December 30, 2005

2005 is almost over so it's time to post my year end lists.

As always when posting lists like this I feel the need to stress the obvious fact that I am only familiar with a very tiny part of all the great music released in 2005. So years from now when I have listened to a lot more music, my list of the best albums/songs of 2005 will most likely look completely different!!!!!


#15 Diefenbach - Set & Drift
A few weak moments prevents this album from being in my top 10!

#14 The ArrogantsYou’ve Always Known When Best To Say Goodbye
Not just the bargain of the year. Also very good!

#13 The LucksmithsWarmer Corners
A late bloomer. This band is one of the revelations of the year!

#12 Moi CapriceYou Can’t Say No Forever
Perfect when the sun is shining! Perfect when it's snowing!

#11 Sufjan StevensIllinois
Didn't really believe that I would like it. But I did!

#10 The River Detectives - King Of The Ghost Train Ride
Probably the most pleasant surprise of 2005. Never expected to hear from these guys again!

#9 ColdplayX&Y
Not the groundbreaking and earthshaking album many hoped it would be. But still very good!

#8 The NationalAlligator
Somehow I managed to ignore this one for months.

#7 The ConsultantsWork From Home
A late addition to my CD-collection and it probably would have been even higher on my list had I "discovered" it at the time of its release!

#6 Bright EyesI’m Wide Awake It’s Morning
Listened to this one over and over again when it was released!

#5 Spleen UnitedGodspeed Into The Mainstream
I was a bit hesitant at first, but now there is no doubt that this is the debut album of the year.

#4 The RaveonettesPretty In Black
An early favorite for best album of the year, but the second half of the year changed that!

#3 KentDu & Jag Döden
At first I was disappointed, but it really grew on me. Still the best band in the world.

#2 Kashmir - No Balance Palace
It only took one listen to realize that this is a fantastic album.

#1 Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites
Much has been said and much will will be said. But it doesn't change that this (in my opinion) is the very best album of 2005!

Close but no cigar:
Athlete - Tourist
Figurines - Skeleton
Oasis - Don't Believe The Truth
Supergrass - Road To Rouen
Richard Hawley - Coles Corner

Not necessarily the ones I've listened to the most, but simply the songs I think are the best.

#15 Idlewild Love Steals Us From Loneliness

#14 Hard-FiHard To Beat

#13 Moi CapriceMy Girl You Blush

#12 Death Cab For CutieSoul Meets Body

#11 JJ72Coming Home/She’s Gone

#10 Forest GiantsBeards

#9 ColdplayTalk

#8 Richard HawleyColes Corner

#7 The LucksmithsThe Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco

#6 MewApocalypso

#5 Kent400 Slag/Dom Som Försvann

#4 The RaveonettesLove In A Trash Can (Video)

#3 MoonbabiesWar On Sound (MP3)

#2 Leisure AlaskaHey There Mr. (Video)

#1 iLiKETRAiNSA Rook House For Bobby (Video)


Parklife said...

Hey, I really like your Top 15's. :-) 2005 was a great year, at least concerning the music output!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for choosing The Consultants in your best of list! That's really nice of you. Among Coldplay, Sufjan, Lucksmiths, Bright Eyes...!

Happy New Year,

he who maketh not the sense said...

i totally agree with you about mew being, so good.....

Chris said...

like your music taste! ;)

Anonymous said...

you've got good taste in music :)..