November 28, 2006

Windermere - NoOneWins

This post the other day by Peter reminded me that I haven't written anything about the new album NoOneWins by Danish quartet Windermere. I have to admit that this is pretty close to inexcusable, because this, the band's second output, is definitely among the best releases of the year. Peter describes the music as a mix of Gravenhurst, Amber Smith and Bethany Curve, though I think that (more well-known Danes) Kashmir or perhaps even iLiKETRAiNS could/should be added to that mix. And underneath it all, the band's shoegaze inspiration is still very present. This is a dark, noisy, beautiful, catchy, atmospheric and at times depressive album, which (if there was any justice in the world) should propel Windemere to stardom. Buy it!
+ There's a Sun
This is not the best track of the album, but it's the one I've received permission to post!

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