November 30, 2006

Plan! What plan? Oh! A Cuckoo Plan!...

The average number of visitors per day in November will be well above 300 (currently 310 - up from 276 in October). So thanks to all of you, who visited the blog regularly, thus helping to make it the most successful month so far.

J.A. has started to keep other bloggers busy as well. Check these two really nice ones (Almedal + doubledan).

I'm going to Stockholm tomorrow for a few days. There probably won't be much time for any music shopping!

Lots of blogs have started to collect various year end lists. Still one month left of 2006 and plenty, plenty of catching up to do. Just trying to remember what albums I've bought this year is quite a challenge. From the top of my head here are some of the artists that have released albums that could make my "best albums of 2006" list: The Ballet, Band of Horses, EPO-555, Late Night Venture, Windermere, The Radio Dept., iLiKETRAiNS, Moi Caprice and ?? See. I can't even remember!

In the mailbox this morning I found this really catchy track from Portuguese band Loto. Don't be too surprised if you think that this could have been recorded by New Order, because it does actually feature Peter Hook on bass! This is the first single of the album Beat Riot and hopefully the rest of it is equally great!
+ Cuckoo Plan

November 29, 2006

The Electric Pop Group...

If you (just like me) are impatiently waiting for the debut album by Swedish indie pop band The Electric Pop Group, you can stream the entire album over at The expected release date is now December 15. Of course I should add that my first impression (after just one listen) is very, very positive.
+ Popgirly
+ Walk Away
+ Why Can't You?

Rodolfo welcomes you to Florida......

With the words "I think the Florida scene is hotter than ever", regular contributor Rodolfo has sent me (and you) the list below of songs he recommends by bands from The Sunshine State. Unfortunately I do not have much time today to write any additional comments, but I still hope that you will enjoy these songs (even though most of them are in Myspace "quality")!!

+ Modernage - The Shore
+ Marqui Adora - Do Anything
+ Fashionista - My Life
+ Currents - You Are The Bridge

and a couple of older Hits In The Car favorites.

+ Francis 7 - Splitting in Two
+ The Monday Photo - Allies No Tomorrow

November 28, 2006

Windermere - NoOneWins

This post the other day by Peter reminded me that I haven't written anything about the new album NoOneWins by Danish quartet Windermere. I have to admit that this is pretty close to inexcusable, because this, the band's second output, is definitely among the best releases of the year. Peter describes the music as a mix of Gravenhurst, Amber Smith and Bethany Curve, though I think that (more well-known Danes) Kashmir or perhaps even iLiKETRAiNS could/should be added to that mix. And underneath it all, the band's shoegaze inspiration is still very present. This is a dark, noisy, beautiful, catchy, atmospheric and at times depressive album, which (if there was any justice in the world) should propel Windemere to stardom. Buy it!
+ There's a Sun
This is not the best track of the album, but it's the one I've received permission to post!

November 27, 2006


Tonight I was checking a few profiles over at, when I noticed someone listening heavily to UK indie/twee pop duo Pipas. Somehow I've never heard of them, but since I'm a fan of the genre, and saw that the band has been mentioned by several other bloggers, I thought it was a good idea to check them out. And I wasn't disappointed, because the duo (consisting of Lupe Núñez-Fernández & Mark Powell) writes short, sweet and catchy melodies. And the remix of The Lucksmiths' How To Tie a Tie is obviously a pleasant "bonus". Pipas has released 4 albums so far, and a few more tracks can be found here.
+ Riff Raff
+ Wells Street
+ The Lucksmiths - how to tie a tie (like a churros mix - remixed by Pipas)

Oliver North Boy Choir

As promised by "Tinkerbell" in her post yesterday, I've posted two demo tracks by new and highly interesting Danish constellation Oliver North Boy Choir. I strongly suggest that you read the aforementioned post, but if you haven't done so already, I can inform you that the trio consists of Mikkel Max Hansen (EPO-555), Camilla Florentz (Ex EPO-555) and Ivan Petersen (? but he's "playing the instruments"). For obvious reasons the band follows nicely in the footsteps of EPO-555 (both musically and vocally, without being a rip-off), and the music (described as "indiepop and melancholy) should appeal to all fans of Dexter Fox (the EPO-555 debut). I've had the privilege of listening to three more tracks by the band (they won't be posted here), and they are even better than the ones below! The band has been signed to Danish label Crunchy Frog and accordingly ONBC will be a singles band only, though we can always hope that they'll alter that decision!!!
+ Albertino
+ Something New

