September 28, 2006

Mixed Bag (recommended by J.A.)

Sometimes I cannot help wondering what Spanish reader José Antonio (in the future he'll be referred to as J.A.) is doing for a living, because he seems to have all the time in the world on his hands searching for new music!

Last week I received a lengthy email from J.A. in which he recommended several artists. I cannot say that I like all of the songs he (or other readers) in general recommends, but that particular mail was a real "winner". Lots and lots of good stuff in it, so join the trip and enjoy some of his recent findings!

Bobby Baby (what a horrible name) is a 22 years old Swedish girl writing indie pop music (with an electronic twist) and luckily her songwriting skills are a whole lot better than her band/artist naming skills! A few more tracks than the two great ones below can be downloaded from her webpage.
+ In Ten Years From Now
+ Lucky Moments

Apparently Kid Solo isn't really a band, but instead a page, where demos/sketches for future Veto Silver songs are posted. The two tracks below are danceable electro pop ones, which definitely should end up being recorded by the "big band".
+ Love The Way (Myspace quality (m.q.) or rather lack of quality)
+ Drug For My Money (m.q.)

Clear Static from L.A. is another one of those bands who have spent quite some time listening to a few 80's records. Sounds like a mix of The Bravery and The Killers, which should be all the description you need to know exactly what to expect. Lots of bands sounding like this these days, but not all of them write catchy songs like Out Of Control!
+ Out Of Control (m.q.)

I'll post part two of this post tomorrow..........


Tinkerbell said...

Bobby Baby used to be called Ella Glockenspiel...I;m not usre whether that's a better name or not...Nice girl...

Anonymous said...

bad name or not, she's making the most gorgeous indiepop songs today!

jess from the philippines

Anonymous said...
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