August 29, 2007

Off to London...

Thanks to those of you who left a comment on yesterday's post. As always it's great to learn that someone is actually reading the words!

I'll jump the bandwagon and add to the hype, so here's the new track Is There A Ghost by Band of Horses. The band's second album Cease To Begin will be out on October 9 on the amazing Sub Pop Records, which is (another) one of those visionary labels knowing and understanding the importance of giving away a track or two from future releases as "teasers". Judging by the first track one could guess that the new album will be a bit more "rocky", but soon we'll be much wiser. However Is There A Ghost certainly doesn't disappoint (after a few listens), so expectations remain pretty damn high.
+ Is There A Ghost

Want to win the debut album by The Floor Is Made Of Lava? Visit the band's blog and guess who utters "WHO THE FUCK ARE ARCTIC MONKEYS?"! Nice!

Chris explains why we all should donate blood. In a comment I explain why I'll never be a blood donor (it has something to do with needles).

1 2 3 4 is sharing one more track from the band's forthcoming debut album In Your Faith.
+ Coltrane

Charlie Don't Surf gives away the remaining three of four newly recorded tracks over at Myspace. Wonderful stuff!
+ I'm Surprised By Your Eyes

Best news of the day: Northern Portrait joins Matinee Recordings.

Yep - tomorrow I'll be heading to London with 7 of my very thirsty friends, and during our 4 day stay I expect to gather enough information to be able to write a small booklet about beers and pubs in greater London!
+ Null Device - Walk In London (Null Device Brick Lane Mix)

One of the new tracks by Danish indie rock band I Am Bones is called The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing. I think I'll use the title as a quick test the next few days. As long as anyone can say it without stumbling over the words, he's simply not drunk enough! On a complete sidenote - the song (from the band's forthcoming album The Greater Good) is actually pretty good!
+ The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

August 28, 2007

The end of an era...

On Thursday I'm going to London for a few days and for some time now I've been dreaming of (once again) doing a bit of CD shopping in Berwick Street. Nothing wrong with that dream, but Chris did his best to crush it a few days ago when he sent me this link along with this one. I probably should have seen it coming when Chromewaves voiced his concerns about the number of CD stores closing down in Toronto. Or perhaps the day I spent on the shopping street in Flensburg this summer with my wife should have rung a bell, as not a single CD store was in sight. I know that my local CD store has been grasping for air for years now, but at least they have managed to keep the boat afloat, by turning a large part of the store into a (damn fine) café.
Cannot say that I'm surprised that the stores in smaller cities (like ours) are struggling to stay alive, but it certainly is quite frustrating to learn that they are becoming endangered species in the metropols as well. What really strikes, and worries me at the same time, is the quote that no one under the age of 35 is buying CD's (which the owner of my hometown CD store verified, when I told him about the article). I've always looked upon music as something tangible; meaning that when I bought music I received a physical good that I could carry home, store on my shelf (and then re-find 5 years later) etc. But with the current trend in mind, it seems like I have to get used to people considering music as something intangible, which is being stored on computers, iPods etc. and thrown away, when they no longer find it interesting!

Like every other music fanatic, I’ve always enjoyed going through people’s Music collection when visiting new friends for the first (second, third etc.) time, but as I see it, I'm facing quite an obstacle now. Somehow it just doesn’t sound right asking them to turn on their computer or asking if it's possible to borrow their iPod for a minute. And since I will now be unable to gather any information on the music taste of my host/new friend(s), I could end up discussing music with some Robbie or Justin fan(s), which certainly is quite a frightening thought!

The good part is that people still have great interest in music. If nothing else the booming concert industry certainly is the proof of that. But the CD stores are dying and soon the 2nd hand shops will be gone as well, meaning no more dusty shops like the ones in High Fidelity. A sad end to all the hours music geeks like me have spent searching for limited editions, rare releases, out-of-print albums etc. And what exactly are we supposed to do now? Did any of you young people think of that you selfish bastards?

But on Thursday afternoon I will, as a salute to a dying era, take a walk down Berwick Street pretending I'm on the cover of an Oasis album. And then someone please wake me up and put an end to this dream turned nightmare!

