September 29, 2008

Zweimal Dänisch...

Brian Batz, former member of the now disbanded Mavis and current member of Majorian, is currently working on a small yet really interesting side-project named Sleep Party People. Don’t expect rock sounds ala Mavis or anything similar to the quiet beauty of Majorian, but instead prepare yourself for some quite experimental and electronic dominated tracks. I guess only time will tell, how serious this project should be taken, but the two tracks will be included on a forthcoming compilation release by Neh-Owh Records.
+ I'm Not Human At All
+ A Sweet Song About Love

Danish synthpop trio State Noir is the first band to contact me, since my contribution to this article/blog post at Bandbase. So far the band has two tracks available for downloading, and I’ve been listening quite intensively to them both. They are quite entertaining and very energetic tunes with rather catchy melodies, though they do at same time the leave a somewhat unfinished impression. If they structure their ideas a bit and take another turn with the vocals (In A Day especially), I’m confident that we’ll have some really great stuff to be looking forward to.
+ State Noir
+ In A Day

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