December 19, 2008

One Xmas Song...

One Xmas Song is the 39th and most likely last song of the year by ambitious Danish one-man project One Weekly Gun, and as announced it’s completely different from the 38 previous ones. Now unfaithful to his own dogmatic rules of writing, producing and posting the songs in less than three hours, he has rearranged the first song ever published by One Weekly Gun. Appropriately that track was named One Song Every Week and looking back the lyrics predicted the year quite accurately (“one song every week now that’s what you’re getting”). Frederik Thaae (a.k.a. A Kid Hereafter) and Kristian Thomsen have mixed the new version of the track, Jakob Faurholt has arranged it and with the help of The Danish National Chamber Orchestra an absolutely wonderful Christmas feel has been added. Or as written in the press material; “listen to it loud and catch the Christmas spirit", and I can only second that! Thanks to Peter for letting me do an advance posting of the track, as it will officially be available from the One Weekly Gun website on Monday the 22nd.
+ One Xmas Song
+ One Song Every Week

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