November 23, 2006

J.A. Recommends!

This is getting more and more "insane". The flow of recommendations from J.A. just keeps growing, and I'm continuously baffled by the great quality of the songs and artists. I have no idea how he's able to keep finding new stuff, but he's sure damn good at it! Unfortunately it's virtually impossible to give each band a decent description/introduction (after all this is not a full-time job!), so instead I've decided to post the complete list of artists (plus a few songs) from J.A.'s recent mail and add a few of my thoughts during the day.

+ Odgens - Face The Time
Already posted by Peter and labeled "the German answer to Oasis".

+ Bedroom Eyes - Blueprint for Departure + The Skywriter
"Just" another Swedish indie pop band. We all should know by now what that means! Irresistible and catchy pop songs! Both tracks are from the 2006 EP Embrace In Stereo.

+ Violet Elegy - Fashionistas
Laid-back and catchy electronic pop song, by this Swedish 5-piece.

+ MICHAEL - Heard You Say
How do you describe music like this? Euro-disco/indie/electronic/pop/dance? No clue, but it's really good!!

+ Prego - I Know
UK band sounding a bit like Interpol flirting with shoegaze.

+ Surrounded - Safe Tomorrow Sun + On Top Of The World (remix)
Two really nice (and unreleased) tracks by this Swedish band that has been compared to Mercury Rev and Grandaddy. 3 other unreleased tracks can be found here, and once you've listen to them, it's really difficult to understand that no label is prepared to sign them (read more)!

+ Ikons - Do It Right
Swedish band sounding like a noisy version of The Raveonettes.

+ Bellaparker - The Things We Say
Really great track by this Texas indie rock band that lists the usual suspects (Blur, The Smiths, New Order, Pixies etc.) among its influences.

+ Tinker - Revealed
Finnish band inspired by Mew, Kashmir etc., and well worth a listen!!!

+ This Vision - Young Hearts
Synths and a drum machines are the basic ingredients, when this fine Swedish trio creates music.

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Parklife said...

Yeah, Ikons rock! ;-) Of course I love this track! (Oh and by the way - I recommended Surrounded already a few months back :-P Great band too.