September 30, 2006

Mr. White vs. Mr. Aparo

In a comment earlier this week Chris compared Pete White to Angie Aparo. For some reason I've never thought of this, but after I've listened to Once Upon A Time I think it's pretty evident why Chris posted this comment! Once a new (?) track recorded by Pete White with the assistance of Steve Austin (under the alias Austin/White). Might be a chance/risk that it IS Steve Austin who's singing on this track, which could explain why I've never noticed this very obvious resemblance in their voices? Oh well. Listen to the two songs below and judge for yourself!
+ Once Upon A Time
+ Wonderland (found at this not-so-official Angie Aparo profile)

September 29, 2006

Mixed Bag (recommended by J.A.) - Part II

As promised yesterday. Part two of the recent recommendations from J.A.

I've mentioned Hybrasil before (originally recommended by Rodolfo I think) and the band has uploaded 3 new tracks to Myspace. Yesterday all of them were available as free downloads, but unfortunately this has changed overnight to just one track. Still a very interesting indie pop band (add the usual electronic twist) with a knack for writing catchy tunes.
+ Run Forever

I also believe that I mentioned indie pop/rock band Santa Dog in this blog a long, long time ago. The title track from last year's EP Chemical is pretty good and available for free. Two more (and very good) songs can be found here.
+ Chemical

The first EP (released last year) by alternative Canadian rock band The Mission District can be downloaded for free from the band's webpage. Some Britpop inspiration in this stuff.
+ All I Ever Wanted

Last band in this round is Lolita Bras from N.Y. The only one song available is called Her Own Conversation, and it's a nice alternative rock track.
+ Her Own Conversation

September 28, 2006

Mixed Bag (recommended by J.A.)

Sometimes I cannot help wondering what Spanish reader José Antonio (in the future he'll be referred to as J.A.) is doing for a living, because he seems to have all the time in the world on his hands searching for new music!

Last week I received a lengthy email from J.A. in which he recommended several artists. I cannot say that I like all of the songs he (or other readers) in general recommends, but that particular mail was a real "winner". Lots and lots of good stuff in it, so join the trip and enjoy some of his recent findings!

Bobby Baby (what a horrible name) is a 22 years old Swedish girl writing indie pop music (with an electronic twist) and luckily her songwriting skills are a whole lot better than her band/artist naming skills! A few more tracks than the two great ones below can be downloaded from her webpage.
+ In Ten Years From Now
+ Lucky Moments

Apparently Kid Solo isn't really a band, but instead a page, where demos/sketches for future Veto Silver songs are posted. The two tracks below are danceable electro pop ones, which definitely should end up being recorded by the "big band".
+ Love The Way (Myspace quality (m.q.) or rather lack of quality)
+ Drug For My Money (m.q.)

Clear Static from L.A. is another one of those bands who have spent quite some time listening to a few 80's records. Sounds like a mix of The Bravery and The Killers, which should be all the description you need to know exactly what to expect. Lots of bands sounding like this these days, but not all of them write catchy songs like Out Of Control!
+ Out Of Control (m.q.)

I'll post part two of this post tomorrow..........

I just don't get it......

On the radio this morning I heard a song called Rudebox by a completely useless, no talented jackass called Robbie Williams. And the past few hours these two questions have been plaguing me. Why? WHY? Why do they give something this bad airplay on the radio? And why was he allowed to record the song (or any other song for that matter) in the first place?
Imagine a new and unknown band sending this as a demo song to a record company. How many days do you think it would take before the A&R's stopped laughing, so they could ask them if they seriously believed that anyone would listen to this garbage?
We are so scaringly close to The Emperor's New Clothes that it's almost insane. A few people tell us that he's wearing the finest of clothes, though all of us can (or at least most of us should be able to) see that he's butt naked....but no one dares saying anything!

I hate (it's a strong word I know!) Robbie Williams. But I hate even more the big fraud going on that has lead so many people to believe that his albums, concerts, merchandise etc. are worth their money!

September 27, 2006

Come out and take the step back to me.......

If you're observant you'll notice that I've added The Step by Anamia to the list of my current favorites (in the right column). It's difficult picking just one of the new tracks, but this one is the least noisy and most heartfelt of the 5 new ones. To cut a long story short; Music doesn't get more beautiful than this!

