September 30, 2008

Mavis + Majorian...

Supplementing yesterday’s post on Brain Batz’ solo-project Sleep Party People, here are a few older tracks by Mavis and Majorian respectively. More tracks by both acts are free to download at BandBase (no longer seems like you have to be a registered user to be able to download).

* Mavis (BandBase page)
+ Point Of No Concern
+ Emotional Vampire

* Majorian (BandBase page)
+ Truth Telling Peekholes
+ Don’t Forget Yourself

September 29, 2008

Zweimal Dänisch...

Brian Batz, former member of the now disbanded Mavis and current member of Majorian, is currently working on a small yet really interesting side-project named Sleep Party People. Don’t expect rock sounds ala Mavis or anything similar to the quiet beauty of Majorian, but instead prepare yourself for some quite experimental and electronic dominated tracks. I guess only time will tell, how serious this project should be taken, but the two tracks will be included on a forthcoming compilation release by Neh-Owh Records.
+ I'm Not Human At All
+ A Sweet Song About Love

Danish synthpop trio State Noir is the first band to contact me, since my contribution to this article/blog post at Bandbase. So far the band has two tracks available for downloading, and I’ve been listening quite intensively to them both. They are quite entertaining and very energetic tunes with rather catchy melodies, though they do at same time the leave a somewhat unfinished impression. If they structure their ideas a bit and take another turn with the vocals (In A Day especially), I’m confident that we’ll have some really great stuff to be looking forward to.
+ State Noir
+ In A Day

September 26, 2008


I’ve always wondered why I find it so difficult to resume blogging, whenever I’ve been away from the blog for more than 48 hours. Wouldn’t it instead be more logic if one were highly motivated and jammed with ideas just waiting to be put on paper? Cannot say which scenario makes the most sense, but yesterday I found myself staring haplessly at the keyboard unable to type anything even remotely worth posting in the blog. Instead I wrote a short post for Bandbase (previously known as, but I’m not sure when/if it will be published (update: it's been published). Not exactly Pulitzer Prize material. Finally, just to build the illusion that this is a kind of thematic post, I thought posting a track containing the word typewriter would be appropriate.
+ Larsen & Furious JaneTourist With A Typewriter

And then – in a (long) blink of an eye, this post will turn into another one of those shorties ones!

Ivan of Oliver North Boy Choir writes that the band will travel to Malmø today to record their next single with Bakers at Dawn. I know I'm a blue-eyed optimist, but I do expect it to be nothing short of fantastic. Meanwhile enjoy this cover of the older Oliver North Boy Choir track Something New by none other than said Bakers at Dawn.
+ Something New

Sophomore album Holiday by Alaska In Winter will be out November 18 and first promo track Berlin suggests quite a musical turnaround. Those Balkan influences can still be heard, but the track is heavily inspired by its title (at least so we're told), so it's far more electronic than anything found on the debut. Good or bad?
+ Berlin

Sweden's Those Dancing Days shares their live cover of Britney Spears' Toxic. It is far more enjoyable than the original (which was about as terrible as music can possibly get).
+ Toxic (Live Britney Spears Cover)

Was just browsing the Labrador webpage when I came across this piece of bad news: "The Radio Dept. album is not finished. Well, this isn't really news, but we get a lot of questions. So... we really don't have a release date for The Radio Dept. album. Sorry! We will however set a release date as soon as they've finished the recordings. And don't worry friends, it's well worth the wait!". Hope so!
+ Freddie and the Trojan horse

Speaking of Labrador. The new single Seconds Away by The Legends is now free to download (via).
+ Seconds Away

I've just pre-ordered the forthcoming Crystal Heights album by Celestial. Have you? October will be busy as hell!
+ Crystal Heights

September 22, 2008


I really hate to write this, but that much talked about Velour concert was a disappointment. I still think they should stay together as a band, but they clearly didn’t bring their hearts to the stage Friday evening.
+ If You Really Want Me

Supporting act Golden Green Tangerine on the other hand was a positive surprised. The songs they’ve recorded so far sound quite competent, and they turned out to be a pretty good live act as well. The band itself thought they had an off-day/-night, so I’m definitely going to see them again, if they can improve on Friday night’s performance. I’ve asked for a few more MP3’s, but the band doesn’t think that the songs are complete and therefore hesitant to share them.
+ American Dreaming

For the third week in a row Northern Portrait is no. 2 in “Det Elektriske Barometer” chart. Among the testers this week is fine new track The Devil Travels Fast from the forthcoming moi Caprice album as well as the superb Geraldine by Glasvegas.

New song by One Weekly Gun is up and an e-mail service has been launched!
+ Depression

I’ll be out of office the next couple of days, so there will be no updates.