+ Tower of Foil - End of the Story
+ The Poems - The Ballad of a Bitter End

August 27, 2007

Falk recommends...

This is a list of songs and artists recently recommended to me by Falk over at Obviously some are better/more interesting than others, but all of them are worth a listen. As always his recommendations are much appreciated!

* Cheshire Cats
+ Welcome To Our Town
+ Souls
Swedish new wave/gothic inspired band. Been featured before in the blog.

* Arctic
+ Launching Pad
+ Some One Turning
Nice (partly) acoustic songs by Canadian singer/songwriter.

* All:My:Faults
+ Mirrors
+ Forget Me...
Recommended to me numerous times, this German darkwave/industrial band must be among Falk's favorite artists?

* Children of the CPU
+ Slay Your Dragons
+ I Spy
Canadian electro-pop duo. The entire Back To BASIC album (which actually is surprisingly good) is available as a free download.

August 25, 2007

A tired Saturday evening post...

Gaffa has listened to 9 tracks from the forthcoming Kent album and calls them "light and danceable meatballs". In case you find this description confusing you'll realize that it's positively meant, when you read the article!

Recommended reading is this week's edition of Flashback Friday over at Music Of The Moment. Especially if you're old enough to remember when West End Girls was released!

The William Blakes has made a brand new track downloadable over at Myspace and begun posting stuff in the blog there as well. The new track, The Reality, sounds just fab!
+ The Reality

August 24, 2007

Shout Out Louds / Days...

On September 13, Swedish bands Shout Out Louds and Days will be playing at The Tivoli (not to be confused with the amusement park of the same name) in Helsingborg. Since Helsingborg is nothing but a 20 minute ferry ride away from Helsingør, I can think of absolutely no reason why I shouldn't be going. Now I just need to find a way to get my hands on a few tickets...
+ Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It
+ Days - Downhill

August 23, 2007

1 2 3 4 News...

Minor Chords, a new track by Danish indie pop act 1 2 3 4, has been uploaded to Myspace. The track is taken from the band's forthcoming album In Your Faith (to be released September 10) and is a really nice little pop thing, which is more or less what I expected it to be.
+ Minor Chords
+ Saddest

This and that...

3 new demo tracks by Danish quartet GimmiJapan were published during my holiday, so this information could have been posted nearly 2 months ago (had I known and had I been close to a computer). Info on the new tracks is sparse, and since all members seem to be involved in various other projects, it's difficult to tell how serious the band is about this. But the tracks (Chasing Shadows especially) are really fine melodic alternative (and somewhat dreamy) pop/rock tunes that probably will remind some of Cocteau Twins. Two of the new tracks are posted below, so off to Myspace you go if you want the third one as well.
+ Chasing Shadows
+ Suprising Chills

Fine Danish indie/alternative rock band Mono is now called Noar. Cannot say that I like the new name, but since (at least!) a thousand other bands/artists are called Mono a change of name was obviously the only logic thing to do. Lots of stuff seems to be happening and I'm very much looking forward to the band's next output!
+ Our Dawn

Hopefully none of you wasted any precious minutes of your lives watching Denmark being completely ousted by Ireland in last night's soccer/football game? Embarrassment is the only word I can think of!

I think that I've mentioned a few times before that my boss is a quite knowledgeable jazz fan, who never wastes any opportunity trying to turn me on to legendary acts like John Coltrane, Miles Davis etc. Yesterday we spent a little time in my office listening to A Love Supreme and though I doubt that I'll ever quite grow to like it, it's always fun listening and discussing music with someone who shares the same passion. As a small retribution I mailed him The National's Fake Empire giving him the same advise he's been giving me over and over when I should try listening to jazz music - follow the instruments. He later replied that he liked it, but he's known to be quite well-mannered, so?
+ Fake Empire

It's always interesting to check the Out Clicks stats to see what songs people are downloading. Unfortunately they reveal that there aren't that many visitors interested in unsigned Danish indie bands. But it also reminds me how difficult it is to keep up with/remember all the bands I've mentioned over the years. Like for example brilliant UK inde rock act Indigo that I've sadly forgotten all about.
+ Get In There

I'm once again a subscriber, so you can no longer poke around my profile without me knowing it!

August 22, 2007

Panda news...

