November 9, 2006

J.A. Recommends!!!!!

As promised earlier today; here are the best of the songs recently recommended to me by Spanish music freak J.A. (no, no - it's not him in the picture!). He sure deserves all the credit he can get, 'cause he definitely has a knack for finding interesting (and partly unknown) bands. I'm beginning to start wondering what he's doing for a living, because he (seemingly) has all the time in the world to search for new music!!

I mentioned Spanish indie pop band Stay in my previous post and this is perfect stuff if you're into a nostalgic trip back in time. Lots of inspirations from bands like The Byrds and The Hollies.
+ Show Me The Way

Everywhere Is Home is the first (and really good) single from the album Feel Free by Swiss alternative band The Shell. The entire album can be downloaded for free here. Read more about the band over at Schallgrenzen.
+ Everywhere Is Home

Swedish indie pop 5-piece Eyedrop released an 8-track album called You And Me vs. The Machine in 2003 on Dead Frog Records and then split up in 2005. Once you've listened to the two tracks below I'm certain that you'll agree that it was quite a shame the band decided to part ways! More songs can be found here.
+ Sweet Machine
+ City Moan

One of the members of Eyedrop went on to join another Swedish indie 5-piece; Emerald Park. The band is currently working on their second album (to be produced by Ola Frick of Moonbabies) and according to plans a 4-track EP will be released in December. The two songs below are from the EP and hopefully the rest of the album will be as good as this!
+ Open (Myspace "quality")
+ Lights Of Sunday

2 more bands to come.......will be posted tomorrow.....

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