November 25, 2006

Pete White - New Demos

My favorite singer/songwriter Pete White has uploaded two brand new demos to his Myspace profile. The two tracks reveal a quiet and mellow Pete (though things do get a bit "plugged" midways through Time), but you must prepare yourself to give both of them a few listens, as they are not as immediately catchy as some of his previous one. Instead these new songs need a little time to grow/unfold, but since it's always a thrill listening to his voice (that must be among the finest you will hear from anyone these days), time shouldn't really be a problem!
+ Made to Match
+ Time

November 24, 2006

The Steadies

I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but tonight I somehow came across the brilliant London based 6-piece The Steadies. I only had to listen to 10 seconds of the first track to realize that these songs would create the perfect soundtrack to this lazy Friday evening. Four beautiful tracks, all of them taken from the band's EP (name?), are available as free downloads (in Myspace "quality") and this is indie pop/folk music so lovely that it is.....well; just lovely. When I did a little search, I learned that the band was featured over at Indie MP3 a couple of months ago, but hopefully they don't mind me mentioning them as well?
+ The Hopefuls
+ Two Times Champion


I've just posted this bulletin over at Myspace:

"Does anyone have any information on this band called The Fridaynight Club?

Aeroplane Song is one of the best songs I've heard this year, and I'd really like to know a bit more about the band or the person(s) behind.

And no - it's not my own or some friend's band! I'm just really, really curious!"
+ Aeroplane Song (or perhaps it's called Aeroplanes!)

November 23, 2006

J.A. Recommends!

This is getting more and more "insane". The flow of recommendations from J.A. just keeps growing, and I'm continuously baffled by the great quality of the songs and artists. I have no idea how he's able to keep finding new stuff, but he's sure damn good at it! Unfortunately it's virtually impossible to give each band a decent description/introduction (after all this is not a full-time job!), so instead I've decided to post the complete list of artists (plus a few songs) from J.A.'s recent mail and add a few of my thoughts during the day.

+ Odgens - Face The Time
Already posted by Peter and labeled "the German answer to Oasis".

+ Bedroom Eyes - Blueprint for Departure + The Skywriter
"Just" another Swedish indie pop band. We all should know by now what that means! Irresistible and catchy pop songs! Both tracks are from the 2006 EP Embrace In Stereo.

+ Violet Elegy - Fashionistas
Laid-back and catchy electronic pop song, by this Swedish 5-piece.

+ MICHAEL - Heard You Say
How do you describe music like this? Euro-disco/indie/electronic/pop/dance? No clue, but it's really good!!

+ Prego - I Know
UK band sounding a bit like Interpol flirting with shoegaze.

+ Surrounded - Safe Tomorrow Sun + On Top Of The World (remix)
Two really nice (and unreleased) tracks by this Swedish band that has been compared to Mercury Rev and Grandaddy. 3 other unreleased tracks can be found here, and once you've listen to them, it's really difficult to understand that no label is prepared to sign them (read more)!

+ Ikons - Do It Right
Swedish band sounding like a noisy version of The Raveonettes.

+ Bellaparker - The Things We Say
Really great track by this Texas indie rock band that lists the usual suspects (Blur, The Smiths, New Order, Pixies etc.) among its influences.

+ Tinker - Revealed
Finnish band inspired by Mew, Kashmir etc., and well worth a listen!!!

+ This Vision - Young Hearts
Synths and a drum machines are the basic ingredients, when this fine Swedish trio creates music.

November 22, 2006

On a Whim...

NYC indie/alternative/rock/powerpop/etc. trio The Attorneys has been so kind to send me one more track from the band's forthcoming album, which currently is being (or perhaps already has been) mastered. The album (to be called Stereocracy) will be released next month or early next year, and if the rest is as instantly charming and catchy as On a Whim and Open Up (I originally posted that one three weeks ago), it definitely will be something to look forward to!
+ On a Whim
+ Open Up

The Electric Pop Group...

