January 26, 2005

OMD: Architecture & Morality (Remastered)

Though I've been a fan of OMD for more than 20 years, I've never owned a copy of this album. But last week I finally put an end to this ridiculous "hole" in my CD collection and got my fingers on the remastered version.
Among true OMD fans Architecture & Morality has always been considered their best effort, and after numerous listens it's clear to me, why it is so.
Strong, catchy melodies, combined with some of the playfulness, which later turned into the not so successful Dazzle Ships.
The CD contains 7 bonus tracks, including an extended version of Souvenir and the two best songs from Dazzle Ships; The Romance Of The Telescope and Of All The Things We've Made.
Best songs (not including bonus tracks):
1) Souvenir
2) Joan Of Arc
3) She's Leaving

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