February 27, 2008

Kent in Copenhagen...

Peter wrote a comment the other day that he was looking forward to reading my report on the Kent concert. As always I refrain from doing a review as other people are much better at doing this. So as usual I’ll stick to posting a few of my thoughts instead.

The concert was a lot better than the one in December thanks to a vastly improved setlist and the band no longer sticking to the “new” 80’s inspired sound from Tillbaka Till Samtiden.

The band’s “playfulness” somewhat surprised me. Hearing Dom Andra and Om Du Var Här in (what you could be tempted to call) disco arrangements was actually quite refreshing. And so was hearing “rock” versions of some of the new tracks like Berlin and Ingenting. And the thundering performance of Romeo Återvänder Ensam was just marvelous.

Following a rather weak start the sound improved throughout the set and was near to perfect towards the end. KB Hallen has a reputation of being a so-so venue, but I found no reason to complain about the sound Saturday evening. And as one of my companions pointed out afterwards; Joakim Berg had a great night and his singing was just excellent.

As always I can think of at least another 10 tracks I wish they had played. Not necessarily instead of the other songs, but had the concert been one hour longer (with the setlist of my dreams), it would have been an almost perfect evening!

Finally I strongly recommend that you ready Peter’s fine review of the concert – if you understand German that is!

Finally, finally - a video - not a live one, but a good one!

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Anonymous said...

This may seem irrelevant, but can you tell me the name of the Ferrari girl in Kent's Dom Andra video?