News from (now) Chicago based shoegazers Panda Riot. According to a bulletin posted yesterday the band is in the process of releasing their album. No news though on any expected date of release, but hopefully we're not going to wait "forever" on what I expect to be a highly interesting album. Meanwhile check the new demo version of the track when you said / when I said and the very likeable cover version of The Magnetic Fields' The Book of Love recorded by the band's lead singer Rebecca Scott. Two older tracks are downloadable for free from the band's webpage as well.
+ when you said / when I said
+ The Book of Love

August 21, 2007

Busy Tuesday...

I have a rather busy Tuesday ahead of me with plenty of work, meetings etc. So this is (once again) one of those "perhaps more will be added later today posts"!

5 new blogs have been added to the blogroll:
Make sure to check them out!

Two songs from the mailbox:

I received a mail promoting Philly chamber pop band illuminea a few weeks back, but I didn't really like the included track Homewrecker the first time around. This morning I received a second mail (call it a "follow-up"), so I thought "what the heck" let's give it a second listen. Turned out to be a wise decision as it is charming little pop gem. It's taken from the album Out Of Our Months which is released today on High Two.
+ Homewrecker

In the same mail I found the track Planet New York which can be found on the Australian singer Sarah Blasko's second album What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have (to be released September 11 on Low Altitude Records). This is a surprisingly catchy pop tune that definitely is worth wasting more than a few minutes on.
+ Planet New Year

August 20, 2007

Those were the days...

A few years back I used to read these comments every week. Unfortunately I don't bother checking them out anymore, which actually is quite a shame as James Masterson is a pretty knowledgeable and entertaining writer. And it certainly isn't his fault that most of the music entering the UK Top 75 Singles Chart is pure garbage. But reading through his column these days is pretty darn close to being torture, as it becomes more and more rare that one band/artist I even remotely care about is being mentioned. I guess it's just another example of the injustice of the music world, when a good writer is being forced to write about bad music?

In the mailbox this morning I found the album Different Places by electro pop duo Plastic Operator. The album was released on Fine Day Records 3 months ago and has received some great reviews. And upon first listen it does actually sound pretty good.
+ Another Sound

Danish surf pop band Charlie, Don't Surf has just finished recording 4 new tracks - all of them produced by Ebbe Frej of EPO-555. The first result of this interesting collaboration; Starting Low, Aiming High, is now available to download, and from the first listen it's very clear that this is a quite fruitful combination. We already knew that the boys could write charming pop songs, but with the assistance of a more experienced producer, the sound has been taken to the next level. This is instantly loveable and I'm impatiently looking forward to hearing the remaining four tracks!
+ Starting Low, Aiming High

German indie rock trio Tornister has recorded a new track called A Point Of View that they are giving away for free over at Myspace. The track is a nice follow-up to the previous two tracks published by the band (download).
+ A Point Of View

August 18, 2007

former bee-keeper...

Celestial has uploaded a new track to Myspace called former bee-keeper. Actually it's not quite new as the song was the band's contribution to the Let it bee compilation released on My Honey Records earlier this year. Some JAMC inspiration and the right mix of noise and jangling guitars make this another fantastic song by this Swedish band.
+ former bee-keeper

August 17, 2007

Murder the (S)ambassadeur...

Last year I posted a few words on the EP by NY quartet Murder Mystery and now that the band has released their debut album, it's time to post a few more. The name of the 12 track album is Are You Ready for the Heartache Cause Here it Comes and perhaps it's a bit on the short side with a running time of just 33 minutes. But all 12 tracks are little pop gems (I used that description the first time round as well) and certainly no time is wasted on unnecessary fillers, which makes those few minutes very well spent. The band uses the term "Television-esque guitar arrangements" in the press material, and this is actually a fine way to describe the sound of the band (a bit more "popish" perhaps, but listen to Marquee Moon and I'm sure you'll agree). Now if only the band hadn't removed the picture of Peter Lorre from their webpage!
+ Love Astronaut
+ Honey Come Home
+ Grab one more track over at You Ain't No Picasso

Peter wrote in his post yesterday about how convenient it is to receive music in your mailbox. I fully agree - especially when the music is great, as this makes your life as a music blogger a lot easier. The fine new single I Am History by Swedish trio The Bell is just a perfect example of why some promo mails are worth checking out!
+ I Am History

The new single by Sambassadeur is already all over the bloggerworld, but I thought I should mention it as well, as it's exactly as sweet and catchy as you expected it to be.
+ Subtle Changes

August 15, 2007

Ether & Velour...

