June 4, 2007

Monday it is...

I'm not going to post any comments on that football/soccer game played Saturday evening. Memorable in many, many ways and still you wish it had never taken place.

But the weather was fine yesterday and today there's no sunshine. So life can be fair after all!

And life didn't exactly get any worse when I found the new single The Sound Of You by French/British quartet Mono Taxi in the mailbox this morning. On the single the band mashes up a great pop tune with the psychedelic sound of the 60's and some cool (still noisy) shoegaze inspired guitars, which results in a stunning track that definitely is among the very best I've heard so far this year. Or as someone has described it; "imagine The Velvet Underground meeting The Jesus And Mary Chain". To be released on Ciao Ketchup Recordings on August 20.
+ The Sound Of You

Norwegian duo Jeremy is another act finding lots and lots of inspiration in the 60's. When you listen to this track, you once again is tempted to draw some parallels to The Velvet Underground and perhaps even The Beatles (when George wrote the songs); especially around the 2:30 mark. But the song is also straight-forward and immediately catchy in a way you should be familiar with from the times you've been listening to The Turtles and The Zombies. And by calling the new single Make Love Not War the band must have known that the 60's comparisons were unavoidable.
+ Make Love Not War

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Parklife said...

Yep, Mono Taxi is GREAT, thanks for that! :-)