November 7, 2008

Standing at the bottom – looking up...

My original plan for tonight was to go to Albertslund (outskirts of Copenhagen) to finally get a chance to see Entakt in concert. However my daughter has been invited to a Halloween party, so my role for tonight has (with or without my acceptance) been changed from concertgoer to chauffeur. I guess as long as one knows ones position in the hierarchy, one is not going to get disappointed about such things. I will try (try? no way! I'll be there!) to attend the concert in Vanløse on December 4 instead.

Danish country inspired singer-songwriter Thomas Baz has sent me a premix of a track from his upcoming album The Nurse and The Knife Thrower. His been working on the album for the past 18 months and during the process he’s relocated to Australia from Copenhagen in an attempt to make a living from playing and writing music. The track is a really charming and quite playful thing, which in mr. Baz’ own words is “packed with accordion, violins, piano, trumpets and other funny stuff”. His music is completely new to me, but I did a little digging and learned that he released a 5-track EP back in 2006. The EP is free to download and is a great listen that I bet will appeal to the fans of Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine and the likes.
+ Thirty Nights
+ Iceland, pt.

News from Matinée Recordings normally means great news. And this is no different, as the label announces that the new album Eventyr by Would-Be-Goods has been released.
+ Sad Stories
+ The Ghost Of Mr. Minton

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