April 11, 2008

The William Blakes - Wayne Coyne...

It’s been 386 eventful days for The William Blakes since I first featured the band in these columns. Lots of demos were recorded and published, the band was signed to Speed of Sound (turned out to be quite a cheater, as this happens to be the band’s own label), their identities were revealed and finally Monday this week, the debut album Wayne Coyne was released. The album has been very positively received by the critics and according to those cited at the band’s myspace profile (all of them in Danish), the verdict is an average of 4.6 stars out of 6.
When you (as I have) have been following the band rather closely for more than a year, it's obviously difficult not being a bit impatient about hearing the debut. The demos were interesting and more than anything showed that the band possesses great songwriting skills. But at the same time they sounded a bit “incomplete”, which could make you somewhat “worried” if the songs would reach their full potential, when recorded for the album.
But there was nothing to fear really, as the 7 (that’s the number if I’m not mistaken) previously published demo songs that have found their way onto the album (in completely new versions) sound absolutely brilliant.
So I fully agree with the reviewers that this is an awe-inspiring debut album, and I feel pretty comfortable predicting that it will end up on a substantial number of year end lists (including mine).
+ Violent God

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