January 11, 2007


J.A. has been "missing in action" the past month, but last night he sent a mail recommending unsigned Danish band Knoxville. As always it's a bit strange having a Danish band recommended to me by a foreigner, but I guess it just proves how small the world really is these days? But I'm always interested in hearing new Danish bands, so the first thing I did this morning was to download the 3 (what turned out to be) great songs that can be found at the band's webpage. The best way to describe the band and the music is probably by using the band's own words: "Somewhere between the frolicsome tunes of Franz Ferdinand, the cocky coolness of Interpol and the raw rock songs from the Foo Fighters you'll find the band Knoxville." Further information is very limited, so I have no idea whether this is a new or old band. But since the band is capable of writing songs like these, I feel pretty certain that we'll hear a lot more from these guys in the future!
+ Fireworks
+ Friday Night
+ Restless

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Anonymous said...

I love Danish rock and roll band. Its really cool. :)