In the mailbox this morning I found a link for the 9 minute long single Come Out (etc.) by Norwegian band 120 Days. Spoofing everything from Kraftwerk to Primal Scream it's a cool danceable track.
+ Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone)

Another one from the mailbox is the terrific Back To Me by US indie pop band The Positions. I agree with the press info that fans of Camera Obscura will (they really should) appreciate this one!
+ Back To Me

Two new (or old? - I'm not sure, because that dude is really productive) tracks by my favorite singer/songwriter Pete White are available for download. Check him out and be prepared to listen to the most amazing voice!
+ Hand Signals
+ When You Go From My Door

Go here if you want to download the new Depeche Mode track (Martyr).

September 26, 2006

Anamia - The Final Version...

I somehow find it very difficult writing my personal thoughts on the new CD An Extraordinary New Fitness Product by Anamia. As some of you may recall, I meet the 4 guys from the band during my summer holiday and found them to be really friendly lads. So if I write something too positive, people will probably start thinking that I’m biased, which I’m always trying NOT to be. But feel free to think whatever you like (which you obviously will do, no matter what I say!).
The first 5 tracks (out of 13) on the CD are the new recordings from July, and the remaining 8 tracks are re-mastered versions of older ones. The new tracks take the band (as expected) in a new and noisier direction, and none of the songs are as immediately catchy as some of the older tracks (e.g. Butterfly in Paris). Michael of the band told me back then that he got some inspiration from bands like Sonic Youth and Traening, but (though I might be dead-wrong here) I do hear some (actually quite a lot) Mew in it as well!
So be prepared that it will require some work getting into the new songs, but if you’re ready to invest a little time, I’m certain you won’t regret it, because they are truly fabulous.
My only complaint (but also another reason for making this such a difficult post to write) is the length of the CD. I love the new tracks and I still very much enjoy the older ones. But in all honesty, I just don’t think they belong on the same CD. I fully understand that Anamia wants to showcase to the world what they are capable of, but when I listen to Fitness Product, I always get the feeling that a new (and quite different) album starts following the 5th track. Instead I’m sadly left with the feeling that with more time and money (?) on their hands; these guys could have recorded a few more songs, which a long with the 5 new tracks would have given us nothing but a fantastic album.
But! Despite leaving me starving for more An Extraordinary New Fitness Product is indeed an “extraordinary” compilation of songs, which deserves to catch the eyes and ears of the world!
+ Talk is cheap
+ Death of the chain-smoking man
+ As I walk into the fight
+ Waiting for moonlight
+ The Step

September 25, 2006

Anamia - The short version...

All songs from the new Anamia album An Extraordinary New Fitness Product are now available as free downloads at the band's wepage. I hope to find the time to write "the longer version" tomorrow. But for now I've posted a few "appetizers" below!
+ As I walk into the fight
+ The step

Oh's Monday again.....

I have a rather busy day ahead of me, so I won't have much time for posting today. But here are a few shorties:

Chris is back! And so is Pastries......!

Links for two new blogs have been added:
- #1 Hits From Another Planet
- The Devil Has The Best Tuna

Torr is giving away a deck of Kasbian playing cards. Guess the number of copies Empire will sell in the US in its first week of release.

Todd Stadtman has posted a new demo at Myspace and would love to hear your thoughts!
+ Rani Rani Demo

I've just ordered the new EP If there is silence fill it with longing by Swedish dreampop/shoegaze band Mixtapes And Cellmates. If you're a fan of the sound on the debut album Lesser Matters by fellow Swedes The Radio Dept., you'll definitely love this. Download two older tracks below or the 5 tracks Longing remixed EP.
+ Longing Remixed EP (zip file)
+ Static, Oh Static
+ A: Pavement B: Home
+ Why won't you talk about it? (The Radio Dept.)

September 23, 2006

Saturday Evening......

Summing up what has happened today:

We had brunch at our favorite café this morning

I bought a few CD's (6 to be accurate) at my favorite music store.

We went for a nice afternoon stroll at the local castle.

We watched the first episode of Matador on TV. I know it's a rerun (probably for the billionth time), but still worth watching.

I received two CD's and a t-shirt in the mail this morning.

The First CD was An Extraordinary New Fitness Product by Anamia. Much welcomed as I now finally get the opportunity to hear the final versions of the songs, I heard in the studio a couple of months back. The new tracks will soon be available for download and I'll add my comments on the album by then.

The t-shirt and the second CD (Crash) were by Ether Aura. The Logo T-Shirt (click the picture and see for yourself) is awesome.

September 22, 2006

And the winner is.....

