August 12, 2008

Catching up...

Has someone been messing around with my keyboard? I have plenty of stuff to post, but constructing sentences is virtually impossible today!

Let’s starts with this piece of useless information. New single Holy Wars by Oliver North Boy Choir was free to download until Sunday August 10th, so if you didn’t grab it by then, I’m afraid it’s too late now. But bonus track Nest of Terror and the remix of previous single Weekender are still free to download. I was a bit surprised to hear Ivan singing on the new single to which he replied that he’s been singing backing vox on several other tracks. I’m really not that good at paying attention – am I? The video is pretty cool so check it out.
+ Nest of Terror
+ Weekender (I Like Where I Live Remix)

No news on when the second Northern Portrait EP (Napoleon Sweetheart) will be out (though it is available for preorder), but brilliant new track Sporting a Scar is now streamable via the Matinée Recordings myspace page. Guitar pop just doesn’t get any better than this!

Perhaps some of you recall that the 2005 track Scene I - Just Like You Don't by Danish synth pop duo Blue Swan spent a substantial number of weeks on my current favorite list earlier this year? The duo is now recording new songs and first output is named Chief of The Tribe and is a vocal version of the eXorb track Hatchback Harmony. Pretty catchy I’d say.
+ Chief of The Tribe
+ Scene I - Just Like You Don't
+ Hatchback Harmony

That will be it for today and I'm really afraid that the rest of the week will be dominated by posts like this one...

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