

Here ends the story…unless you should be interested in hearing about a tired train ride home, far too few hours of sleep and getting up early Saturday morning to catch another train…and I guess you’re not!

Vender mig og glemmer dig by tempomatador (several songs are free to download from the band's blog)

Cover Me by The Boombox Hearts

This is No Season for Swimming by The Golden Ratio (DK/SE)

Demons by From Sarah

The Pale Corners...

Check out the new single by The Pale Corners. Fireflies, which is nothing but a pure pop gem, will be officially released December 1 on (what I believe is a) new label Since Records.
+ Fireflies

October 17, 2011

Love teeth...

Check out this beautiful video for Drew Smith's equally beautiful Love Teeth...will post an MP3 of the song later today...as promised...here it is:
+ Love Teeth

October 14, 2011

Just asking...

Someone sent a promo mail last night asking if I’ve ever checked out Finnish band Delay Trees. Now here’s a quick question for all of you – do you think they bothered doing a quich search on this blog before sending that message? Do you? Guess not!
+ Cassette 2012

October 12, 2011

The Ice Choir...

Check out Brooklyn synthpop quartet The Ice Choir, who will release their debut single on Shelflife (and yesboyicecream in Europe) next month. They write some seriously wonderful pop tunes that instantly make me think of old favorites Gangway. As per usual big thanks to J.A. for the heads up!
+ Two Rings

I Want You Now And Always by The Ice Choir


This is probably all over the interweb by now, but in case you haven't already, I do think you should check out this Cut Copy remix of Death Cab for Cutie's Doors Unlocked and Open. No blah blah fan blah blah of blah blah remixes, but this is surprisingly enjoyable.

Death Cab for Cutie - Doors Unlocked And Open [Cut Copy Remix]

October 10, 2011

Forget about you...

Check out Kuryakin’s sweet and dreamy remix of their own already quite sweet and dreamy track Forget About You, which was included on the band’s 2010 album A New Day. Thank you J.A. for the heads up!

 Forget About You (2011 Remix) by Kuryakin

+ Forget About You (2011 Remix)

Forget About You by Kuryakin

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me...

Check out Ether Aura's beautiful cover of Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me. I know I posted it ages ago (5 years are like forever in the blogger universe), but since the band has started promoting it again at Facebook (despite not being active anymore)...so will I!

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (cover) by k8hinote

October 6, 2011


Check out the video for new Jonathan Johansson single Stockholm. From his forthcoming sophomore album Klagomuren, which will be out on the last day of this month. Pretty OK, though I do think it's significantly weaker than first single from the album; Blommorna (stream below).

Stay heavy...

Check out a-side/lead track (and somewhat Camera Obscura inspired) Stay Heavy from Cassolette's forthcoming 7" vinyl (coming soon on Cloudberry Records). If such a term as "classic indie pop sound" exists; now is the time to use is. Just sweet! A few more songs are free to download via bandcamp.
+ Stay Heavy

Evolution hurts...

Check out one more live recording by Go for Gold. Evolution Hurts wasn't included on the band's free to download debut EP, but it's pretty good nonetheless.

October 5, 2011


Check out new track Ivy by the brilliant High Highs. Taken from the band's forthcoming self-titled 10" vinyl EP, out on Small Plates on November 22. Also included on the EP are Open Season, Horses and Flowers Bloom; all tracks previously posted on this blog.

High Highs - Ivy 

October 4, 2011


New demo track by Bubblegum Lemonade. See this as a sign of things (an album) to come...me (obviously) likes a lot...

Have You Seen Faith? DEMO by Bubblegum Lemonade