June 20, 2007

Don't run to the...

The sun is shining and this has the potential to become an absolutely wonderful day. But I have plenty of work waiting for me, so unfortunately there's no chance that I'll be working on my suntan today. However life isn't completely miserable, as I have plenty of nice music on my harddrive and some it will (hopefully) be posted during the day, when I find a couple of free minutes.

First out is Don't Run To The Suburbs by the German trio The Dance Inc., and if the band name has created some expectations of a pulsing, energetic and danceable track, you certainly won't be disappointed. Especially the 70's inspired disco remix by Erobique will (after you've put on your white suite) make you head directly for the dancefloor, where you will start doing your best John Travolta impersonation.
+ Don't Run To The Suburbs
+ Don't Run To The Suburbs (Erobique Remix)

Another track that I've been listening to quite a lot the past couple of day is Severine by US duo Ego Likeness. Recommended to me (and you) by FALK, who once again has unearthed a very good darkwave/gothic artist. I'd really like to explore Ego Likeness further, but unfortunately the links at Last.fm don't seem to be working.
+ Severine

J. Forte released his solo debut album Secret Pop last year and states that he wants to promote it one last time before moving on. So he has sent me (and probably a few others) a mail hoping that his music would sound great in a car. Well I haven't listened to it in the car, but I'm certain it would. These are lo-fi indie pop songs with charming melodies sounding pretty much like they had been recorded somewhere in Sweden. Do I need to say more? Download two more tracks from his webpage.
+ Lines To Follow
+ Come Back Now Baby (Your Data's Good)

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