September 11, 2008

Kender du det...?

Danish label Exlibris is about to release the double album Kender du det? Fortid-nutid-altid!, where the contents of the first disc will be 10 Danish classic pop/rock songs covered by 10 different artists. The second disc will then feature 10 remixes of those cover versions, but unfortunately a third one containing the original versions won’t be included. is currently giving away three of the remixes for free, but since I suspect that none of you English speaking readers have a clue how to register (and you still have to be a registered member to get the permission to download), I’ll take the risk and share one of the mixes with you. Blog favorites Entakt has recorded a brilliant and rather different version of Du Er Alt Det Jeg Ka’ Li’ (originally released by Shit & Chanel in 1978), and SuperTroels has done an absolutely amazing job and created a superb remix of the new version!
+ Du Er Alt Det Jeg Ka’ Li’ (supertroels RMX)

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