September 25, 2006

Oh's Monday again.....

I have a rather busy day ahead of me, so I won't have much time for posting today. But here are a few shorties:

Chris is back! And so is Pastries......!

Links for two new blogs have been added:
- #1 Hits From Another Planet
- The Devil Has The Best Tuna

Torr is giving away a deck of Kasbian playing cards. Guess the number of copies Empire will sell in the US in its first week of release.

Todd Stadtman has posted a new demo at Myspace and would love to hear your thoughts!
+ Rani Rani Demo

I've just ordered the new EP If there is silence fill it with longing by Swedish dreampop/shoegaze band Mixtapes And Cellmates. If you're a fan of the sound on the debut album Lesser Matters by fellow Swedes The Radio Dept., you'll definitely love this. Download two older tracks below or the 5 tracks Longing remixed EP.
+ Longing Remixed EP (zip file)
+ Static, Oh Static
+ A: Pavement B: Home
+ Why won't you talk about it? (The Radio Dept.)

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Tinkerbell said...

It's always Monday. I hate Mondays.