A little more than a month ago J.A. introduced me to the incredible Swedish indie pop band DAYS and yesterday he did it again, when he recommended another equally fantastic Swedish indie pop band. This time it is the very interesting and talented Gothenburg trio The Electric Pop Group that sounds like the perfect mix of The Field Mice and The Jesus and Mary Chain. The band was formed in 2005 by brothers Martin and Erik Aamot, both writing songs, singing and playing guitar, and Linnéa Nilsson, playing keyboards. The band has just finished recording their debut album and plans are that it will be (self-?) released on December 14 (distributed by Fraction Discs). More info will follow as soon as there is something new to tell.
+ Popgirly
+ Walk Away
+ She's Playing With Your Heart

November 21, 2006

Kind of Holiday!

Two of my favorite songs of the year have been remixed (again). Unfortunately both versions are in Myspace "quality", but still recommended listening! Especially the remix of Poetry Boy is damn sweet!!
+ Kind of girl - Poetry Boy (remix by René Cambony) (UPDATE: bit rate is now 196 Kbps)
+ The Holiday Show - Snookerstar (remix by Mike Tomas)

Go Jukebox! 2 out of 4...........

The stated purpose of Swedish net label Go Jukebox! is: "we're gonna amuse you and, at the same time, push the big record labels a little bit closer to the abyss by giving away our music for free". Show me a music fan who doesn't support this idea, and through our posts today, Peter and I will do our best to put a little more focus on the world of free and independent music. So far 4 bands have joined (cannot really use the term "signed" in this case - can you?) the label and the number of downloads surpassed 12,000 a while back. The two bands featured below (Peter will feature the other two, thus making it 4 out of 4) are pretty good indie/alternative rock band You Are My Everything and laid-back alternative/folk band Baby Blonde and the Downs. I can only recommend that you download, listen and share these songs, so that the number of downloads will keep growing and more bands will feel tempted to join the label!

You Are My Everything (no webpage!!)
+ Can You Feel What It Takes
+ I Was a Punk

Baby Blonde and the Downs
+ Slowly
+ Amish

November 20, 2006

The Lovekevins - New single

Next week (November 29) Swedish label Songs I wish I had written will release the 7" single Private life of a cat by The Lovekevins. This is a really nice, catchy and feel good pop track that the label wants all of us to share and listen to, so in typical Swedish fashion the label is giving it away for free as well!!
+ Private life of a cat

Rodolfo Recommends!

Rodolfo is back in action after "being on leave" for a period of time, and has mailed the below list of bands, he thinks we should all check out.

The Daysleepers. Really great alternative/shoegaze rock band from Buffalo, US. I've mentioned this band before in this blog (March, this year), but The Daysleepers sure deserves another moment in the sun.
+ Mesmerize
+ Big Sleep (Soviet Remix)

Plug-in city. Australian indie/electro/alternative/pop/rock band. Rodolfo is very high on this aussie band and the music sure grows for every listen.
+ Broke on a Wheel
+ Pretty Fiction

Vendettas. The current love for Australia continues, with this aussie indie/electro band and its lead singer, who brings back memories of Kim Wilde. Strangers is the one track you really should download today!
+ Strangers
+ Running

The Strollers. Indie rock band from The UK sounding like the usual mix of Interpol, Bloc Party, The Libertines and so on.......Not groundbreaking, but pretty OK.
+ Red Skies (zip file)
+ Into The Dark (zip file)

Luxxury. US band making a dance/electro cover version of Frida's Something Going On. Not sure what to think, but I suddenly feel very old!
+ Something Going On

November 19, 2006


Much to the delight of Peter (over at Schallgrenzen) Irish indie pop/rock band Suddyn has sent out a message, that the band has uploaded a new track to their Myspace profile. The song is called Echoes of Angels and is a really catchy and guitar driven track, which follows nicely in the footsteps of the band's previous songs. The band has been well received by the critics, but I cannot find any information on if/when an album will be released. Probably due to the fact that the band is still unsigned, which I personally think is quite a joke. But unfortunately this is not the first time, so probably no point in going on whining about that?
+ Echoes of Angels (UPDATE: Final mastered version)
+ Drowning Souls
+ Throwing Shapes

November 17, 2006

Show me the Holiday!

The Holiday Show has uploaded a new track to the band's Myspace profile called We Are Popular. Unfortunately it's not possible to download the track, but it's still worth a listen (or two). Of course I won't miss out on the opportunity to recommend that you really, really should download the fabulous Snookerstar posted below (which you already did a long time ago - didn't you?). According to the picture the band describes the music as a lot of electro, very little R 'n' B, some indie and a whole lot of rock, but I think you should judge that yourself! I believe that the debut album has now been recorded, but I have no news on any record deal.
+ Snookerstar (New mix)

November 16, 2006

Lonely Planets Guide to Hell........

