February 4, 2008

Vesterbro Festival 2008...

The date for the 2008 edition of Vesterbro Festival has been revealed and it looks as if the event will last 3 days this year (June 5-7) compared to 2 days the previous years. June 5 is Constitution Day in Denmark, so using that day for the purpose of a festival seems like an excellent idea to me. Hopefully they won’t increase the number of bands to the line-up compared to last year, but instead allow the bands more time on stage and make the schedule less tight. I wasn’t impressed by the sound last year, so room for more and better sound checks should certainly be top priority as well. Since this is a festival for up and coming bands, lots of them don’t get offered that many live jobs, so it’s quite a shame if the sound doesn’t do their music justice. Or even worse, leave the audience with an impression of witnessing a bunch of amateurs on stage.

But as always it will quite exciting to see the final program and of course there are a few bands that I’d really love to see added to the line-up. One band that I guess we’re definitely going to see is the excellent britpop inspired Didium & the Black Bonnie Picture. The band was chosen as Gaffa’s demo band of February and has recently been recommended by this quite knowledgeable musician and blogger!
+ The Twisted Way of Blues
+ Tell Me Tell Me
+ No Drive Crushed Revisited

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