February 29, 2008

Spanish indie...

On the threshold of the weekend, the ever reliable J.A. sends an email recommending a bunch of new songs from two excellent Spanish indie pop bands. Both bands are singing in Spanish (don't be scared - ok!), but whereas Band a Part has taken the Belle & Sebastian/Camera Obscura approach writing short and sweet songs featuring brass, flute, vibraphone etc., Sundae from Sevilla has decided to walk down the path where various electronic elements are added to the genre (without abandoning it at all). But as always, I find it a lot more important (and so should you really) that the bands write stunningly beautiful songs that simply cannot be recommended enough.
+ Mil Canciones
+ Hacia Atras
+ El Cine
Band a Part:
+ Menorca
+ Souvenir de l'Avenir
+ Sputnik Mon Amour

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