Sometimes I cannot help thinking that life just isn't fair. I just read the great news that Ether Aura will be playing a free show on August 24th at The Berkley Front. The only, but quite significant problem is that the venue is located in Michigan, which is (at least) a 12 hours journey away from Denmark. But if you happen to be in the Detroit area next Friday don't miss the opportunity to see this fantastic band live. Below two tracks from this year's excellent album, Before We Could Sing.
+ Twist
+ Tell Me That I'm Nothing

According to the band's blog Entakt is currently recording new tracks. You all should know by now that I'm quite a fan, so this is great news indeed!

The catchy If You Really Want Me by Velour has been remixed by Emil Høiriss. The remix is absolutely cool, but it's really quite a shame that it's not possible to download it. Instead you can stream it here or download the original version below.
+ If You Really Want Me

Yesterday Peter posted a new track by Swedish shoegazers Fathom 5. Strongly recommend that you check it out!

Sometimes I find the recommendation function quite amusing. This morning it suggested that I should listen to a band called Northern Portrait.........hmmm wait a second. That name does ring a bell - doesn't it?

The new and instantly loveable "free download only" single Nothing Burns Like Bridges by Penny Century is released today on Letterbox Records.
+ Nothing Burns Like Bridges

August 14, 2007

Spleen United Remixes...

Two tracks from the fantastic Spleen United album Godspeed Into The Mainstream have been remixed and the band likes the remixes so much that they have decided to make them both available as free downloads!
+ Streetfighter (Broken Spindles Remix)
+ She Falls In Love With Machines (VHS OR BETA DEEJAYS REMIX)

New track by Northern Portrait...

My recent favorite band, Northern Portrait continues to impress me. This new track is once again a wonderful, catchy and charming indie pop tune with lots of jangling guitars. A fourth track is on its way, which (still) is about all the information I can find.
+ What Happens Next?

Update: The band has sent me a message with a little info that I thought I'd share with you. Northern Portrait is a trio (all members have experience from other bands) that got together/assembled at the beginning of July to record a few tracks written by front man Stefan. The songs are all being recorded, mixed and mastered in his flat, but hopefully someday the band will get the opportunity to do it all in more professional surroundings. Unfortunately the band is not yet planning to perform live!

Update: The songs are now uploaded to and it looks like the EP is/will be called The Fallen Aristocracy.

August 13, 2007

Mixed Monday...

SuperTroels has made a great remix of the Marvel Hill track In The Mess Together. The song is from the band's forthcoming album Heartless Is More (out September 10).
+ In This Mess Together (SuperTroels Remix)

Anyone remember The Lukewarm I mentioned a few times last year? The project is currently on hold, which probably is quite logic as the band's only member - Michael - is the drummer in the aforementioned Marvel Hill.
+ BlackRoom

Mushi has begun the recording of new songs. Unfairytales is still one of my favorite albums of 2007, so I'm already looking forward to his next release (though I doubt we'll hear anything soon)!
+ Pieces of Nothing

The entire 2006 self-titled debut album by Under The Influence of Giants is available as a free download at
+ Mama's Room
+ Stay Illogical

August 11, 2007

Weather update...

We went to visit some friends today and we had a really wonderful time. The weather was quite nice and we even went for a swim (not exactly the Mediterranean, so bloody cold it was). So when I read the news tonight I was quite surprised to learn that several roads in the Copenhagen area had been closed earlier today due to heavy rain?
+ Velour - Rain in the Summertime
+ Tower of Foil - Comedy of summer rain
+ Catch Me I'm Falling - Rain
+ Warm Morning - Silver Rain

Finally - if anyone know who The Legends are singing about - give him a call!
+ He Knows The Sun

Summer Saturday Mixtape...