September 19, 2008


I’ve already mentioned this numerous times, but tonight will be the very last chance ever to see Velour playing live. And they are indeed a very good live band, so I expect you to show up at Rust tonight at 9 PM!

+ Janey Black (Tiger Baby Remix)
+ If You Really Want Me

September 18, 2008


Remember to show up tomorrow night at Rust in Copenhagen to pay farewell to Velour. Supporting act will be indie rock/psychedelic/somewhat 60's inspired quartet Golden Green Tangerine, whom I (after streaming a few tracks) really am looking forward to get acquainted with.
+ American Dreaming

Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones is working on a solo album and so far two pretty fine demos can be stream at Myspace.

Play People released their 2-track debut CD single Oh What A Life on brand new label this almighty pop! yesterday. Costs a whopping £2.50 if you live in Europe – including postage!

Danish Americana/Alternative rock artist Mushi will release his third album End Of Faith come October (releaseparty is scheduled at October 14). Quality track Dusk didn’t make the cut, but is free to download as a small appetizer.
+ Dusk

Sweden’s Dungen is one of those bands that everyone always seems to be raving about, but to be honest I’ve never really bothered checking them out. Promo track Sätt Att Se of the band’s forthcoming album 4 (which apparently is their 5th album!), doesn’t really make me regret that.
+ Sätt Att Se

September 17, 2008


As some of you may have noticed, I’m testing a new banner. Created by Ryan Kennedy, who used to play drums in Birthday Boys, but is now lead singer in a new project named Rikers. So brand new it is, that the band's webpage has been up for less than 24 hours. His new project does sound a bit like Editors meeting U2 – doesn’t it?
+ Rival Schools

Much talked about Danish duo The Storm are giving away the track The Beauty Of Small Things for free at Myspace. Don’t know for how long it’s been available, so this could very well be last month’s news. Anyway I’m surprised to see the band doing this, but perhaps it should be seen as a marketing response to the album’s lack of success? Good pick by the way, as this is easily the best track of Where The Storm Meets The Ground.
+ The Beauty Of Small Things

This morning it became painfully evident that no one at Danish Radio (P3) reads this blog, as they (once again) aired the annoying Don’t Get Me Wrong by Pretenders. Thought I explained two months ago that the song is utter crap.

The debut album Life After Ridge by Swedish twee/indie pop trio Twig is out today on Plastilina Records.
+ Helen of Troy

I’m still not high on that new moi Caprice track Love At Last Sight. The thing is now streamable at Myspace and apparently the title of the new album will be We Had Faces Then. Crossing everything possible that the album won't let me/us down! UPDATE! According to Gaffa the single will be free to download some time this week at Myspace.

An “The Electrical Barometer” update: Northern Portrait is still sitting firmly at no. 2, while Oliver North Boy Choir dropped 3 spots to no. 6. So please remember to vote!

I’m currently listening a lot to the new fine albums by Marching Band and Choir Of Young Believers. I’m hopeless at writing reviews, but I really ought to write something nice about both of them. On that same list are the new ones by Glasvegas and Noah and the Whale.

The new four-track EP Climbers & Ramblers by Danish indie pop/folk rock 5-piece Green Lives is pretty damn fine. Download the whole thing at or 3 tracks at Myspace.
+ Treetops and Rooftops

September 15, 2008

Thieves and lust...

Oliver North Boy Choir has recorded a cover of Teenage Lust for The Jesus & Mary Chain Covers Project. Until a few minute ago, I had never heard the original version, but now that I’ve listened to it (watch the video below), I honestly think they’ve done an outstanding job. It’s difficult to explain but somehow Oliver North Boy Choir has been able to remain true to the original and their own sound as well, which normally doesn’t sound like The Jesus & Mary Chain at all. If you understand Danish, you can listen to a nice little interview with the band at
+ Teenage Lust

Yesterday marked the one-year Myspace birthday of excellent Swedish synth-pop duo Ostrich. To celebrate the duo ”put up a new song called "Honour Among Thieves" and it’s a dedication I have written to a couple of my friends”. It is bit slower paced than previous tracks, but the dark, haunting and somewhat Depeche Mode inspired sound remains intact.
+ Honour Among Thieves

September 12, 2008

On a Friday afternoon...

A little bit of nostalgia.

Friday it is...

So it’s Beerfestival time tonight, but I’m afraid I'm having second thoughts about that demo of the month concert. I have lots of stuff I need to take care of tomorrow, so little sleep and severe hangovers could create a nightmare scenario.

