February 21, 2008

Champagne and pop music...

From a Dane currently residing in London comes these two pop jewels published under the name Champagne Riot. The man behind the project calling himself C. (for now I’ll have to stick to this description, as I don’t know his real name - yet!) contacted me last week and kindly asked me to give his songs a listen. So I did and as I’m a sucker for pure and catchy pop music, his songs immediately appealed to me. Currently he’s talking to a few labels and I wouldn’t be too surprised if Champagne Riot is signed to one of them very soon, as there will always be a market for charming and attractive music like this. But for now we’ll have to be content with these demo versions of his songs that he after a few convincing words (I hope) made available as free downloads.
+ Scandinavian Warfare
+ Heroes Of Our Time

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