November 8, 2006

Sometimes you're first - sometimes you're not!

I received a "friend" request yesterday at Myspace from indie/shoegaze band The Sky Drops. These days I'm not very got at checking out the bands requesting my "friendship", but yesterday I did an exception and was positively surprised as this is a great sounding band. But then when I decided to mention the band in the blog, I realized that The Sky Drops was pretty much talk of the town (bloggerworld) 5-8 months ago. Oh well - still good enough to recommend to those of you who missed the band the first time around!!
+ Hang On
+ Green To Red

Excited by the above mentioned success I decided to check out another band that has sent me a "friend" request. This time it was Tearwave; a NY indie/shoegaze band. The track available for download called Lotus Flower is absolutely ace, but when I decided to recommend this one as well, I realized that Peter already mentioned the band in his blog a few days ago. If you visit his blog I suggest you download Frustration by The Whip as well. Another brilliant track!
+ Lotus Flower (Myspace "quality")

Third band I decided to check out among the "friend" requests was US indie pop band Chuzzlewit. The band has released a string of albums the past 10 years and the track below is taken from the recent release An Experimental Index of the Heart. The song starts slowly and perhaps even a bit boring, but the outro of it sounds just great!
+All the Rivers Leave Their Beds

J.A. strikes again! Yesterday he recommended A Simple Plan by indie pop/rock six-piece The Information from Boston and once again J.A. has somehow managed to find a song so wonderful and so catchy that it's almost insane. The song is from the album Mistakes We Knew We Were Making which was released last year.
+ A Simple Plan


Parklife said...

The Information is really really nice!

Anonymous said...

I concur..."A Simple Plan" is really catchy!

Anonymous said...

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nice blog.

I saw you use myspace in order to look for music!

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