November 10, 2006

From around the globe.......

Soundvenue reviews The Art Of Kissing Properly by Moi Caprice (5 stars out of 6).

New album-release from Swedish label Music Is My Girlfriend; Dots by The Motifs. Only 50 copies made, so hurry up if you're into bedroom-pop (this is what the music sounds like according to the label!).
+ Every way
+ Diagonal

Listen or re-listen to White Love by One Dove over at mp3hugger. Still great after all those years!

Stream the fine new single Where Did We Go by Danes Phonovectra.

This blog has been upsetting/pissing off quite a few people in bloggerland.

Chris is back in action! Hopefully the cat isn't his?

What is probably one of the nicest bands in the world of music - The Arrogants - has made two album tracks available for free download. You can buy the album for $5.50, which easily is the bargain of the year (second year in a row)!
+ Future Classic
+ Easy

I'm currently listening to the EP by Finnish indie pop/rock band The Orders. If things work out according to plans I'll post a track from it, as well as a short interview with the band later this the weekend.

Found this one by Australian garage rock band The Silents in the mailbox (actually it's been "hiding" there for nearly two months). Nice and that's pretty much it.
+ Little People

I now have 1,299 "friends" over at Myspace. Amazing........isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Stytzer!

You´re the best blogger!. Your not commercial music is the best ever done!

So keep offering us your great discoveries! ;)

Cesar (from Spain)

Parklife said...

Well of course you're the best. :-)

The Orders is a fantastic find, once again - I just listeend to their songs on Musex, that's great stuff!!

pplist said...

And that's just at MySpace! You've got plenty more. Thanks, man.

Unknown said...

Guys! Thanks ever so much for the nice comments. Much appreciated.

Credit must be given where credit is due! The Orders was recommended to me by Rodolfo!

topgold said...

We really like your recommendations and won't plan a road trip without packing up on tracks from your playlist.