November 27, 2006

Oliver North Boy Choir

As promised by "Tinkerbell" in her post yesterday, I've posted two demo tracks by new and highly interesting Danish constellation Oliver North Boy Choir. I strongly suggest that you read the aforementioned post, but if you haven't done so already, I can inform you that the trio consists of Mikkel Max Hansen (EPO-555), Camilla Florentz (Ex EPO-555) and Ivan Petersen (? but he's "playing the instruments"). For obvious reasons the band follows nicely in the footsteps of EPO-555 (both musically and vocally, without being a rip-off), and the music (described as "indiepop and melancholy) should appeal to all fans of Dexter Fox (the EPO-555 debut). I've had the privilege of listening to three more tracks by the band (they won't be posted here), and they are even better than the ones below! The band has been signed to Danish label Crunchy Frog and accordingly ONBC will be a singles band only, though we can always hope that they'll alter that decision!!!
+ Albertino
+ Something New

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pplist said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Of course what should I expect, what with the connections to the incredible EPOs?