November 20, 2006

Rodolfo Recommends!

Rodolfo is back in action after "being on leave" for a period of time, and has mailed the below list of bands, he thinks we should all check out.

The Daysleepers. Really great alternative/shoegaze rock band from Buffalo, US. I've mentioned this band before in this blog (March, this year), but The Daysleepers sure deserves another moment in the sun.
+ Mesmerize
+ Big Sleep (Soviet Remix)

Plug-in city. Australian indie/electro/alternative/pop/rock band. Rodolfo is very high on this aussie band and the music sure grows for every listen.
+ Broke on a Wheel
+ Pretty Fiction

Vendettas. The current love for Australia continues, with this aussie indie/electro band and its lead singer, who brings back memories of Kim Wilde. Strangers is the one track you really should download today!
+ Strangers
+ Running

The Strollers. Indie rock band from The UK sounding like the usual mix of Interpol, Bloc Party, The Libertines and so on.......Not groundbreaking, but pretty OK.
+ Red Skies (zip file)
+ Into The Dark (zip file)

Luxxury. US band making a dance/electro cover version of Frida's Something Going On. Not sure what to think, but I suddenly feel very old!
+ Something Going On


Anonymous said...

vowwww Rodolfo!!!

Parklife said...

I finally managed to listen to the Vendettas . I just love this sound! (Being a fan of Kim Wilde this comes as no surprise :-)