The title of today's post is taken from the lyrics of the track Drama Queen by moi Caprice. Both lyrically and musically, these guys are in a league of their own! I won't try to review the new album (The Art of Kissing Properly), but instead keep it simple by stating that it's very, very good! Buy it or at least cross your fingers and hope that it will be waiting for you under the Christmas tree! Read reviews here, here, here, here and here (all of them in Danish!).

IndiePages has been so kind to link to this blog. So it would be really great, if you'd pay them a visit!

New blog (and friend) Powerpopulist just keeps getting better.

J.A. has sent another truckload of songs I should check out. Perhaps today. Perhaps tomorrow. But most likely next week!

Great Danish music site is planning to launch an English version towards the end of 2007. Having the constant growth of the worldwide interest in Danish music in mind, I honestly believe that this is a brilliant idea!

I'm still impatiently waiting for Pastries, Pepper and Canals to start posting again. There is a very interesting band I'd really love to mention, but Pastries should/will/must have the first word!

Trade of the day - rePRINT by Amber Smith and Lands by DulceSky for the new Moi Caprice album (and a Triumph for Man by Mew). Read the comment and you'll know who the trade partner was!
+ DulceSky - Half Moon
+ Amber Smith - Hello Sun

November 15, 2006

Tower of Foil - just a quick note....

Brilliant Swedish indie pop band Tower of Foil has made two new tracks from the really fine EP Highland Lullabies available as free downloads over at the band's webpage.
+ Strange Diversion
+ the Golden shrine


In a moment I'm going to waste 50 minutes of my life doing an internet based personality test. I honestly couldn't think of a more boring thing to do, but since my employer believes it's absolutely necessary (apparently they have been fooled into believing that I am of some importance to the company) I better do it, I guess?
On rotation is the excellent 2005 debut album Crash by Detroit band (Go Wings!) Ether Aura. Below 3 tracks of the album all found at Myspace.
+ 6 Days Yesterday
+ Waiting
+ All Doves Grey

November 14, 2006


Danish duo BREUM sent me a Myspace "friend" request the other day, but I didn't check them out until tonight. Normally I shy away from bands singing in Danish, but luckily I did an exception tonight and gave the new project of the Breum brothers a listen (both are ex-members of Coolsville). This is catchy (and in their own words "dark and romantic") 80's inspired pop music and fans of the more well-known Danish bands TV-2 and Nephew should welcome these newcomers (or at least - new band), as vocals and music sounds like the perfect blend of those two bands (with the mandatory twist of Depeche Mode/Pet Shop Boys). The track Ikke Bange has been added to the play list on Danish national radio P3, which hopefully will secure the band some well deserved exposure. The debut album is set for release in 2007, but for obvious reasons no exact date has been given, as so far only the two featured tracks have been completed.
+ Ikke Bange
+ SOS i sommer

November 13, 2006

"Top friends"

A few bands/artists have been so kind to list me among their "top friends" at Myspace and needless to say I'm more than grateful. So this post is just my lame way to say "thank you all" and I really hope that some of you will pay them a visit, listen to their music (they are all very good), become their friends (they are all very friendly), leave a comment etc............

+ Anamia - Waiting For Moonlight
+ Anubia - Goodbye Now
+ Bordeaux - No free song available :-(
+ Citrus - Into My Head
+ The Cupids - Tonight
+ DAYS - Downhill
+ Girl Alliance - What Can I Do
+ The Holiday Show - I love the light coming out from a closed door
+ Kind of girl - Slave To Your Charms
+ The Knight In Plaster - A Nasty Piece Of Work
+ Neon Zoo - Monster
+ Oscillating Brushhead - Room Service
+ Purplespace - Rosemary Gold
+ Ruined By Martin - Perfect Sense
+ Starring Me - Umbrella
+ tWAMi - Peak Roller
+ The Whetherkings? - No free song available :-(
+ Pete White - When You Go From My Door

November 12, 2006

Myspace stuff...

