February 11, 2008


It’s just a typical Monday today. I’m tired and cannot get the brain going. Not because of hangovers or anything related to drinking or partying. Just stayed up late and had problems falling asleep last night.

The lack of speakers on my work computer certainly influenced last week’s Last.fm figures. A total of 89 plays must be the lowest number since my holiday in September.

This September R.E.M. will be playing at Parken in Copenhagen. Not that I really care, but expect the tickets to be sold out in 15 minutes.

You really should download This Moment by Under Electric Light over at Coast is Clear.

Jonas lists the artists (from A to Z) that every child should be brought up listening to.

Mitt Romney is the topic of this week's track from One Weekly Gun.
+ Mitt Romney

1 comment:

Parklife said...

Maybe you should try earphones instead of the (non-existing) speakers? :-)