November 22, 2007

No more Anamia...

From a recently posted Myspace bulletin:

"We are sorry to inform you that we - Anamia - hereby, officially stop working together. What lie behind this decision is different ambitions, among the band members, along with lack of motivation from some members. However, all four of us will focus on other musical projects. Mogens continues making music and remixing under the name tWAMi. Thorsten works on a, for the time being, secretly project and Michael and Patrick work with new songs under the band name Brilliantine. This summer we recorded four songs, which will be downloadable, for free, when the songs are mixed and mastered. We will like to thank all the people who have supported us during the years. Especially, the positive manifestations, concerning our live performances and recordings, have warmed our hearts."

Quite a shame, but I cannot say that I'm all that surprised! I wish the boys the best of luck!
+ The Step
+ Butterfly In Paris

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