Put on your sunglasses, enjoy the sun and listen to some cool music.....that's exactly what I plan to do!
+ Velour - Pam And The Important Man
+ CJ Palmer - 34
+ Moto boy - Blue Motobike
+ Charlie Don't Surf - Still No Signs
+ tWAMi - My Spanish Romance
+ Ronderlin - Wake Up
+ Tiger Baby - Sweetheart

August 10, 2007

Friday blurbs (bullshit! bullshit!)...

The boys from Anamia have mailed a brief update (including a few pictures) and accordingly the recording of 4 new tracks was quite a success. The band is still in the process of mixing the songs, but I'm really looking forward to listen to the new "babies". Hopefully they will spend a little more energy on promoting the new EP than they did on last year's An Extraordinary New Fitness Product, because this band is simply too great to go unnoticed. Will keep you posted whenever there is something new to tell.
+ As I Walk Into The Fight (from last year's EP)

Part II of the J.A. recommends post has been postponed for now. But when I look at my mailbox I'm certain there'll be another post like that in the near future.

The great new Tower of Foil EP Faster Than Your Eye is released today. Grab all 3 tracks for free here.
+ Faster Than Your Eye
+ Robin and wrens
+ Soft stars

I've finally made up my mind that I will post a few tracks by Cause and Effect. I just need to find the time to write a "worthy" post. I could of course just post the songs, but wouldn't that be a rather weak solution? Last year the band gave away a remix of Into The Light from the 2003 Sunrise EP for free, so this one will have to do for now...
+ Into the Light (DJ Jeff Barringer & J-Star Remix)

If DJ Jeff Barringer rings a bell it's probably because of this remix that I've posted a few times before.
+ Mighty Six Ninety - Keeping You In Mind (Keeping It Electro Club Mix)

Yesterday Music of the Moment temporarily changed its name to Weather of the Moment. At the same time J.A. is complaining about the heat and drought in Spain. We live in a paradox world - don't we?

In a cyclone of stones has posted a new remix of the Oliver North Boy Choir track Adrenaline. The remix was done by TAT2000 and I agree with Ivan (who runs the blog and more importantly is a member of ONBC) that the remix is darker than the original version (which I probably like better). Big thanks to Ivan for letting me post the remix in the blog.
+ Adrenaline (farm animals remix)

Electronically yours (remember to check out the page for several other interesting remixes) has posted John Von Ahlen's excellent remix of We Live So Fast by Heaven 17. Is it a guilty pleasure enjoying the music of Heaven 17?
+ We Live So Fast - the tenth stage remix 07

August 9, 2007

Sound of a busy day...

As I feared/expected today will be a busy one. So while I (just this once) will do my best to be worth my salary, I recommend that you listen to this excellent new track by The Papertiger Sound called (in all modesty) The Papertiger Sound Forever.
+ The Papertiger Sound Forever

August 8, 2007

J.A. Recommends...

The human search engine (a.k.a. J.A.) is still running smoothly and is keeping us all (Chris and Peter included) busy with his many fine recommendations. It's virtually impossible keeping up with his torrid pace, but today's post will be devoted some of the stuff he suggests we should all read, watch or listen to (lots of love for Sweden here).

Swedish label Lavender Recordings now also has a weblog. Hopefully more will be posted soon. The blog is written by label "owner" Andreas, who's probably better known for his involvement in Celestial and Northern Fields. His recent project is called my lily of the valley.

One of the bands signed to the label is Swedish indie pop sensations Days. Watch the video of the band performing Simple Thing at the Rip It Up festival. Hopefully the band's debut single/EP will be released in September.

+ Simple Thing

Expectations are high for the debut album by Gentle Touch (no release date available) and Expectations is the very appropriate title of the band's new track (stream it).

Download the 4 track Summer EP 2007 by Swedish Electro Pop trio Joy Serene.
+ Summer EP 2007 (zip)
+ Possible (best track)

The Hourly Radio
covers Say Something by James.
+ Say Something

You Never Notice Me by Swedish indie pop duo The Garlands is one of those typical catchy "Swedish ones". The cover version of the Wham! classic Freedom is perhaps best described as "peculiar".
+ You Never Notice Me
+ Freedom (Wham! cover)

The Animation from Sweden released their 3-track debut EP The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side earlier this year. Opening track It's Late inspired by Coldplay, The Killers etc. sounds rather promising.
+ It's Late

Tomorrow could very well end up being a busy one, but hopefully I'll be able to find enough time to post "part II" of this thread!!

