November 30, 2006

Plan! What plan? Oh! A Cuckoo Plan!...

The average number of visitors per day in November will be well above 300 (currently 310 - up from 276 in October). So thanks to all of you, who visited the blog regularly, thus helping to make it the most successful month so far.

J.A. has started to keep other bloggers busy as well. Check these two really nice ones (Almedal + doubledan).

I'm going to Stockholm tomorrow for a few days. There probably won't be much time for any music shopping!

Lots of blogs have started to collect various year end lists. Still one month left of 2006 and plenty, plenty of catching up to do. Just trying to remember what albums I've bought this year is quite a challenge. From the top of my head here are some of the artists that have released albums that could make my "best albums of 2006" list: The Ballet, Band of Horses, EPO-555, Late Night Venture, Windermere, The Radio Dept., iLiKETRAiNS, Moi Caprice and ?? See. I can't even remember!

In the mailbox this morning I found this really catchy track from Portuguese band Loto. Don't be too surprised if you think that this could have been recorded by New Order, because it does actually feature Peter Hook on bass! This is the first single of the album Beat Riot and hopefully the rest of it is equally great!
+ Cuckoo Plan


Chris said...

Have a nice trip to Kent-Country! ;)

Heard of Loto before, but couldn't find any downloads, so... thanks for that!

Have a great weekend (and don't mention the year-end-list... :sweat: )


Anonymous said...

Loto´s song is great!!!
And with Peter Hook!!
New Order and Monaco influences.
Have a great travel!! ;-)
José Antonio

Anonymous said...

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