Spending a little time tonight at Myspace searching for indie bands. None of the tunes are exactly what you'd call "groundbreaking", but all ot them are actually quite nice. Anyway; Here's what I found (all songs are in the usual "quality"):
+ The Sunny Street - Comedians
+ Carnival Park - Poignant
+ Sweaters - Lovelies & Ordinary Girl
+ Stars of Aviation - Love Is Only In Your Mind

And finally indie/electro/new wave quartet The Bright And Shiny from Stockholm, Sweden. These guys are really, really amazing!
+ Nature
+ The White Screen
+ The Scent Of You
Download a few songs in better quality over at Hello! Suprise!

The Orders

As promised Friday; here's a track from the debut EP by amazing Finnish indie pop band The Orders as well as a short Q & A. A big thank you to Rodolfo, who sent the questions to The Orders and originally introduced me to the band with the words: "This band is a good tip for 2007!" The debut album called Guilt and Confusion will be released in January next year, so it's very likely that he was damn right!

Q) Lets us know your background, and your previous band Dive, and your evolution to The Orders.

A) We started as Dive. Year was 2004. Main influences for my writing and for whole band goes like: Depeche Mode, Joy Division, David lynch, Franz Kafka, The Smiths and The Cure. We've had a few line-up changes, but now we are a four piece and we have an extra synth-player on our gigs. Because of those changes and the reason that those changes took us a huge step a head. We changed our name too. The Orders. I would call our music a dark disco-rock. Songs that makes you dance. Songs that you can cry with. We've released our debut EP, simple called The Orders in june 2006. Debut album titled Guilt And Confusion will follow 12th January 2007. Where It Always Rains took a very good rotation on Finnish main radio stations and so did another track from EP Apart. We are very excited what the whole album will do.

Q) I love the Finnish scene at the moment bands like yours, The Boys of Scandinavia, Ultranoir, Magenta Skycode to name a few are great. Tell me more about it, live music in pubs, clubs, labels, people, and new bands you could recommend etc.

A) I think we have a very good club scene in Helsinki. There many new wave, indie and post punk - clubs around here. Girls are really into dancing and boys - raising their hands!

Q) I went to PIAFF website and is all in Finnish :(, can you tell us about your future album deal and where we should be able to find it, you've already made some demos?

A) PIAAF records site is now in English. And the album is in work. There is a good vibe now and I honestly think that we are releasing a magnificent debut album.

+ Desperation Takes Hold
I've been given permission to post one track of the EP and I could just as easily have picked any of the other 3 songs. They are all that great!

November 10, 2006

From around the globe.......

Soundvenue reviews The Art Of Kissing Properly by Moi Caprice (5 stars out of 6).

New album-release from Swedish label Music Is My Girlfriend; Dots by The Motifs. Only 50 copies made, so hurry up if you're into bedroom-pop (this is what the music sounds like according to the label!).
+ Every way
+ Diagonal

Listen or re-listen to White Love by One Dove over at mp3hugger. Still great after all those years!

Stream the fine new single Where Did We Go by Danes Phonovectra.

This blog has been upsetting/pissing off quite a few people in bloggerland.

Chris is back in action! Hopefully the cat isn't his?

What is probably one of the nicest bands in the world of music - The Arrogants - has made two album tracks available for free download. You can buy the album for $5.50, which easily is the bargain of the year (second year in a row)!
+ Future Classic
+ Easy

I'm currently listening to the EP by Finnish indie pop/rock band The Orders. If things work out according to plans I'll post a track from it, as well as a short interview with the band later this the weekend.

Found this one by Australian garage rock band The Silents in the mailbox (actually it's been "hiding" there for nearly two months). Nice and that's pretty much it.
+ Little People

I now have 1,299 "friends" over at Myspace. Amazing........isn't it?

J.A. - a Poster boy? :-))

As promised yesterday. Here's the second part of the recommendations from J.A. Time is short, so no time to write all that much, but here goes:

Two songs by Norwegian indie pop/rock band Monzano. Both songs are taken from the band's promo EP. Like the rest of the songs yesterday, this is pretty good stuff.
+ Poster Boy
+ Swedish Geography

The final two songs are by Swedish one-man project Sinking Slow. Previously mentioned by great French blog Absolut Noise, who gives a pretty good description of these really fine songs!!
+ Summer Ends
+ Hate Being Free

November 9, 2006

J.A. Recommends!!!!!

