July 27, 2009

Holiday is over...

...and I’m back home (and at work) again. We took more than 700 photos, so expect some scenic snapshot to be added later today to accompany this post. As always the weather is a crucial topic, when opting to spend your holiday on the Danish west coast and it sure wasn’t as great as last year. But then again; it wasn’t nearly as bad as two years ago, where it pretty much rained for a fortnight. Summed up we had a good time and saw plenty and did lots and lots of stuff, and had very little time for relaxing and “doing nothing”, which to me is the perfect way of spending your holiday. I had brought a few CD’s with me, but found no spare moment to listen to any of those, though we did tune in on P3 when driving around. Especially cool hearing Sunshine by Ginger Ninja being aired a few times, and hysterically funny trying to teach the kids to pronounce the band name, which sounds rather close to gibberish, when uttered by a 3 year old.

Returning from two weeks absence is always quite stressful as the mailbox is jammed and all your favorite blogs have been updated 14 times or more. So far I’ve only checked a few of the mails and blogs, but have already found plenty of blogpost worthy stuff, so I imagine finding things to write about and music to post won’t cause any problems for the next week or two. Updating should resume tomorrow...I hope!


Chris said...

Welcome Back, buddy! :) Good to hear you've enjoyed your holiday. And just to save you from one more blog to catch up, I haven't updated mine recently! :)
Just kidding, but I'm still somehow looking for my mojo. But now that the CD-ripping-project is almost done, things are once again looking up... keep your fingers crossed, and have a good start into the "real life" again! ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks. I'll try to make the transition back to "real life" as smooth as possible :)
Hoping you see/read more blog updates from you very, very soon ;)