September 4, 2008

A visitor with potential...

I somehow stumbled upon Danish trio Avisitor today and I got so fascinated that I’ve been sticking around the band’s Myspace page the entire afternoon. The band is not of the bragging kind, so not much information is revealed and the friend base consists of exactly 12 people (hopefully 13 once my request is accepted). A total of 5 songs can be found on the page and all of them are free to download (thank you!). The songs are a bit unpolished (though the poor Myspace quality sure doesn’t help) and at times the vocal can be somewhat irritating and probably would benefit from a re-recording. But the songwriting is really, really strong, though it can be difficult to figure out if the band wants to sound like The Smiths (I Am The Visitor) or Kashmir (Hollow Ground)... or perhaps a mix of both? And on the first couple of minutes of the track Catch The Fish (and on the aforementioned I Am The Visitor as well) there’s definitely some Sarah Records inspiration, until Sonic Youth suddenly takes over. So still plenty of work left, but the potential’s there. Lots of it!
+ I Am The Visitor
+ Hollow Ground
+ Catch The Fish

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Anonymous said...

Just checked out the Myspace. These guys are awesome! I agree: some of it still sounds a bit rough and unpolished but there is definitely a lot of potential here!