As promised earlier today; here are the best of the songs recently recommended to me by Spanish music freak J.A. (no, no - it's not him in the picture!). He sure deserves all the credit he can get, 'cause he definitely has a knack for finding interesting (and partly unknown) bands. I'm beginning to start wondering what he's doing for a living, because he (seemingly) has all the time in the world to search for new music!!

I mentioned Spanish indie pop band Stay in my previous post and this is perfect stuff if you're into a nostalgic trip back in time. Lots of inspirations from bands like The Byrds and The Hollies.
+ Show Me The Way

Everywhere Is Home is the first (and really good) single from the album Feel Free by Swiss alternative band The Shell. The entire album can be downloaded for free here. Read more about the band over at Schallgrenzen.
+ Everywhere Is Home

Swedish indie pop 5-piece Eyedrop released an 8-track album called You And Me vs. The Machine in 2003 on Dead Frog Records and then split up in 2005. Once you've listened to the two tracks below I'm certain that you'll agree that it was quite a shame the band decided to part ways! More songs can be found here.
+ Sweet Machine
+ City Moan

One of the members of Eyedrop went on to join another Swedish indie 5-piece; Emerald Park. The band is currently working on their second album (to be produced by Ola Frick of Moonbabies) and according to plans a 4-track EP will be released in December. The two songs below are from the EP and hopefully the rest of the album will be as good as this!
+ Open (Myspace "quality")
+ Lights Of Sunday

2 more bands to come.......will be posted tomorrow.....

Morning update

I'm currently "chewing" my way through the recent doze of recommendations received from J.A. Check back for updates later today. As an appetizer I've posted a really catchy 60's inspired track from Spanish indie pop band Stay.
+ I'm Still Nothing

November 8, 2006

Sometimes you're first - sometimes you're not!

I received a "friend" request yesterday at Myspace from indie/shoegaze band The Sky Drops. These days I'm not very got at checking out the bands requesting my "friendship", but yesterday I did an exception and was positively surprised as this is a great sounding band. But then when I decided to mention the band in the blog, I realized that The Sky Drops was pretty much talk of the town (bloggerworld) 5-8 months ago. Oh well - still good enough to recommend to those of you who missed the band the first time around!!
+ Hang On
+ Green To Red

Excited by the above mentioned success I decided to check out another band that has sent me a "friend" request. This time it was Tearwave; a NY indie/shoegaze band. The track available for download called Lotus Flower is absolutely ace, but when I decided to recommend this one as well, I realized that Peter already mentioned the band in his blog a few days ago. If you visit his blog I suggest you download Frustration by The Whip as well. Another brilliant track!
+ Lotus Flower (Myspace "quality")

Third band I decided to check out among the "friend" requests was US indie pop band Chuzzlewit. The band has released a string of albums the past 10 years and the track below is taken from the recent release An Experimental Index of the Heart. The song starts slowly and perhaps even a bit boring, but the outro of it sounds just great!
+All the Rivers Leave Their Beds

J.A. strikes again! Yesterday he recommended A Simple Plan by indie pop/rock six-piece The Information from Boston and once again J.A. has somehow managed to find a song so wonderful and so catchy that it's almost insane. The song is from the album Mistakes We Knew We Were Making which was released last year.
+ A Simple Plan

November 7, 2006

Southern Gothic Tales - Demo of the month!

If possible I always try to mention the bands/artists picked as Gaffa' Demo of the month, because I'm almost always amazed by the skills of the "winners". This month (November) it certainly is no different, as blues/folk/americana one-man project Southern Gothic Tales is awarded 5 stars by the magazine. Hardly a genre I consider myself a fan of, but once again Gaffa has spotted a great musical talent, who should be the next in line to sign with a record label. The 4 songs available are well-produced and -performed (agree with Gaffa that front man/band member Anders Hvelplund Riis has a great voice), but even more importantly they are ever so charming and damn catchy. Guess it's time for a taste of whiskey?
+ Burned Out Elvis
+ Loving Nighthawks
+ Love Navigator
Unfortunately all songs are in Myspace "quality".

