October 10, 2005

This morning my wife and I became parents for the second time, when my wife gave birth to a baby girl!

I'll resume posting when (if ever) life gets back to normal ;-)

Peter, Chris, Michael, Anders, Bobby, Deb and Eric - thank you :-)

And thank you Chris for reminding me of the number of the girls in my household, though I very much doubt that they'll let me forget about it!

For the curious - pictures of the two girls in charge back home!


Parklife said...

Hey - congratulations! A good way to start a week. ;-)

Chris said...


No Jonas then... ;)

So that's three girls now in your household... I suppose you have noticed that!

I wish you lots of joy with your newest "addition to the collection"! :) Give my fondest regards to Jytte and Andrea!

tom said...

Congratulations again!

Anders said...


Bobby "the Blue" said...

Congrats, dude!

Pics anytime soon??

Deb said...

Awwww, so cute! Congrats!