There weren't that many entries in The Charlie Don't Surf contest, which surprises me a bit, because I do think that the EP is very good. Hopefully the winners will agree? And the lucky winners are Mr. Molina from Spain and Mr. Schallgrenzen from Germany. So please mail me your home addresses and I'll ship the EP to you guys as quickly as possible.

Holiday News!

As a nice surprise, just before going to bed last night, I received a message that Danish band The Holiday Show has uploaded a brand new track to Myspace called Always Something Missing. Just as I expected (or rather hoped) the new one is a smooth and very catchy electropop tune, which promises well for the forthcoming album (date of release has yet to be announced). Unfortunately the song is only available for streaming. But equally nice was the message that a new (and downloadable!) version of the fantastic Snookerstar has been uploaded as well. This is one of my favorite songs of the year, and the new mix certainly doesn't change that!
+ Snookerstar (new mix)
+ Snookerstar (original version)

September 21, 2006

Mew surfing in Canada????

Today is your last chance to enter the Charlie Don't Surf contest. I've only received a few entries so far, so the chances of winning should be pretty decent.

Someone left a comment asking if I know where A Triumph For Man by Mew can be purchased online. If you live in Scandinavia or EU you can buy it here. Cannot find it on Amazon, so I don't know if it's possible to buy it if you live in the States?
+ Saliva (From Half The World Is Watching Me)

In the mailbox this morning, I found a mail recommending US indie pop band Canada (!). Canada is/are a 7 piece from Michigan, who released their full length debut album This Cursed House in June this year. The band sure deserves to be recommended to as many people as possible. Not just because the music is very good (should appeal to anyone who enjoy the music of Sufjan, The Arcade Fire, My Latest Novel etc.), but also because the band has made 3 songs from the album available as free downloads. I still think that every band should do this, because it definitely is the very best way for any band/artist to promote their music!
+ Record Function
+ Beige Stationwagon
+ Hexenhaus

Not sure what to think of this cover version of Cemetery Gates by The Very Most. Nice acoustic feel, but I guess it's difficult to cover any song by The Smiths?
+ Cemetery Gates

September 19, 2006


Today I attended a seminar on Investor Relations, which for the most part was quite interesting. Especially the lecture on how newsfeeds, blogs etc. rapidly are entering the world of IR was rather entertaining. Funny to see how the IRO's in the big companies suddenly are realizing the potential of the web. Really should be old news, but it was almost as if they have "seen the light".

So I haven't been anywhere near a computer today, thus preventing me from updating the blog. However I have a little time on my own now (the wife has gone to the cinema and the kids are asleep), so I've just begun emptying the mailbox and listening my way through the stuff. Song will be posted if I hear anything worth wasting your time on!!

Bad News by Owen is a nice laid back tune, which is simply perfect at this time of the day, because I'm a quite tired now. Owen is the solo project of Mike Kinsella, who has played in several other bands (that I probably should check out!). The track is from the forthcoming album At Home With, which is set to be released November 7.
+ Bad News

A week earlier on October 31 NY trio The End Of The World will release their debut album called You're Making it Come Alive on Flameshovel Records. Two very good songs can be downloaded for free and they sound like a mix of Doves and Band Of Horses, which definitely means that I'll have to order the album!
+ Last Cast
+ Show Your Age

Finally - before anyone starts to complain. There (most likely) won't be any updates tomorrow!

September 18, 2006

Monday, Monday, Monday...

Remember to enter the Charlie Don't Surf contest and you might win "the best cd you’ll ever get!" (quote)
+ Right/Wrong

Kind Of Girl is announcing a few concert dates in October/November. Don't miss the opportunity to see them live!!
+ Watch In Wonder

Torr is surprised to learn that Kent released The Hjärta & Smärta EP in October last year. Since it won't be released in the US, he offers all 5 tracks of the EP as free downloads.

Peter is back from his trip to Denmark. Read his report right here, if you understand German.

In the mailbox this morning I found these two nice ones from NY powerpop band Bridges and Powerlines. Seems like every second new band these days are listing Interpol among their influences. Nothing wrong with that though!
+ Carmen
+ Mumbles

Mew's debut album A Triumph For Man is re-released today. To "celebrate" that I've re-posted two tracks from Half The World Is Watching Me, which hopefully will be re-released soon?
+ King Christian
+ Mica

September 15, 2006

Charlie, Don't Surf - Contest

The 5-track debut EP How Turkey Turned Into Being A Monster by Danish indie pop band Charlie, Don't Surf has been released and can be ordered at the band's (new and great looking) wepage for the bargain price of €8 or DKK50. If you for some reason believe that paying €8 for 5 bloody fantastic pop songs is more than your economy can handle, I instead suggest that you try to win it, as I have two extra copies to give away.