August 7, 2007

A few findings...

+ The Search - Prisoner of Sadness
The entire 2007 album Deranged Minds Unite is available as a free download.

+ Indurain - Hornstull Cinema
Title track of the EP to be released on Cloudberry Records August 21.

+ Le Futur Pompiste - Seeds
The self titled EP from 2001 and The Sound That Surround Us from 2002 have just been made free downloads.

New single by The Felt Tips...

Some of you might remember the Scottish indie pop band The Knight In Plaster I featured in the blog a few times last year? If not song titles like A Nasty Piece Of Work and My Girlfriend Tried To Run Me might ring a bell? If not you really should feel sorry for yourself that you missed out on them the first time around. The band has since reformed and changed its name to The Felt Tips and on Wednesday, August 15 the (debut?) single/EP Boyfriend Devoted will be released on Cloudberry Records. Things might have changed on the outside, but the music is still charming indie pop with a heavy dose of inspiration from Belle & Sebastian. One of the EP tracks is a new version of the fabulous Treat Me Gently which thus makes the "Current Favorites" list for the second time.
+ Boyfriend Devoted
+ Treat Me Gently

August 6, 2007

Tower of Foil - Faster than your eye...

As regular visitors would know I've become quite a fan of the musical universe of Sweden's Tower of Foil over the past year. So needless to say I was pretty excited when the band contacted me a few weeks back offering me the opportunity to post an exclusive pre-download of the title track of the band's new EP Faster than your eye. The EP (which will be the band's 11th since 2000) will be released on Friday, August 10 (for the ridiculous amount of €3), but as always it will also be possible to download the 3 tracks for free from the band's webpage, if you cannot afford to spend a little pocket-money. The number of members has varied through the years, but on the new recording the band should more accurately be called a duo, as the current line-up consists of Daniel Björck (vocals, guitars, keyboards, music & lyrics) and Tomas Larsson (guitars). Both are also members of The Idle Hands and among several other side jobs Daniel played piano on the Celestial album Dream On released earlier this year. If you're already familiar with the music of Tower of Foil the new song certainly won't be a disappointment. It's arguably one of the best tunes in the history of the band and based around the piano (with acoustic guitars) it's so calm, soft and elegant that it should be difficult not to be captured by its beauty. Hopefully the remaining two tracks of the EP will be equally wonderful? Come Friday and I should be so much wiser.
+ Faster than you eye

August 2, 2007

hornby pylons - new track...

I mentioned UK (Cardiff based) electro/dance pop act hornby pylons two weeks ago and the band has now released/published (what is actually the right term here?) a new track called fool proof and incapable. The description of the music I used the last time is still very much valid. It certainly is completely different from what I normally post in the blog. It's somewhat monotonous, it's absolutely insisting, it's highly infectious and extremely cool!
+ fool proof and incapable

Drum of Glass...

Here we go...another day and another favorite tune. J.A. has sent a mail recommending Drum of Glass by Norwegian new wave/electronica quartet Monomen and after two listens I knew exactly why he was so eager that we should listen to this. The four youngsters (the lead singer is 18 years old) have clearly been snooping around in their dads' record collections and been listening to bands like Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode, Devo etc. So very clearly a track that finds its inspiration in the 80's, but at the same time still manages to sound like fresh breath of air. And a track that is so energetic, so wonderful and has this "it will get into your head and stay there" catchiness that I feel almost certain that Editors would give away their entire back catalogue for just this one song.
+ Drum of Glass
MP3 found via Insound, where lots of other interesting and free downloads are available.

August 1, 2007

Northern Portrait...

It's almost surreal. Monday morning I had never heard of Northern Portrait, but 48 hours and 2 songs later I'm in complete awe. The first output Crazy blew me away and the second track by the band I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me almost did the same. It's difficult to imagine that this "trend" will continue, though we should find out soon, as more songs are on the way. Labeled by the band itself as "sophisticated guitar pop" - so true! I've asked (or call it beg if you prefer) for more info on the band, because I simply refuse to accept that something so genuinely incredible like this can emerge out of nothing!
+ I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me