November 13, 2006

"Top friends"

A few bands/artists have been so kind to list me among their "top friends" at Myspace and needless to say I'm more than grateful. So this post is just my lame way to say "thank you all" and I really hope that some of you will pay them a visit, listen to their music (they are all very good), become their friends (they are all very friendly), leave a comment etc............

+ Anamia - Waiting For Moonlight
+ Anubia - Goodbye Now
+ Bordeaux - No free song available :-(
+ Citrus - Into My Head
+ The Cupids - Tonight
+ DAYS - Downhill
+ Girl Alliance - What Can I Do
+ The Holiday Show - I love the light coming out from a closed door
+ Kind of girl - Slave To Your Charms
+ The Knight In Plaster - A Nasty Piece Of Work
+ Neon Zoo - Monster
+ Oscillating Brushhead - Room Service
+ Purplespace - Rosemary Gold
+ Ruined By Martin - Perfect Sense
+ Starring Me - Umbrella
+ tWAMi - Peak Roller
+ The Whetherkings? - No free song available :-(
+ Pete White - When You Go From My Door

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

and thank you again/Kind of girl
( powerpopulist showed up in our mailbox thanks to you again my friend!)