If you like to enter this small contest, all you have to do is sending me an e-mail, in which you write the name of the drummer in Charlie Don't Surf.

I'll (randomly; of course) pick the winners next Friday; September 22.

Below you can download one of the tracks of the EP, if you still need to be reminded, why you simply must buy (or win) that EP!
+ Breakthrough

Rodolfo Recommends

I've finally found the time to check out some of Rodolfo's recent recommendations and as always there was plenty of great stuff to discover! All the songs have been found at Myspace, so it's the same old story about tags, kbps etc.

The Parlour Boys from Kentucky, US plays catchy indie rock.
+ Sick Friends
+ Lovers

Doloroso from London has been compared to everything from Ennio Morricone to Iggy and Bowie and The Killer Calm is a damn cool track (with a twist of Interpol).
+ The Killer Calm

Coronation by alternative rock band Drugscene from Hollywood is very catchy. Everyone loving The Killers will/should definitely fancy this one!
+ Coronation

Myspace Music

A couple of interesting songs uploaded to Myspace the past 24 hours. The sound quality, file names etc. are still pretty useless, but the songs are free, so what's the point of complaining?

+ Belle & Sebastian - The Boy With The Arab Strap
Who's not familiar with this band?

+ Ether Aura - 6 Days Yesterday
I'm seriously considering buying the album, because every single song I've heard by this shoegaze band is just fab.

+ Gledhill - Remain
Fine indie rock track from this Sheffield 5-piece.

September 14, 2006

Stuff 'n' stuff

Daddys' girl is supervising today's post. Trivia of the day is that her favorite artist is Pete White, because when he starts to sing, she immediately stops crying. Really no wonder, because he does indeed have the most amazing voice.

It's Thursday; and I still like Thursdays a lot! Al though the suckers at Myspace are doing their utmost trying to ruin it, by constantly changing the filenames of the songs. So don't be surprised if lots of links in the blog are not working properly.

Listen to the brilliant Cassettes Won't Listen remix of Asobi Seksu's Strawberries. Interestingly this is shoegaze converted into dance! Where did that piano come from? If you're not familiar with the original version, you can find it here.
+ Strawberries (Cassettes Won't Listen remix)

Peter is high on Monkey by Low which he has found at Subpop a long with several other fine tracks. No wonder that he likes this one, because it's a fabulous (and quite noisy) alternative rock track.
+ Monkey

José Antonio is still busy sending lots of mails and yesterday I listened to these two fine recommendations of his:

+ Manuskript - State Of Affairs
Lots of 80's influences and described as a "happy" goth band!

+ Kuryakin - Snow
Swedish indie electronica.

September 13, 2006

Meeting Kind Of Girl

Upcoming Danish band Kind Of Girl are currently busy recording their debut album and yesterday afternoon I had the privilege to meet two of the band members in the King Kong Production Studio in Copenhagen. After a bit of text messaging Sissel (lead singer/guitarist) and I were finally able to "synchronize calendars" and arrange a "meeting" (sounds very formal and it was everything but). Also there in the studio was keyboardist Peter, who according to the band's Myspace page is old enough to remember a Jimi Hendrix concert (he didn't look THAT old really!). Things seem to be moving ahead pretty well and several tracks have been recorded and only need the final mixing and mastering. But there is still a lot of work left, before the album is ready, and the expected date of release has therefore been moved from October to January next year. One of the reasons for changing the schedule has really nothing to do with the progress of the recordings, but is instead influenced by what time of year is the best for promoting new bands. Especially in the US, where the promotion will be done by Kickstart Record Promotions.
One thing I, needless to say, hoped for before my visit was that the band would introduce me to some of the new recordings and fortunately I wasn’t disappointed. Combined I got the opportunity to listen to 2 new tracks and 2 new mixes of already familiar songs. The two brand new tracks sounded really great, thus adding further to my expectations for the album, though we spent quite some time discussing the opening seconds/intro of one of the songs, since I did found it quite annoying. Despite my somewhat unkind words they (surprisingly) seemed to take my criticism seriously and I do cross my fingers hoping they’ll change it, because those seconds aside the song was very good.
The new mix of what I think is the standout song by the band - Poetry Boy - sounded very dynamic/energetic, but a few things from the original mix have been altered/adjusted (especially the guitars), thus making my reception of it a bit mixed; though it's always quite difficult (almost impossible) judging after just one listen. The band member's opinions on the mix seem to be quite mixed as well, but hopefully they won't ditch it and instead use it as a b-side/extra track.
Totally I spent a couple of quite interesting and very enjoyable (at least I thought they were) hours in their company listening to those new songs as well as discussing lots of other topics like; how to use the web promoting music, the importance of being a great live act, the band's plans and hopes for the future, the use of the term "music for girls", the lack of venues and record companies in Denmark, the creative process in the band etc.
Before leaving Sissel and Peter promised to keep me informed on how things are progressing and hopefully I'll soon have some interesting news to share!
+ Slave To Your Charms
+ Poetry Boy

