December 8, 2008

It's (almost) Christmas...

If this post looks familiar, it's because I'm taking the easy road here and re-posting last year's post. Broken links have been removed and new comments, songs, links for other compilations etc. will continuously be added until the 24th.

You know it is December when you cannot open your mailbox or check the Myspace bulletins, without seeing the word "Christmas" in the headline of just about every second message. Not that I mind at all, as most of the Christmas tunes I've checked out so far this year have been rather good. But in an attempt to prevent the Christmas songs from dominating my other posts, I've set up this one which I intend to update throughout the month, whenever something interesting pops up.....

The always reliable J.A. recommends these two Christmas lovelies from Sweden...
+ The Garlands - Christmas Song
+ TIAC - It's Christmas But Not For You

+ Betty & the cavaleros - Hey! I'm Your Gift Today + Love Will Come Back To You
These two beauties by this Norwegian constellation could easily soundtrack the next Christmas flick from Disney.

+ The Raveonettes - Come on Santa
Already posted by numerous blogs. But it's probably my favorite of this year's Christmas tunes, so the post wouldn't really be complete without it.

+ Remington Super 60 - Here Comes Christmas
In a few seconds, this one will get you into the right Christmas mood. Can be found on the recently released An Indiecater Christmas compilation.

+ Foxes! - Christmas Songs
Have a lo-fi indie pop Christmas. Versions of 4 Christmas classics are free to download from

+ Carlas - Jul I Havanna
Translated to English the title means Christmas in Havana.

+ She Wants Revenge - Kidnap The Sandy Klaus
If we kidnap him; does that mean that we can have all the presents for ourselves?

+ Aberdeen City - Just Like Christmas
Another band dusts off last year's holiday single.

+ Modern Angels - December
From the free Electric Fantastic Xmas 2006 compilation. Download the Electric Fantastic Christmas 2007 compilation for free right here. Released by generous electronic record label Electric Fantastic Sound. Thanks to J.A. once again!

+ Fireflies - X-mas Song
A short but simply wonderful indie pop Christmas song. Thanks to J.A. for the heads up!

+ Sofia Talvik - Christmas
Christmas doesn't necessarily mean joy and happiness. Still this is a lovely tune by this equally lovely Swede.

+ Sofia Talvik - A Carol For The Lonely
And another lovely and quite melancholic one from the Swedish singer/songwriter.

+ Liam and Me - Winter Paradise (I Miss You This Christmas)
This is probably my favorite Christmas song.

+ Tiger Baby - This Christmas
And this is probably number two on that list.

+ Irene - Christmas on the Beach
Just imagine celebrating Christmas on the beach. This is probably what it would sound like!

"The rest":
+ Regina - Näinä mustina iltoina
+ The Swimmers - The Christmas Sound
+ Celestial - saving up her wishes (for another christmas)
+ The Ten Thousand Dollar TattooMy First Santa
+ Factory Kids - Father Christmas Still
+ Richard Hawley - Silent Night
+ Soda Fountain Rag - The Christmas Where It Ends
+ Manic Street Preachers - Christmas Ghost
+ Summer Cats - Plastic Christmas Trees

Santas Working Overtime is a great place to find more Christmas related stuff.


Anonymous said...

Out of bandwidth.

Nice songs, though!

Anonymous said...

Is there a problem with the Indurain track? I've tried to download it a couple of times but end up with a 0kb file?

Unknown said...

There shouldn't be a problem, but I'll upload it to a new host instead - let me know if that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ALL the great Christmas tunes! My radio show/podcast this week owes a debt to this page here.

Have a great Christmas!

Athena K said...

nice, I'm always looking for more Christmas songs. thanks!

M said...

Thanks so much! I'll enjoy these a lot

Börneblogger said...

Hej stytzer,

du vil måske også kunne lide Le Loups forsøg på en julesang:


Anonymous said...

Great Christmas compilation! Here's another song I found by Arrica Rose that should be included. It's FREE! at

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.