I was happy and proud to see my name mentioned in the “thank you” credits on the Kind of girl album, though it probably means that I will now and forever be considered untrustworthy when I write something about this genuinely intelligent, friendly, innovative, talented and outstanding Danish band? OK - if we put the jokes aside for a minute Lonely in a modern way is indeed, as one could expect, a really fine album featuring 9 (or 9½) great pop tunes. You can stream the whole thing at the band’s webpage, and I can only recommend that you give it a listen.

Found the following comment on yours truly at the Play People myspace page: “we love stytzer and his blog. his was the first blog to feature us and it's full of great writing about great bands. he's good at rumours too....”. Know what you playmobil figures? I love you guys too and your catchy tunes are the purest of pop. However I need to practice a bit on those rumors!
+ Square One

Exactly three months ago I introduced you to The Mirror Lounge, which was (or perhaps still is) another project featuring Stefan of Northern Portrait. He has now been so kind mailing me a copy of the band's 2006 album Les Elegantiers and it’s been getting quite a few spins this morning. As I wrote back then the music is miles away from those incredible The Smiths inspired jangling pop tunes of Northern Portrait and in all its grandness it’s far more related to the likes of Chris Isaak, The Divine Comedy and Scott Walker. But despite the musical differences Stefan has absolutely no problems proving that he can handle this genre as well, as he croons his way through this beautiful album. The album is still available for download via Amazon.
+ So Suddenly
+ Don't Hunt Me Down
+ Drifting into a Secret Area (still so gorgeous)
+ Returns

September 11, 2008

Kender du det...?

Danish label Exlibris is about to release the double album Kender du det? Fortid-nutid-altid!, where the contents of the first disc will be 10 Danish classic pop/rock songs covered by 10 different artists. The second disc will then feature 10 remixes of those cover versions, but unfortunately a third one containing the original versions won’t be included. is currently giving away three of the remixes for free, but since I suspect that none of you English speaking readers have a clue how to register (and you still have to be a registered member to get the permission to download), I’ll take the risk and share one of the mixes with you. Blog favorites Entakt has recorded a brilliant and rather different version of Du Er Alt Det Jeg Ka’ Li’ (originally released by Shit & Chanel in 1978), and SuperTroels has done an absolutely amazing job and created a superb remix of the new version!
+ Du Er Alt Det Jeg Ka’ Li’ (supertroels RMX)

September 10, 2008


The promo mail guidelines posted yesterday have yet to prove their effect, though I do think more of it as a “long-term investment”.

In November last year this blog averaged 591 visitors a day. Since then the number has been dropping like a stone thrown from a skyscraper and the average this month is currently 411 visitors a day. When I look back I'm not really that surprised, as my posts back then were far more inspirational.

Thanks to Chris for helping with the filehost test yesterday. Interesting to see how long it will take before the firewall will block those alternatives as well.

This Friday I'm planning to visit/participate in the European Beer Festival 2008 in Valby, Copenhagen. Hopefully I can convince my friend or friends (not sure how many of us are going) that we should drop by Lades afterwards to hear Gaffa’s demo band of September; The Worn-Out Virgins. The band temptingly describes their music as (roughly translated) “the sound of 1967: weed, attitude, free love, lots of acid and rock ‘n’ roll galore”, so this could easily end up being an interesting evening!
+ Keep It Down

September 9, 2008


As mentioned yesterday my normal filehosts are being blocked by the firewall, and no matter how pissed off I am, there’s exactly nothing I can do about it! So time to test a few alternatives and please let me know if things aren't working properly.

And the track chosen for this very unscientifically experiment is a cover of Ride’s Vapour Trail recorded live by friendly Indonesian indie pop five-piece Sunny Summer Day.
+ Vapour Trail (Ride Cover) (yousendit)
+ Vapour Trail (Ride Cover) (web file host)
+ Vapour Trail (Ride Cover) (yourfilehost)
+ Vapour Trail (Ride Cover)

September 8, 2008

Monday musings...

Are we in for a disappointment? I certainly hope not, but first single Love at Last Sight from the forthcoming moi Caprice album is, in all honesty, one of the band’s weaker efforts. I love this band to death, but something's just not right here. Stream it via Soundvenue High 5.

It’s exactly 910 days since the first time I featured Kind of girl and today the band’s debut album Lonely in a modern way (buy it – pretty please) is finally released in Denmark. Crossing my fingers that they will get the success they so richly deserve. First review is quite positive.

Time to vote again. Northern Portrait enters Det Elektriske Barometer (“The Electrical Barometer” at no. 2, while Oliver North Boy Choirs drops two spots to no. 3. Puts a smile on ones face knowing that a few people in Denmark do listen to great music!

