March 27, 2007

Tonight I'm listening to...

Australian based trio The Lines. The music is described like "the softer melodic side of Indie music matched up with some vintage rock sounds". I have to admit that I really like the sound of this band and the description is absolutely spot on. On Feeling Perfect both organ and guitars sound like something you would have expected to hear 40 years ago and you're definitely left with some kind of psychedelic 60's revival feeling when you're listening to Runaway. Finally both Hendrix and Jim Morrison are mentioned in the lyrics of Die Young which sort of completes the circle. Superb, interesting and highly enjoyable!!
+ Runaway
+ Feeling Perfect
+ Die Young

and a bonus one
+ Growing Pains

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pplist said...

"Feeling Perfect" is perfectly named. Thanks for putting me in touch with this excellent band.