Anthem of the Concorde

I received an email yesterday from Danish quartet Green Concorde asking me if I'd be interested in posting the single The Anthem To Which We Fall in the blog. Some of you might recall that the band left a really positive impression when I saw them warming up for Spleen United in March, so ever since I read that the band has been signed to a label, I've been looking forward to the band's debut album. So needless to say I'm nothing but thrilled to be able to post the track. The single was released in September this year and so far it has only (?) been available in a digital format. The debut album will be called Ten Cities and expected date of release is January 22 next year. The Anthem is a highly energetic alternative rock tune with the expected noise-rock elements and the distinguishing voice of lead singer Morten Dam. You should be warned that this is not as immediate as some of the stuff I normally post in the blog and it might require some work getting into. But in my opinion it's worth the effort, because the single is absolutely grand and has certainly helped to increase my expectations for the album...
+ The Anthem To Which We Fall

November 6, 2006

Morning update

I'm currently listening my way through the two Windermere albums I bought this weekend. Once again I have plenty of work I should (more than just) take a look at. Perhaps/hopefully I'll be back later!
+ Trailer Park
+ There's A Sun (Myspace "quality")

November 3, 2006

Neon Zoo...

I was checking the recent tracks played by a few "friends" over, when I stumbled upon mid-England band Neon Zoo. As the songs were available as free downloads and New Order and Depeche Mode listed among similar artists, I really needed no further persuasion to give them a listen. According the band's Myspace profile the music sounds like "Depeche Mode meets Nine Inch Nails" and with their gothic/industrial/electronic sound, this is probably not the most original/innovative stuff you'll ever hear. But it's dark, groovy and quite catchy, which really it's all I'm asking for on this lazy Friday afternoon. And since the band offers plenty of songs and mixes for us to download (for free), Neon Zoo definitely deserves all the support and kind words it can get!
+ Darkest Dance
+ Heaven Sin
+ Insanity
+ Slave

BUSY, busy, bus, bu, b

Hopefully I'll be "back" this afternoon. Meanwhile enjoy these recent recommendations. And if you haven't none so already; remember to download the two Kind of girl songs posted yesterday!!
+ The Oxygen PoniesHave You Forgotten
+ SenseIcy L Tap
+ Postal BlueFader
+ Le SportI Comes Before U (Ben Morris Remix)

November 2, 2006

Lonely in a modern way....Kind of girl

zzzzzzzzz It’s spring 2007 and Danish band Kind of girl has just released the debut album Lonely in a modern way to massive critical acclaim and is now ready to conquer the world. Waking up and realizing that this is November 2006 and it was just a dream. But surely not one of those impossible ones that will be told to the grandkids many years from now that they could/should have made it big. You must dare dreaming those big dreams and some bands do indeed make it. I'm probably biased as I've been in love with the charming and incredibly catchy pop/rock music of Kind of girl for months now, but ever since I first laid ears to these new versions, I've been feeling absolutely certain that there will be much more to this than just dreams. OK - shut up and get to the point. So here they are as promised, the two new sweet mixes (superbly done by Henrik Lund) from the wonderful musical universe of Kind of girl. And now - you guys go conquer the world!!
+ Poetry Boy
+ Slave To Your Charms

Hold your horses......

The two new Kind of girl mixes I promised yesterday, will be posted later today, as I have a reporting deadline at work at noon today. Instead I've posted two other fine ones by the band below.
+ Watch in wonder
+ If You Say

November 1, 2006

On the radio tonight....Kind of girl

Unless something unforeseen occurs, Peter will play new mixes of two songs by fast rising (and long-time favorites of this blog) Danish band Kind of girl on his radio show "Schallgrenzen" tonight (stream: high - low). And unless something unforeseen occurs (again), I will have the privilege of posting these new mixes in the blog tomorrow for you to download. Until then I suggest that you (re-)listen to the original (and still damn fine) versions.
+ Slave To Your Charms
+ Poetry Boy

Snow Fell.......

It's snowing. It's cold. It's winter (technically it's still autumn)! Spring is officially 4 months away.........
+ Snow Fell (It's Night)

Despite the poor weather I'm going to Copenhagen tonight to watch the all mighty Manchester United square off against local heroes FC Copenhagen in The UEFA Champions League.

The number of visitors to the blog in October was 276 per day. Up from 258 per day in September (+7%). Still thinking of every possible way to improve the number of hits!

Chris has a great post on the "new" "Recommended" (not by me, but by downloads today are listed below. Quite strange, because I downloaded and played all three songs a long time ago, so they should have been registered to my profile?
+ AmpelKilling the Treemill Guy
+ Swimmer OneCloudbusting/Lovesong
+ The Oxygen PoniesHappy Where U R

To be continued???????????????????