November 14, 2008

Friday evening...

So I missed out on (yet) another Entakt concert tonight, as I'm staying at home looking after the children. I did plenty of whining last week, so really no point in repeating that. But the next three weeks until the concert in Vanløse, you bet I’ll be checking every road for black cats before crossing, because the last thing I want to happen is that I miss out on that one as well. And please no cancellation due to a sore throat, the drummer breaking his finger(s), the bass player deciding to quit or whatever lame excuse you guys can come up with.
+ Kunsten At Slippe Taget

Danish trio Oliver North Choir will release their new download-only EP Over/Out on November 23. Two bonus tracks are already free to download and especially the duet Farvel (featuring Bakers at dawn), which untypically for the band is sung in Danish/Swedish, is an absolute beauty.
+ Farvel
+ Tonight

BandBase is interviewing Peter Fritzen (One Weekly Gun), who is preparing a special New Years treat for his readers. He’s currently working on a song, which symbolically (or maybe even logically) is titled One Song Every Week, and it will (is this really possible) summarize what has happened the past year on his blog. The song will be produced by Frederik Thaae (A Kid Hereafter), arranged by Jakob Faurholt and feature the The Danish National Radio’s Entertainment Orchestra. Sure sounds mighty interesting, if you ask me. This week’s track celebrates (as one could expect) the election of Barack Obama.
+ Barack Obama

Letterbox Records are (almost) giving away CD’s for free. Albums by Penny Century, California Snow Story etc., can be yours for £1.99 each.
+ California Snow Story - Suddenly Everything Happens
+ Penny Century - Nothing Burns Like Bridges