September 27, 2013

Promo mails – a few guidelines...

UPDATED: Sick and tired of receiving mails in bunches promoting useless crap, so time to bump the post to the top as well as adding a few things. Updates in italics.

I love listening to new music, but before you send me a mail suggesting that I should listen to your (undoubtedly) wonderful tunes, here are a few lines I think you ought to read first. Otherwise you’ll probably end up wasting both our time.

1. This is an MP3 blog. MP3 in bold. So unless at least one MP3 is available for me to post and distribute as I please, I’m not going to write about (or even listen to) your stuff. Links for streaming, videos and pretty pictures simply won't do! Obvious exemptions are favorite bands whom I’ve featured in the blog numerous times before. Well things have changed a bit. A Soundcloud or bandcamp link will do fine. But please do not send a link for your entire album, because I do not have time to listen to it. Rather you should simply pick your stand-out track and mail that one to me with a short(!) introduction. If I like it, I'll definitely get back to you asking for more.

2. Personalize your mail and by that I don’t mean that stupid “I love your blog” comment. Any message including sentences like “I can see that you’ve previously written about xx or yy band” or “I fully agree/disagree with your thoughts on this/that/whatever” will always stand a fair chance of being read thoroughly. So read the goddamn blog, before mailing anything!

3. Don’t send any reminders. I receive 50-70 (the number just keeps growing) promo mails every single day as well as lots of brilliant recommendations from my 4 "compadres", Chris, Peter, J.A. and Rodolfo. I have a fulltime job plus a family, so listening to everything is simply not possible. Unless such a pill exists that will eliminate the need for sleep (I've been told that it does in fact exist, but I doubt it's a healthy option?)

4. If you check you'll see that I've never featured any metal, hip-hop, rap, soul, blues etc. acts, so once again I suggest you check the contents of the blog before mailing. And I'm really no fan of remixes and cover versions either, though I do feature a few every now and then. But only when it's real good and 99% of what I receive isn't.

5. I've always thought it was far more important to be unique rather than important/influential (or a copycat, which I think is the case for most blogs trying to become popular - write about the same stuff the big blogs write about), so if your songs has already been on Stereogum, Pitchfork etc., the chances of me posting it is probably less than 5% (it does happen from time to time).

Fairly simple guidelines, don’t you think? So please read, understand and stick to them. And remember. Pupils paying attention in class are always the ones getting the good grades!

So once again I'll be looking forward to NOT having to delete 30-50 useless mails jamming my inbox every day!


Anonymous said...

ok so how do i mail it??? what is the email address to send it to?

Unknown said...

Check the right column ->>>>>

mp3hugger said...

I think I am gonna rob this for my own blog - it would cut the junk from my mailbox by 90%

Unknown said...

Judging from the junk I'm (still) receiving, I very much doubt that anyone's reading it!

BScarbs said...

What if I comment here so it looks like I read it and I can say something like "I like your blog" to reassure you? Does that work?

Sadly I don't have a metal or hip-hop group to show you... oh well.


Deletah said...

good shit.
solid notes here.

Leo said...

Tony Wilson and New Order mentioned a few times. Leaves me thinking I can post a comment without fearing you're going to blank it..

I'm emailing you now Pete.