November 7, 2006

Anthem of the Concorde

I received an email yesterday from Danish quartet Green Concorde asking me if I'd be interested in posting the single The Anthem To Which We Fall in the blog. Some of you might recall that the band left a really positive impression when I saw them warming up for Spleen United in March, so ever since I read that the band has been signed to a label, I've been looking forward to the band's debut album. So needless to say I'm nothing but thrilled to be able to post the track. The single was released in September this year and so far it has only (?) been available in a digital format. The debut album will be called Ten Cities and expected date of release is January 22 next year. The Anthem is a highly energetic alternative rock tune with the expected noise-rock elements and the distinguishing voice of lead singer Morten Dam. You should be warned that this is not as immediate as some of the stuff I normally post in the blog and it might require some work getting into. But in my opinion it's worth the effort, because the single is absolutely grand and has certainly helped to increase my expectations for the album...
+ The Anthem To Which We Fall

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