March 12, 2006

Spleen United/Green Concorde

The Spleen United concert Friday evening was fabulous. That's really all there is to say. The concert was rather short, but that aside everything (the music, the sound, the atmosphere, the light show, the new song etc.) was simply perfect. If Spleen United ever plays anywhere near you be sure that you go to see them. The next release (probably a few years away) could be really interesting, because these guys are aiming for the stars!

The supporting band Green Concorde was a huge and pleasant surprise with their music, which I'll describe as a mix of alternative and noise-rock. A while back I downloaded a few songs by them and I wasn't overly impressed, but that certainly changed Friday evening! Maybe because this kind of music works very well live? I talked briefly to the lead singer (seems to be a very nice and humble guy) after the concert and he informed me that the band has been recording more songs and an album should/will be released later this year!
Ten Cities of Green Concorde [MP3]
2:26 [MP3]
Detroit [MP3]
Toxic Symphony [MP3]
Electric Eyes [MP3]

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