September 12, 2006

Out Of Office

I have a rather tight schedule today, so unfortunately there won't be much time for writing about or searching for new music. Hopefully the schedule means that I will have something interesting to post in the near future. If everything gets a little too hectic, I probably should take a short break and chill out, while listening to a couple of these tracks.
+ Roger O'Donnell - Not Without You
+ Roger O'Donnell - Treasure (Acid Paulli remix)
+ Kama Aina - Hotaru

September 11, 2006


Download Waiting from the album Crash by brilliant shoegaze/dreampop band Ether Aura. And while you're listening remember to download the band's fab. version of Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me.
+ Waiting
+ Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

Received a link for the track The Only Place I Can Look Is Down by The Bishops in the mail the other day. Terrific indie pop spoofing just about everything from The Beatles to The Lucksmiths.
+ The Only Place I Can Look Is Down

Absolut Noise is really high on Swedish artist Dear Euphoria. Unfortunately she gets far too much inspiration from Björk/Tori Amos, which makes her music very difficult for me getting into.
+ Oh The Softness

And finally two fairly nice tracks from the mailbox.
+ Chris Price - And She Was
+ Ben Swift - Grass Is Not So Green

September 10, 2006


The title track of one of my all-time favorite albums Darklands by The Jesus And Mary Chain is availble at Myspace.
+ Darklands

September 8, 2006

Ruined By Martin - New Track

Great Danish band (who is now a trio) Ruined By Martin has uploaded a new song to Myspace called Dear Reo. Whether it has something to do with the addition of guitarist Paw Olesen or it's just a natural artistic step forward I don't know, but I don't recall any of the older tracks being this guitar-driven. The (brilliant) songs from the first EP relied on a more electronic sound, but since the new song is arguably the band's finest effort to date, it seems rather pointless making any objections. In December last year when the band was picked demo of the month by Gaffa, Ruined By Martin was compared to Suede, and now that I've listened to Dear Reo a few times that comparison is certainly more obvious than ever. Hopefully the new and eagerly awaited EP will be available very soon. Stay tuned!
+ Dear Reo
+ CC Delight

September 7, 2006

HEJ! The Swedish word for Hi!

Spanish reader José Antonio recommends Swedish band HEJ!, who makes their own VERSIONS of other people's songs. Versions in capital letters, because this is definitely not one of those typical (and absolutely dreadful) cover bands you'll find at your cousin's wedding. Some of the songs are almost unrecognizable and it's probably a matter of personal taste (or maybe even feelings) whether you can accept this or not. I have not problems with this at all and actually find the whole concept quite interesting, though the cover of the classic Depeche Mode track Enjoy The Silence fails miserable. Below the links for a few of the tracks and hopefully it's completely unnecessary to mention who wrote the originals!!
+ With Or Without You
+ Disarm
+ 100%
+ 3 more songs

September 6, 2006

Polar Demons for a Penny???

The 6 track demo EP Hum Speed On/Off by Demons Are Real arrived in the mailbox the other day. This Danish Joy Division/New Order quartet is absolutely ace and I seriously believe that the band will be signed by a record label very soon!
+ Copy On The Board
+ Together We Rot

Wonderful Swedish Indie pop band Penny Century has uploaded 3 new tracks to Myspace. This is happy and cheerful pop music that should please fans of Belle & Sebastian.
+ Lost At Sea
+ Summer Outside
+ Graduation

Peter posted 2 fabulous indie rock tracks yesterday by Canadian quartet Polar Eyes. Unfortunately not much info is given, but it doesn't look as if any demos, ep's etc. are available.
+ Wait
+ Hey Mary

September 5, 2006

Myspace to sell music!

