December 13, 2006

This and That...

5-piece Ciao Transizta was picked as Gaffa's Demo band in December. This Danish alternative rock band is influenced by the likes of Interpol, Sonic Youth, The Arcade Fire etc. It took me a few listens getting into the music, but now I'm really enjoying these songs..
+ New York Naked
+ Take Time

At least Thomas over at DoCopenhagen agrees that saving up her wishes (for another Christmas) by Celestial is the best new Christmas track of the year.

In his comment yesterday Anders suggested (tongue in cheek I hope) that Wonderland by Heidi Klum is the best new Christmas track of 2006. She sure looks beautiful though!

The current no. 1 in the Danish indie chart - Det Elektriske Barometer - is this stunning track by Decorate. Decorate.
+ Surname of Copenhagen

Perhaps this only happens to me, but doesn't recommend the same tracks over and over again?

I'm currently busy compiling my best of 2006 lists, but I still have plenty of catching up left to do. Yesterday I bought the albums by Hot Chip and 120 Days, and the other day I received the really fine A Little Place In The Wilderness by Memphis.

FileDen IS working, but the tags just seem to have gone completely haywire. So you'll have to fix those yourself.

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