November 2, 2006

Lonely in a modern way....Kind of girl

zzzzzzzzz It’s spring 2007 and Danish band Kind of girl has just released the debut album Lonely in a modern way to massive critical acclaim and is now ready to conquer the world. Waking up and realizing that this is November 2006 and it was just a dream. But surely not one of those impossible ones that will be told to the grandkids many years from now that they could/should have made it big. You must dare dreaming those big dreams and some bands do indeed make it. I'm probably biased as I've been in love with the charming and incredibly catchy pop/rock music of Kind of girl for months now, but ever since I first laid ears to these new versions, I've been feeling absolutely certain that there will be much more to this than just dreams. OK - shut up and get to the point. So here they are as promised, the two new sweet mixes (superbly done by Henrik Lund) from the wonderful musical universe of Kind of girl. And now - you guys go conquer the world!!
+ Poetry Boy
+ Slave To Your Charms


Anonymous said...

Fantastic mixes!!!
This is music!!!

Chris said...

Excellent post... fits the excellent songs! ;)

(took you a bit long there though... :P )

Unknown said...

Yeah - f^ck the internet.....connection gone when it was needed the most :-(

pplist said...

This music is haunting and beautiful. Thanks.

Amirul B Ruslan said...

Wonderful stuff. Can't wait for the album! I like free downloads and it's got me hyped.