September 27, 2006

Come out and take the step back to me.......

If you're observant you'll notice that I've added The Step by Anamia to the list of my current favorites (in the right column). It's difficult picking just one of the new tracks, but this one is the least noisy and most heartfelt of the 5 new ones. To cut a long story short; Music doesn't get more beautiful than this!

In the mailbox this morning I found a link for the 9 minute long single Come Out (etc.) by Norwegian band 120 Days. Spoofing everything from Kraftwerk to Primal Scream it's a cool danceable track.
+ Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone)

Another one from the mailbox is the terrific Back To Me by US indie pop band The Positions. I agree with the press info that fans of Camera Obscura will (they really should) appreciate this one!
+ Back To Me

Two new (or old? - I'm not sure, because that dude is really productive) tracks by my favorite singer/songwriter Pete White are available for download. Check him out and be prepared to listen to the most amazing voice!
+ Hand Signals
+ When You Go From My Door

Go here if you want to download the new Depeche Mode track (Martyr).


Anonymous said...

I love Pete white´s voice!!!
"Hand signals" is a very good song ;)

Chris said...

"Come Out" is just grand! Has been spinning in my head for weeks now (and still does!).

Mr. White has a little touch from that Angie dude, right? ;)

Unknown said...

Chris....never would have guessed that you like Come Out!!!! :-() Never cease to surprise me!!!

Not completely wrong comparing Mr. White and Mr. Aparo. Two quite amazing voices!

Chris said...

If you'd have read my Hot Tracks-list properly, you would have found that track there... ;)

Ed said...

Loving 120 days, and cannot wait to be able to hear more of their stuff. Great blog by the way! Ed (17 seconds)