October 12, 2006


J.A. sent me a mail yesterday in which he compared Swedish indie act Days to The Stone Roses. As I (still) am quite a fan of that legendary Mancunian band, I quickly rushed to the DAYS's Myspace page to check them out. Information found there is very limited and since the band doesn't have a webpage, I cannot give any historic background on the band. But a quick google search reveals that one of the band members remixed a track by The Wannadies a few years back, which probably isn't that much information anyway. A (blurry) picture indicates that the band released an EP called Downhill earlier this year (really would like to get that verified) and all four tracks of the EP are available as free downloads (unfortunately in Myspace "quality" only). The four tracks are nothing but utterly beautiful indie pop songs just begging to be listened to, and indeed DAYS sounds just like The Stone Roses mixing it up with The Clientele on a wonderful summer's day. Anyone in for a game of croquet?
+ Simple Thing
+ Downhill
+ Echo Of Last Summer
+ Never Came To Last


Anonymous said...

Wonderful and very nice songs!!
I want to buy EP!

Chris said...

hmm... MySpace... I have to admit that I haven't downloaded anything from there since "the cut". But I will at least listen to the stuff!

Unknown said...

Chris; I know! But Myspace is still pretty good when it comes to exploring new stuff, and when the band doesn't have a webpage, I'm afraid this is the only option - especially when it's a band THIS great!

Chris said...

agreed... and I noticed that more and more bands are using only myspace nowadays instead of a proper website, which I think is a bit of a letdown really. But I can see that not everyone has the knowledge, time and money to maintain a website, whilst everyone and his brother knows how to put up a myspace-site.
Anyway, the songs from Days are damn good. They remind me a bit of Moi Caprice as well. Let me know if you find out more about them, or the EP!

Anonymous said...

that was good to start the day listening to... days

pplist said...

"Simple Thing" has been on autoplay in my head for the past two weeks. Gorgeous stuff!