August 23, 2008

Time to do some listening...

Or call it "emptying the mailbox" if you like. Reading/working/deleting my way through numerous promo messages seems to be a permanent occupation and the mountain I'm currently facing is build by 1,681 mails of which 383 are unread. In all naivety my hopes are that among this insane number of mails are something worth wasting a few of our precious minutes on. So time to put on the working gloves, a.k.a. my headphones and start listening!

Will comment every song I listen to and post the best (better) ones.

Broken Machine (from the EP of the same name) by The New Up is a surprisingly decent psychedelic pop/rock track. This does remind me of a bit of Concrete Blonde and Garbage (before they became useless). Not a bad start.
+ Broken Machine
+ Top of the Stairs (equally fine track of the EP)

Acoustic track 5:19 by Matt Wertz could probably be mistaken for a Yoav track, but not anywhere near as interesting. It is quite likeable, but you'll have forgotten all about it in less than 5:19 (sorry!).

Let Them Dance by Rainbow Arabia is (probably meant to be) a Middle East inspired dance track and really, really awful. Deleted - next please!

Night Shot by Ruby Isle is almost as bad as the one above. Oh please let the next one by a tiny bit better! Almost anything will do!

Aah yeah! New single Broken Record Day by Scottish indie rock act AirSpiel was exactly what I needed. Catchy and uptempo with driving guitars!
+ Broken Record Day

Understanding Orange by BM Linx seems to be an older track, but came to my attention as part of the mail promoting their Sept. 9th live gig at The Mercury Lounge. There is something irresistible about this electronic rock track, which clearly was made for the dance floor.
+ Understanding Orange

Didn't really expect to like anything by a band or an artist named Tha Pumpsta and the track Octopus Armed is just a bad as I thought (rather feared) it would be.

Lean back and close your eyes and there's a fine chance that Weighty Ghost by Wintersleep will put a smile on your face. At least this dreamy pop and somewhat folk inspired track did that to me!
+ Weighty Ghost

The final status - still 1,612 mails in the inbox of which 351 remain unread. Plenty of work left I guess?


Unknown said...

You're a better man than I am, my friend! We too face the constant matter of the overflowing inbox, but I'm nowhere near as far as you are in going through it...

Anonymous said...

thought of Rialto first with 5:19 - funny coincidence, with clashing clocks.