This article has already raised a few eyebrows. No wonder, because it IS a pretty bad idea, ruining (what I see as) the entire concept of Myspace. The only obvious conclusion will be that artists, fans and bloggers will start searching for and very soon find alternative ways to promote and get free music.
Another thing upsetting several bloggers is that Myspace has reduced the bit rate of all songs to 96 Kbps, thus ruining the listening pleasure for everyone.
Of course all this has been decided with some strategic purpose in mind, and with more than 100 million users they can easily afford the number to be reduced, as long as those left (still counting millions) are willing to spend a little cash (which I don't doubt they will).
But the quest for alternatives has certainly begun!

The Isles of Denmark...

Danish band Isles released their debut album We Have Decided Not To Die last year (to positive critical acclaim), but as always it's quite impossible to check everything out, so until now the band has been completely unknown territory to me. But this morning I finally found the path leading to the Isles, and I downloaded the two tracks from the album offered by the band for free.
Obviously the two tracks are meant to be "appetizers" and it doesn't hurt admitting that I'm starving for more after listening to the songs. Fine alternative rock, with plenty of emo/indie elements added to the mix. Think everything from Sonic Youth to The Arcade Fire and you'll find Isles somewhere in-between.
If you like these two tracks I recommend that you stream the two new tracks at Myspace as well, which are pretty good. News is that an EP will be released in October, followed by the second album in February next year.
+ A Place Between Nothing And Nowhere
+ The Hell In Hello

September 4, 2006

Thoughts on the Mew Concert!

I'm frenetically scanning my mind and here are some of my thoughts on the Mew concert Friday evening. Starting with the conclusion; the concert was absolutely brilliant. Anything else would have been a surprise, because as we all know this is certainly one ambitious band. The sound and Jonas' vocals were just excellent and the concert opened (just like on Kites) with Wolf and Chinaberry, which sounded utterly awesome. The only weak (no - not weak, but perhaps more disappointing) track performed live was Apocalypso. That's probably because 3 drummers are needed to create the fabulous sound on the album or? The concert only lasted in the neighborhood of one hour, which was somewhat on the short side. The highlight in my opinion was the performance of 156 (Comforting Sounds just doesn't count, because it's the obvious pick), which also received a lot of positive comments from my two not so Mew familiar mates. I was and still am very positively surprised how popular the band has become. I know you only had to pay the admission fee to Tivoli Gardens, but the place was still a lot more crowded than I thought it would be. This actually meant that we weren't even close to stage, but conveniently close to the beer stand. It's not meant as whining, but why don't they play Mica live (or maybe they do, but not this time?)? It just happens to be one of my all-time favorite songs, so it would be fantastic to see/hear it live. But Jonas did play a mix of Saliva and Panda at the piano, which was a much welcomed surprise. My pic is pretty useless (after all it IS a phone and not a camera), but you can see some really great ones here. Finally I have to add that I really didn't like that they invited the fans (read young screaming girls) onto the stage during the encore! Guys - Mew is not and should never be a boy band! All that said - it still was a great concert in historic surroundings and there is every reason to be depressed if you missed it!
Oh and before we left we tried this one. After all - it is an amusement park!

September 2, 2006

Rodolfo's Myspace Compilation

Frequent contributor Rodolfo had a little time on his hands and made this great (and at times very interesting) compilation of free tracks found at Myspace.

1. The Alones - Silver (this band seems to be growing into a blogger favorite)
2. Kid Captain - The end is hard to swallow
3. Hayze - Lost myself again (this is one great band!)
4. Protocol - Sorry
5. The Bright Space - Wrongstar
6. Right On Dynamite - Pull the wool
7. Ultranoir - Petals
8. Shake My Hand (formerly Yossarian) - Invincible
9. Performance - Live a little rave
10. My Passion - Make me butterfly
11. Dulcesky - Half moon (don't miss this one!)
12. Francis 7 - I can't feel my heart
13. The Sound Movement - This summer in black
14. The Frank and Walters - Colours

September 1, 2006

Mew Tonight!!!

This just to remind you that Mew is playing in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen tonight! See you there?
+ Mica
+ King Christian
Both tracks are taken from the now deleted second album Half The World Is Watching Me.

Late Night Venture

One of my favorite albums of the year is the self-titled debut from Danish band Late Night Venture. Yesterday the band generously uploaded another album track to their Myspace profile, which can be downloaded for free..
+ Condition Lost (the new track)
+ Pay The Moon
+ Modesto