Sarah Palin is the topic of this week’s track by One Weekly Gun.
+ Pro-Fight

Blue Swan continues recording and giving away new songs. Freudian Dream sounds exactly as something my old heroes Cause and Effect could have recorded. In case you're wondering, this is meant to be a compliment!
+ Freudian Dream

Been forced to switch filehost as the ones I normally use are being blocked by the firewall. Bandwidth of the new host is limited, so error messages will occur.

September 6, 2008

Saturday morning quickie...

Simply cannot think of a better to start the weekend. US shoegazers Starring Me has (finally) published a brand new recording, which according to the band has been 3 years in the making. Well worth the wait me thinks, as Parallels Are Endless, just like most of the band's previous tracks, is dreamy and utterly beautiful with that heavenly female vocal in the background. Close your eyes and let yourself drift away on a puffy cloud, while you're dreaming that the band's third album is being released tomorrow!
+ Parallels Are Endless (320 kbps!)

September 4, 2008

A visitor with potential...

I somehow stumbled upon Danish trio Avisitor today and I got so fascinated that I’ve been sticking around the band’s Myspace page the entire afternoon. The band is not of the bragging kind, so not much information is revealed and the friend base consists of exactly 12 people (hopefully 13 once my request is accepted). A total of 5 songs can be found on the page and all of them are free to download (thank you!). The songs are a bit unpolished (though the poor Myspace quality sure doesn’t help) and at times the vocal can be somewhat irritating and probably would benefit from a re-recording. But the songwriting is really, really strong, though it can be difficult to figure out if the band wants to sound like The Smiths (I Am The Visitor) or Kashmir (Hollow Ground)... or perhaps a mix of both? And on the first couple of minutes of the track Catch The Fish (and on the aforementioned I Am The Visitor as well) there’s definitely some Sarah Records inspiration, until Sonic Youth suddenly takes over. So still plenty of work left, but the potential’s there. Lots of it!
+ I Am The Visitor
+ Hollow Ground
+ Catch The Fish

September 2, 2008


Don’t think I’ve actually mentioned it, but that Napoleon Sweetheart EP by Northern Portrait is sheer brilliance. And the trio is currently working on their debut album Criminal Art Lovers, which obviously is terrific news. Is it too optimistic to hope for an early Christmas present?
+ I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me

Danish synth-pop duo Blue Swan is (via sharing their brand new track Hunter and Prey. The boys certainly know how to conjure a catchy pop tune, and it will be interesting to follow, if all the new recordings will lead to some much deserved attention from a few labels. Or if it will be yet another internet freebie release, which I obviously don't mind at all, although seeing them signed would be an even bigger thrill.
+ Hunter and Prey

While the indie pop world is awaiting the next Celestial album (should be out anytime soon), why not listen to My Lily Of The Valley; another project of Celestial front man Andreas. A 3 track EP has just been released on Cloudberry Records. Thanks go to J.A. for this fine one!
+ Precious Moments

September Song by Biker Boy has now been published and free to download during the first week of September.

A babysitter has been arranged, so barring the unforeseen I’ll be at Rust September 19 to pay farewell to Velour.

Zen Sucker...

Occasionally whining does pay off. Some friendly bloke read my frustrations concerning the decision of not releasing the recent Larsen & Furious Jane album Zen Sucker on CD, and he has been so kind mailing me the songs as a small consolation. My expectations were, judging from the 3 promo tracks (posted below), that it most likely would be an album requiring quite some work getting into. And in that regard the album is not a disappointment, as it’s certainly not a “packed with easy listening pop songs to please the commercial radio stations" kind of album. Instead it’s grand, beautiful, dark, complex and very reluctant to fit into any kind of genre, as even shoegaze fans will find something to cheer about on this album. Me? I will continue to listen as something deep inside me is convinced that this could very well be one of the true gems of the year.
Update: the links should be working now...
+ Dancing Bear
+ Fine
+ Widowers

September 1, 2008

Calling all voters...

The alternative music chart Det Elektriske Barometer ("The Electrical Barometer") is aired every Sunday evening on the Danish radio station P3 and last night’s chart was (from this blogger's point of view) highly interesting. Topping the chart was the new single Holy Wars by Oliver North Boy Choir and among the 4 tracks tested for next week’s chart was Our Lambrusco Days from the new Napoleon Sweetheart EP by Northern Portrait, who finally (and deservedly so) is getting some airplay on Danish radio. And since the listeners (that's you and me) decide the list, I therefore encourage all of you to vote for these two brilliant songs (you'll have to register first), to help Northern Portrait make the list and to secure that Oliver North Boy Choir remain at top of the chart.